Hell's Kitchen Winner Christina Dishes

We caught up with Christina Machamer to see how she's adjusting after winning Hell's Kitchen, how close she came to kicking Matt out of her kitchen during the finale and what she did to prevent mistakes when preparing her "winning menu." Plus, she even takes a couple of reader questions. Watch and enjoy! read more

The Final Showdown (Part 2)

And we have a winner After a season that held according to Gordon the greatest number of highs and lows another chef has emerged Hells Kitchen with a heftier bank account and a new place to store their knives More on that a bit laterBut first after a much mercifully shorter season recap we returned to Petrozza debating between choosing Jen and Matt to be the final sous chef on his team In the end he chose Jen over Matt a wise choice in my opinion Jen may be a bit of a pain but she at least doesnt show shades of insanity But Jen was sure to remind us that her ego-stroking knows no bounds as she again said she was picked second to last because she was too strong and would outshine the finalists Yeah sure JenBut when the chefs grouped their teams together to discuss their game plan both Jen and Matt reared their bad teammate heads Matt discussed Christinas bad attitude and the fact that he didnt want to call her chef but was convinced she had matur read more

The Final Showdown (Part 1)

After opening with the brutally long almost 10 minutes season recap the final showdown got underway Not that I didnt enjoy looking back on the events of this year but it seemed like they could have edited the package a little quicker I was shocked by how many of these people I had already forgotten about so the opening did its job I suppose for better or worseFor the final challenge the two chefs are given the task of creating their dream restaurant picking everything from the menu and dcor all the way down to the uniforms of the wait staff Create own dream restaurant Petrozza as usual got very emotional during his time of reflecting on how far hes come while Christina seemed rather arrogant Perhaps that arrogance was based on the fact that she knew exactly what she wanted on her menu while Petrozza sat scratching his head eating potato chips and ultimately going to be without finalizing his plansThe following morning both chefs met with the designer to read more

The Final Three

As tonights ever-important episode got underway all of the chefs were remarking about how it felt a weight had been lifted now that Jen was gone Oddly enough I felt the same way even sitting at home Overall tonights episode was nice positive change from the weeks of the past with each of the cooks performing well most of the time There may be hope yetThe chefs are greeted by Chef Ramsay the following morning when they learn that they will be eating a signature breakfast dish prepared by Gordon himself As an added bonus the chefs get to dine with their loved ones Petrozza with his father and girlfriend Christina with her parents and Corey with her mother and boyfriend which gives each of the cooks a little boost Or in Petrozzas case a few tears But of course there is always a twist mdash the chefs had to then prepare the same dish Gordon served as part of the first challenge While Corey and Petrozza spent most of the time reconnecting read more

The Final Four

Well I have to say that I was impressed tonight Ive been tough on these hacks chefs but for the most part they all stepped up tonight with an excellent dinner service And for the first time I wasnt in disbelief that one of these people might actually be able to work in a fine dining restaurant I said work in not necessarily run at this point Unfortunately in the world of reality TV one of them still had to go so lets get to it The episode started with Jen admitting in the confessional that she might need friends at this point something she tries to accomplish by sucking up to Christina Jens speech about understanding why Christina nominated her the night before did strike a chord with Christina but Corey wasnt fooled saying she was done with peoples feelings and tired of walking on eggshellsFor tonights first challenge the chefs had to unknowingly cook a dish of their choice for 80 pregnant women in what Chef Ramsay called the mother of all challenges read more

Cooking School

As another chef leaves us were inching ever closer to this seasons possibly lackluster finale Tonights episode started as many of the others have with the entire team bashing Jen But Jen also made it clear in her confessional as she has in other ways that shes not interested in making friends and that she feels shes more skilled than all the other competitors That may be true but thats not saying muchFor the first challenge tonight Gordon taught the chefs a new lobster spaghetti dish which they chefs in turn had to teach five cute but clueless housewives one of whom even brought a dog into the kitchen Bobby and Petrozza were distracted for obvious reasons but Petrozza took it to a whole other level in assisting his student in putting her hair up and putting on her apron Bobbys student was afraid to kill her lobster Christina was afraid her student would cut herself and Jen couldnt keep herself from helping the student do all the work Corey however read more

Two Teams Become One

So weve made it to the final six which any other season is an accomplishment This year Id say most of the remaining chefs owe it to dumb luck However as much as it may be hard to believe that any of these cooks are going to be running Gordon Ramsays new restaurant they each got a tour of the building that will become their new culinary home Maybe Gordons waiting to see if he should put in an all-you-can eat buffet based on who wins The chefs were also dumbfounded by the 250000 they got to peek at and who wouldnt be Im still hoping someone proves to me that they deserve the prize moneyAfter changing out of their red and blue coats to become a single team the chefs launched into the first individual challenge in which each chef cooked a protein they were assigned Matt made a roasted veal loin Christina prepared a pan-seared sea bass and Jen chose a risky thin-sliced ribeye steak Additionally Bobby made his version of a duck noodle soup Corey made a lobster read more

Relay Race

Even a dip in the ocean tonight couldnt put out the fire that was Chef Ramsay And of course I loved every insulting obscene moment of itTonights episode began with the blue team rallying around one another continuing to discuss the problems they have with Jen Bobby said she is a baby that didnt impress me andhe and Louross both agree that they are just going to let the cooking do the talking from now I for one think that should have been the plan all along Not that I believe this groups food has a whole lot to say Matt aware that he was on thin ice or as Gordon put it borrowed time apologized repeatedly for sucking Hey Matt theyre used to it by nowThe first challenge is a relay race which forces the team to communicate and plan as they have to prepare three dishes but by cooking in separate shifts They get 15 seconds to communicate between shift changes and the team with the most impressive dishes win The blue tem must pick a chef to sit out a read more

The 20-Item Challenge

Tonights episode began with both teams contemplating the effects of having one of the girls join the blue team While the men were worried about how it would affect their chemistry uh what chemistry Corey went to work suggesting that Jen should defect because Corey wanted to get her voice back in the red kitchen Jen had a few choice words for Cory in confessional but when the time came she did volunteer herself to join the blue team calling the red chefs safe something she did not want to beLuckily the next challenge was all about not being safe and urged the chefs to show a little creativity Each team had to prepare four dishes using 20 items provided by Chef Ramsay None of the items could be used more than once but every item had to be used in one of the dishes The 20-Item Challenge quickly became the 21-Item Challenge as Matt surprise surprise sliced off the tip of his thumb while slicing pancetta He stepped out to see a medic leaving his finger b read more

Blindfold Taste Test

Even though tonights show was touted as a Ben vs Matt showdown which we pretty much got both teams took some serious steps backward In addition to again failing to complete a dinner service this group of cooks I find it hard to refer to them as chefs anymore proved once more just how inferior they are to the competitors in previous seasons The tone for the showdown was set from the opening minutes as Matt and Ben had words following the previous nights elimination Matt was eager to prove that the mens team wasnt weak just because he was on their team and to make sure Ben no longer had an easy scapegoat Ben on the other hand simply insulted Matt and made fun of the womens team for not knowing what they had coming a sentiment echoed by Corey who complained of the move being unfairTonights first challenge was taste test that began with Gordon serving three dishes that didnt contain any meat Despite Bens awesome pallet none of the chefs were able to detect read more

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