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Reno 911!'s Raineesha Delivers Big-screen Booty

Niecy Nash, Reno 911!: Miami

Reno 911!: Miami, the just-released feature film spun off of Comedy Central's unscripted Reno 911!, offers fans "no bleeping, no pixillating and an officer in candy underpants," says Niecy Nash, who plays Officer Raineesha.

Seeing herself on the big screen wasn't as difficult as many an actress has lamented. In fact, Nash says, "I love that you get to see Raineesha's booty! I fell in love with my own self. I was saying, "Your booty's gorgeous!'"

Nash says that for all appearances promoting the film, not only did the actors conduct interviews in character, but she wore Raineesha's signature prosthetic booty. "I've had men be disappointed that I'm not Raineesha and that I don't have that body."

Like the television series, the film was improvised. N read more

Inside Howard K. Stern's "Get Slim Quick" Plan for Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith and Tony Little (inset).

Even as the E! network was hiring überfitness trainer Tony Little to get the increasingly plus-sized Anna Nicole Smith into shape, her lawyer and companion, Howard K. Stern, was already brokering a deal with TrimSpa, Little tells TV Guide — an arrangement which would have netted Stern a lot of cash.

"I was brought in as a trainer, to get her to drop the weight and get her motivated," Little recalls. But, as others who tried to help Smith found, the bombshell wasn't particularly interested in helping herself. "She was a very tough case."

Little helped install a home gym and tried to get Smith to begin a regimen, in the hopes that she'd lose weight in a healthy way. "I'm a high-energy motivating read more

Anna Nicole Smith's Rise and Tragic Fall: An Inside Look

Anna Nicole Smith

The week after Anna Nicole Smith’s mysterious death on Feb. 7, the satiric Daily Show with Jon Stewart aired a segment questioning the intense media scrutiny and interest.

As an example, Jon Stewart pointed out that CNN aired a 90-minute, commercial-free program dedicated to the late stripper turned red-carpet regular, whose only claim to fame was the parading of her voluptuous assets and her 1994 marriage to a wheelchair-bound billionaire several decades older.

Stewart jokingly called the segment “Death of a Person,” and poked fun at a news channel that devoted time to Smith’s “Death Fridge?” (Stewart loved the question mark). Smith’s refrigerator, noted an expert, said a lot about her personality. That same expert read more

Make Room for Daddy: Beau Bridges Returns to Earl

Beau Bridges with Jason Lee, My Name Is Earl

Beau Bridges returns to NBC's My Name Is Earl tonight at 8 pm/ET, reprising his role as Earl and Randy's gruff dad. But Carl Hickey's bark is worse than his bite. "Just when you think he's going to bite Earl's head off," Bridges says, "he ends up being a milquetoast." 
Of course, there's some family history behind Carl's ire. "When Earl shows up at my door, I try to slam it in his face," says Bridges. Carl, he explains, still hasn't quite forgiven a younger Earl for driving a beloved car into a lake. After Earl dredges the car out and returns it to his dad, in fulfillment of his "list" requirement, familial relations are restored in that wacky and caustic Hickey-family way.
Now that Bridges isn't commuting between the Vancouver set of
read more

Grey's Izzie in a Triangle Tizzy!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns to Grey's Anatomy.

Izzie is so over Alex. That's because Katherine Heigl's sweet intern finds love on Grey's Anatomy (Sundays at 10 pm/ET) with returning heart-transplant patient Denny Duquette (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) instead. Well, at least for a nine-episode arc chronicling Denny's quest for two hearts — Izzie's and a new one for himself.

"I'm there to shake things up a little bit," Morgan says. His wealthy marine-biologist character departed on the Jan. 15 episode without a desperately needed transplant. Disappointed, Izzie thought that was goodbye.

Grey's Anatomy fans won't see Denny for at least a few episodes, but when he does return, Morgan promises pulses will quicken. "Izzie [gives read more

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