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Ethics anyone? Anyone...?

Monday's episode was a fun one for Brando. It kind of marks a distinct shift in his personality, and let's just say it's not for the better. That's actually one of the best things about this season. The characters get real, faults and all. It's kind of a running theme for the season. We get to dig up a little dirt on everyone, expose some of the skeletons in their closets, and like all good friends... rip on each other for it.We also had two guest stars in this one. Travis Schuldt from Scrubs joined us, and Johnny Galecki came back as Trouty. They were both great. Cool thing about Travis is that he just instantly fit right in. Sometimes it can be tough for an actor to show up to the set as a guest star and try to pick up the cast's rhythm, their inside jokes, their particular sense of humor. But he got it right away — we were lucky to have him.And Johnny, what can I say? I f--king love that guy! Anyone who can pull off a character as weird as Trouty has some major talent... and... read more

New Episodes - 2 for 1

Hope everybody liked Monday's episodes!The thing that's been so great about this last round of nine episodes has hands down been the writing. So many people have mentioned that they thought the writing in the last two episodes was great. I absolutely agree. The writers this year found a whole new gear and really started to open up the characters. The dialog has gotten crisper, the jokes are funnier and at times more subtle (which I really dig), and the relationships between the characters keeps getting clearer and clearer.The second of the two episodes that aired Monday was called "Off Day", i.e. P.J.'s bombing on the Turk Vardell Show. Funny side note: it was written by Brendan Smith who is a close friend of the show's creator (Betsy Thomas) and who also happens to be the guy my character is based on. There's something for the trivia section. It's been a running gag on the set that whenever the real Brendan and I are hanging out just talking or something, someone always walks by an... read more

A Promise of a New Season

So, everyone who watched the season finale of My Boys last year has been asking me, "What's gonna happen with PJ and Brendan?" Good question. In this season's premiere episode, that and many other questions will be answered. Is that enough of a tease?Seriously though, I think everyone that saw "the kiss" is really going to dig this new episode. We get into it right away, see where Brando and Peej take things, and in true My Boys fashion... have some laughs. You're not gonna want to miss this.Check it out Monday, July 30, at 10 pm on TBS. And be sure to stop back in here at afterwards to join in the blog.See ya Monday! read more

The New Episodes Are Coming....

Hey, all. So, we just wrapped shooting for the season, and we had a blast! We've got some great new episodes ready to roll out this summer, very excited. I was just talking to Jim Gaffigan, Mike Bunin and Jamie Kaler, and we were all saying how much fun we had shooting the latest installments of TBS' My Boys. Maybe it was all the caffeine and booze, but I seriously don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did working with these guys. We had some great guest stars, we brought back our favorite directors, and basically just kept on doin' what we did last year, only more of it. Think you're really gonna dig the new stuff. Hope you're all looking forward to the new episodes as much as I am. See you Monday, July 30, at 10pm/ET! read more

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