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Iconoclast Deepak Chopra's Laughter Prescription

Mike Myers and Deepak Chopra, Iconoclasts

Tonight's episode of Iconoclasts (10 pm/ET, Sundance) pairs what might seem an unlikely duo: mind-body-spirit authority Dr. Deepak Chopra and Wayne's World comedian Mike Myers. But the two are actually longtime friends who share a passion for Eastern philosophy as well as an abiding appreciation for a really funny joke. Dr. Chopra took time off from teaching his "Secrets of Enlightenment" course and writing his newest book, Why Is God Laughing?, to talk to us about how a good belly laugh can make you not only happier but healthier. In the Iconoclasts episode, you and Mike Myers talk about the connection between comedy and consciousness. Where did that concept come from?
Deepak Chopra: Mike is an old friend of mine; I'v read more

Survivor: China's Jaime Talks Strategy

Jaime Dugan, Survivor: China

In a topsy-turvy episode that included the merging of the two tribes, former Zhan Hu member Jaime Dugan, 22, was voted off Survivor: China (8 pm/ET, CBS) after trying to use what she thought might be an immunity idol. The college student was the silent leader of the Zhan Hu tribe and one of the masterminds behind the controversial thrown-challenge strategy. Here, she tries to unravel some of the complex scheming and strategizing that ultimately led to her ouster. You clearly knew that the former Fei Long members were going to vote you out. Why did they target you instead of Peih-Gee or Erik?
Jaime Dugan: Earlier in the day, read more

Heroes Scoop: Nichelle Nichols' Real Family Powers!

Dana Davis, Noah Gray-Cabey and Nichelle Nichols, Heroes

One new Season 2 cast member of Heroes (tonight at 9 pm/ET, NBC) is certainly no stranger to being on a hit TV show: Nichelle Nichols, who created the iconic Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek — and shared a culture-changing kiss with William Shatner — was "delighted" to get the role of Nana Dawson. The Hurricane Katrina survivor provides sanctuary to her great-nephew Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) and has become the primary caregiver for her grandson and granddaughter, Monica (Dana Davis).

"I could relate to [Nana] so powerfully," says Nichols, "how she has stood read more

Amazing Race Preview: New Teams, New Challenges

Lorena Segura and Jason Widener, The Amazing Race

Reality TV's most fantastic voyage is back, and as the 12th season of The Amazing Race (Sundays at 8 pm/ET, CBS) kicks off, got the inside scoop from one of the new teams. Before we see the first detour, roadblock or "Philimination," dating couple Lorena Segura, 27, and Jason Widener, 33, tell us about the new challenges, how the Race affected their relationship and what they didn't pack for the trip. So why did you guys want to be on The Amazing Race?
Go, Lorena.
Lorena: He said that because I came up with the idea of doing it. I love travel, and I love competition, and I just thought this was a perfect match. And also, Jason and I don't get to see each other that much, even though we live together, because we're always doing stuff. And this was a great opportunity to be together under tense circumstances.
read more

Survivor: China's Sherea Strikes Back

Sherea Lloyd, Survivor: China

Sherea Lloyd, 26, became the second victim of the game's twist on last week's Survivor: China (8 pm/ET, CBS), voted off by her new Fei Long tribe mates after Zhan Hu abandoned their strategy of throwing immunity challenges to maintain post-merge numbers. The fourth-grade teacher talked to about playing both sides, Courtney's eating habits and why Jean-Robert should be the next to go. You seemed pretty angry about being voted out. Do you think Fei Long made a mistake by sending you home instead of Jean-Robert?
Sherea: I definitely think they made a mistake. He was more of a threat than I was. They just weren't really sure if I would fl read more

My So-Called Life Star Walks Down Memory Lane

Wilson Cruz, My So-Called Life

Back in 1994, one of the best series never to make it was born: My So-Called Life, a teen drama with such heart and truthfulness that many (including its network) didn't know what to make of it. For anyone who was a teenager — or an overgrown teenager — back then and watched each week with bated breath, the complete series is being released today on DVD in a special collectible set. talked to Wilson Cruz, now 34, whose Rickie Vasquez had one of the show's most poignant storylines, about the show's legacy. After more than a decade, why does My So-Called Life still speak to people so much?
Wilson Cruz: I think it took its audience really seriously but didn't take itself too seriously. In the end, what it was trying to say with the parallel storylines between the parents and the adolescent read more

Survivor: China Front-runner Aaron Victimized by the "Twist"

Aaron Reisberger, Survivor: China

On last week's Survivor: China (8 pm/ET, CBS), the game's first big twist was revealed when the tribes were allowed to steal two of each other's members — Zhan Hu picked muscleman James and Fei Long picked tribe leader Aaron. In a bold move designed to increase their chances post-merge, the women of Zhan Hu decided to throw the immunity challenge, and Aaron Reisberger, the 32-year-old surfing instructor (and all-around Mr. Nice Guy) was the first victim. In this Q&A, he sounds off on the twist that sent him home, what camp life was like and that rumor about a romance with Amanda. That was quite a trick they pulled on you guys. What was y read more

Survivor's "Crazy Dave": Tribe Will Sink without Me!

Dave Cruser, Survivor: China

The already depleted Zhan Hu tribe had to vote off its third member on last week's Survivor: China (8 pm/ET, CBS) after losing yet another immunity challenge. And once again the tribe chose to keep the peace: This time, their self-styled leader, former model "Crazy" Dave Cruser, was given the boot for continuing to butt heads with Sherea and others. Here he shares why his tribe did what they did, how they'll get by now and why he wished he'd made it to the merge. So, Dave, what went wrong?
Dave Cruser: I got put on the wrong tribe is what went wrong. [Laughs] I was the odd man out in terms of not being part of Generation Y Am I So Entitled. I definitely worked for their advantage and my disadvantage in [figuring out] read more

Dexter's Buddy Previews this Season's Surprises

David Zayas and Michael C. Hall, Dexter

On the irresistibly creepy Showtime hit Dexter (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), David Zayas plays nice-guy Detective Angel Batista, and the role is hardly a stretch: Zayas, a Bronx native, was an NYPD officer until less than a decade ago. Currently appearing in George Clooney's Michael Clayton, as — what else? — a detective, Zayas has also played his share of guys on the other side of the law, most notably as the Latino-gang boss Enrique Morales on HBO's prison-drama Oz. Zayas shares his softer side with us and explains how he came to change his life so drastically. Let's talk about Angel Batista — he seems like kind of a softy. I love that he's been spouting Oprah-esque "create y read more

Survivor: China's Ousted Sister Christian Has One Regret

Leslie Nease, Survivor: China

On last Thursday's Survivor: China (8 pm/ET, CBS), Fei Long made its first trip to Tribal Council, and Christian-radio talk-show host Leslie Nease, 38, was sent packing. She talked to us about how the experience actually strengthened her faith, why she decided to share her immunity-idol clue with Todd and what her one regret is. You seemed pretty surprised to be going home.
Leslie: I knew they were up to something, because they weren't looking me in the eye, they weren't talking to me. But I thought they were going to be voting Courtney off, and they knew that she and I were very close; they just didn't want to get me involved in that. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me [to be voted off]. You didn't think it was because you were chatty with your kidnappers?
Leslie: I am just a very honest person. When I came back and told them everyth read more

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