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Dirty Sexy Money Episode Recap: "The Summer House"

Will they or won't they? That's the question on everyone's mind going into this episode of Dirty Sexy Money. Tripp makes it clear, "This wedding cannot take place." But a wedding does take place, just not the one we expected.
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Go Your Own Way"

With a title like that, I was waiting to hear a Fleetwood Mac song, instead I felt like I was watching a tennis match. Miguel serves to Dexter. Dexter slices one over the net. Back and forth they go throughout the entire episode until Dexter suggests that they both "go their own way." While they're busy with their game, everything else is falling apart for everyone else. Except for Vince. Vince is doing pretty good.

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Dexter Episode Recap: "About Last Night"

"Camptown Races", doo-dah doo-dah. That's the tune that pervades Dexter. Miguel hums it as do both Dexter and Harry at different points. Besides whistling a happy tune, there are detours and Miguel shows up with a mind of his own. Dexter gets to the bottom of several problems and ends up no worse for the wear.

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Dirty Sexy Money Episode Recap: "The Injured Party"

Who isn't an injured party in the world of the Darlings? That's a much shorter list. Betrayals, lies, fighting, broken promises all play prominently here. Oh and Leticia is drunk behind the wheel of the car. How will this episode of Dirty Sexy Money turn out?
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Dexter Episode Recap: "The Damage a Man Can Do"

It's no surprise that this show revolved around a gambling man who paid his debts by getting rid of other gamblers. Everyone takes a gamble in this episode of Dexter. Dexter shares his deepest "code" secrets with his BFF, Miguel. Harry is completely against the idea, but Dexter, wanting to define himself beyond the grip of his father, jumps head in and builds Miguel a starter kit. From identifying the target to the kill, Miguel entangles himself in Dexter's world.

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Dexter Episode Recap: "Easy as Pie"

Ooh child, there's some smooching going on in this episode and it's getting kinda hot in here. Miguel starts a short list for his and Dexter's side project. Ellen and Maria bond over some scotch. Camilla loses her battle with cancer, but in a good way. And Dexter has a nightmare, or is it a nightmare? "Body parts out in the open." Never a good way to wake up.

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Dirty Sexy Money Episode Recap: "The Venture"

This may be one of the best episodes of Dirty Sexy Money. Fantastic music, unbelievable scenarios, pink ties, lies, lust and Joel Madden! Mistakes are made, everyone is playing everyone. I can hardly keep score. Did you see that ending coming?< read more

Dexter Episode Recap: "Si Se Puede"

Now we're cooking with gas. Miguel and Dexter's friendship deepens. Harry makes an appearance, (or an apparition). Debra goes out on a limb. And a very bad man gets what's coming to him.

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Dirty Sexy Money Episode Recap: "The Silence"

What a tangled web the Darlings weave. They have so ingrained themselves in the lives of the Georges that Lisa and Nick find themselves in couple's therapy. Take therapy about the Darlings to fixing the Darlings problems, throw in a steamy sex scene between Nola and Jeremy, Simon's lack of scruples, and several other juicy tidbits, this episode only furthered my belief that Dirty Sexy Money is one of the dirtiest, sexiest nighttime soaps ever.  Plus they rocked the vote.

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Dexter Episode Recap: "Turning Biminese"

Dexter finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place. He has to choose between Scylla and Charybdes, or his wife and his mistress, or Rita and his dark side. Which will he choose? Will he manage to find a way to live with them side-by-side... read more

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