Ohhhh, Life

Life has been very stressful and crazy lately. Auditioning has been going great, but I've found myself passing on jobs lately because my schedule has been so crammed. It's hard because I'm in a place where I would really love a little creative change, but I guess it's a "high-class" problem — too much work. Then again, a "high-class problem" is still a problem. Oh, well. Hopefully soon everything will be able to work together.To destress I went to see 300 this past weekend. It was awesome! What a great movie! I really think it'll change the way studios do movies in the future. The entire movie was shot in Toronto in front of a blue screen. All of the effects were done with CG. I also think the $70 million opening weekend proves that you don't have to have "name" stars to be a great, box-office movie. As long as it's a great story, there are talented actors and the whole thing is well executed, this type of movie can be a success. "This will not end quickly. You will not enjoy ... read more

The Golden Globes and Playboy, Oh My!

Yes, the Golden Globe Awards were a couple of weeks ago and all of Hollywood has already moved on to the Oscars. But allow me to take a step back and tell you of my experiences at some of the Golden Globes after-parties. I was standing outside one of the parties, about to walk in, when the fire marshall came to the door and said no one else would be allowed in. They were at capacity and we would have to wait for some people to leave; there were two large groups of people all dressed up, waiting to start partying. Standing next to me were stars from Grey's Anatomy, The Office and Desperate Housewives. I was definitely in good company. Time was going by very slowly as we all crammed into this small area. I was looking around me and noticed that Dr. McSteamy is as gorgeous in person as he is on TV. As our patience started to wear extremely thin, a ray of hope shone through. We heard a security person yell for the entire mass of celebrities waiting to separate into two lines. Yes! We we... read more

How I Got My Shows... (Part 2)

So, in my last blog I talked about how I got my Nickelodeon show Beyond the Break. (By the way, the second season starts this Friday night! So make sure to TiVo and watch.)But I wanna tell you how I became the new face of G4... I got a call from my hosting agent one day about an audition. Just like any other day, this was just another audition. I went into G4, not knowing exactly what the audition entailed. I saw a bunch of pretty girls sitting reading scripts and primping with their compact mirrors. I looked over the script briefly, but in hosting auditions, I usually try not to overthink and just go in and be myself. My name was called and I went into a very small room — there was a camera, a camera operator and the casting director. They had a script for me to read and then asked me to improv stuff about entertainment headlines — I think I talked about Britney driving with her baby in her lap.A week later my agent called and said G4 wanted to see me for another show, Fo... read more

How I Got My Shows... (Part 1)

This week has been crazy. I spent the Thanksgiving weekend back in Oklahoma with the family... my mom was obsessed with picking up people's pumpkins from the street and roasting the seeds. I had to get out of the car in the cold a few times to load more than a handful of strangers' pumpkins. I flew home Monday to LA morning and had to go from the airport to an audition and then immediately to the G4 studios to shoot a live TV show. This has been the schedule for my life lately, so everything went smoothly because I'm used to it.Yesterday on Attack of the Show, we had a very special guest... I was very excited because he's fellow TV Guide blogger John Lehr. We laughed together, reminisced together, and even shed a few tears together... I think we're best friends now. I doubt he'd say the same, but I thought that if I put it out in the universe it might come true... fingers crossed!If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you should, but also watch his new TV show 10 Items or Less. It... read more

Guitar Hero 2 and Movies... Aaah, the Perfect Weekend

I spent the whole weekend in Atlanta playing Guitar Hero 2... and yes, it was awesome! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a game for Playstation 2. It's basicaly like guitar karaoke. It just came out Wednesday and has a lot more games than the first one and you can do multi-player with one person playing lead, the other bass. I spent the whole weekend opening up levels/songs. I think I've found the new love of my life. When I did break away from my virtual rockstar life, I was watching movies. HBO has been playing one of my favorite movies a lot lately — Prime. It's a fabulous movie, with some really great actors: Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg. If you have time, you should definitely check it out. I also made it to see Babel. That was a really amazing movie. The movie had a lot of layers, but I found that it was mostly about the breakdown of communication between people and cultures. Every actor in the movie was great. And one of my favorite actors,... read more

Hello TV Land!!

I'm Olivia Munn and this is my first blog for TV Guide... I'm so excited to reach out to my peers, aka, the entire TV-watching world. In case you don't know me — and there's a good chance of that — I'm an actress and TV host. I have a recurring role on Nickelodeon's nighttime teen network, The N. It's a show called Beyond the Break and it's about amateur surf girls trying to break out... I play Mily Acuna, a local tough chick. And look for me in Rob Schneider's next film, Big Stan, coming out early next year.Along with acting, I also became the face of the cable network G4. It used to be about video games and technology... and even though it's still about that, we've branched out to more general fare. I host three shows for them — The Daily Nut (podcast), Formula D and the main show for the network, Attack of the Show. AOTS is daily and kinda like Regis and Kelly meets TRL meets The Daily Show.So now that you have a sense of what I do for a living, I can start bloggin... read more

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