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Scott Bakula's on the Case at Boston Legal

Scott Bakula and Candice Bergen, Boston Legal

Fifteen years after their Murphy Brown characters rocked a romance, Candice Bergen and Scott Bakula renew their chemistry on Boston Legal (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET, ABC). An avowed "huge fan" of Legal, Bakula plays Jack, Shirley's brash law-school love. We caught up with Bakula in between live theater gigs.

TV Guide: Was the idea here to hark back to Peter and Murphy?
Scott Bakula:
I was dying to know, but there were no writers — therefore no rewrites — so I don't know! It was oddly coincidental, since Jack [like Peter] plays piano and sings. I'm very curious. He's energy and zaniness — very high-powered, in everyone's face. The first time I meet Alan [James Spader] I tell him, "Get me coffee." Then, "Did you hear me?"

TV Guide: How was it to work with Candice again?
Wonderful. She read more

Big Shots' Joshua Malina on the Show's Future

Joshua Malina, Big Shots

With production halted on Big Shots (tonight at 10 pm/ET, ABC) by the writers' strike, the penultimate episode airs tonight. Which makes it a good time to assess the series with one of its four leads, Joshua Malina, who's been busy in ways that would be alien to the hapless Karl — "arguably the jerkiest" of the series' four tycoons, admits Malina. The father of two has been preoccupied with "field trips, class plays and being in total daddy mode."

TV Guide: So will Big Shots be renewed?
Joshua Malina:
It's a hot topic among the four of us. I'm doing an ABC promo shoot. I take that as hopeful. We're having so much fun together, it would be a shame to end. If I'm going to work, I'm going to laugh.

TV Guide: Do people complain about how jer read more

Tom Bosley Is Back in Charlie & Me

Tom Bosley, Charlie & Me

Call him Mr. C, Father Dowling or Sheriff Tupper — Tom Bosley, 80, answers to them all. The veteran character actor celebrates his 60th year in showbiz with Hallmark's Charlie & Me (Saturday at 9 pm/ET). The Tony winner plays a jazz-loving grandfather whose own heart attack works to repair the broken hearts around him.

TV Guide: What drew you to this?
Tom Bosley:
They actually hired me before I read it and fell in love with it. I turned to my wife [actress Patty] and said, "This is me, today." I felt that I was at the same stage in my life that Charlie's in. It was a perfect role for me. I love that kind of jazz [in the film], not today's jazz.

TV Guide: We have to ask you: Do you keep in touch with any of your Happy Days castmates?
I talk to Marion Ross [Mrs. C] often; she lives nearby. read more

Human-bone Instruments Make Dexter Even Creepier

Elisabeth Waldo and Daniel Licht

It's wholly apropos that Dexter composer Daniel Licht chose pre-Columbian instruments — from both human and animal bones — to energize his evocative score. On Showtime's much-acclaimed series, Michael C. Hall plays Miami police forensic-scientist Dexter Morgan, who moonlights as a dismembering vigilante, satisfying serial-killer instincts and applying a strict moral code enforced by his late foster father. In Dexter's world, no one gets away with murder.

Licht sought out musical-archaeologist Elisabeth Waldo and was the first composer since legendary Maurice Jarre (Dr. Zhivago) allowed to play her pre-Columbian instruments. It's made from a human femur bone­, "probably one that was sacrificed," Licht tells TV Guide, "then painted, with notches carved into it."

The composer describes the sound of read more

Pat Sajak and Vanna White Puzzled as Wheel of Fortune Turns 25

Pat Sajak and Vanna White, Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune (syndicated; check the TV Guide Network or TVGuide.com for listings) has been celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. We sat down with host Pat Sajak and Vanna White to talk about their — gulp — quarter century (!) turn around the Wheel.

TV Guide: Did you have any idea this would have this kind of longevity?
Vanna White: When I first joined the show, we were sitting in makeup chairs next to each other and I said to Pat, "Where do you think we'll be in 10 years?" I'm sure he said something funny.
Pat Sajak: I say funny things as often as not, so it's hard to narrow it down. I do rememb read more

Top 20 Moments in Cops' 20-year History

Cops: 20 Years Caught on Tape

Since the pioneering reality series debuted in 1989, Fox’s Cops has cemented its place in history as one of the longest-running prime-time entertainment programs. The 20th season will be celebrated this Saturday (8 pm/ET, Fox) with a commemorative one-hour special, Cops: 20 Years Caught on Tape. Here are the crimefighting series’ 20 biggest moments, as selected by executive producer John Langley.

When: Season 2 (1990)
Where: Las Vegas
The Take-down: Officer Dennis Magill gets a 911 call about a runaway car. He responds to the call at the Mirage hotel parking lot. A driverless car is circling the parking lot. Magill smashes the car window and subdues the runaway car. He then helps the owner clean out the broken glass.
Bottom Line: Proves you should "expect the unexpect read more

Cops Celebrates 20 Years of Fighting Crime

John Langley with Las Vegas police officers

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Keep making episodes of Cops, apparently.

After two decades (yes, you read that right, 20 years), Cops celebrates its 20th season with the special hourlong episode "Cops: 20 Years Caught on Tape" on Sept. 29 at 8 pm/ET on Fox. The series is syndicated in a whopping 90 percent of the country, and in November the show will hit its 700th-episode mark. TV Guide talked to the show's creator/executive producer, John Langley, about the injuries, scuffles and arrests that keep viewers following the chase.

TV Guide: Did you ever expect the show to last this long?
John Langley:
I had no idea Cops would continue for 20 years, although I had total faith that it was an interesting show with many layers of entertainment and information.

TV Guide: How has it continued to spark read more

What Does Top Design's Champ Have Designs On Now?

Top Design champ Matt Lorenz

Consistency paid off for Chicago-based designer Matt Lorenz, 32, who on Wednesday night won the final challenge on Bravo's Top Design. In the first-season finale, Lorenz was pitted against his pal Carisa, but eventually came out on top.

Now, he's extremely relieved to finally be able to reveal to family and friends that he's the champ, although his 4-year-old daughter did walk into her preschool after the March 28 episode announcing that Daddy had "won." "I had to explain to her and to her teachers and classmates that I won the challenge that night, not the show," Matt chuckles. "I had to be sure that was clear."

Matt points out that while Bravo's portrayal of the tense group of competitors was very accurate, "I don't think people realized how truly exhausted we were read more

Frasier's Peri Gilpin Is Sized Up as Medium's Mom

Peri Gilpin on Medium

Allison Dubois' much-maligned and referenced mother gets a face in tonight's episode of Medium (10 pm/ET on NBC), when Peri Gilpin returns to TV for the first time since her 11-year-run on Frasier.

"I've been kept busy with babies," says Gilpin, the mother of 3-year-old twin girls, Stella and Ava, who were born a month and a half after Frasier ended. "The timing couldn't have been better — to be home with them and raise them and get to know them and not be frazzled and distracted. It's fantastic!"

Still, she's ready to return to TV. Gilpin, 45, says she "laughed out loud" when they told her she'd be playing the mother of Patricia Arquette, who is only seven years you read more

Exclusive! Anthony LaPaglia Reveals His Own Take on Trace

Anthony LaPaglia in Without a Trace's "Deep Water."

For the last five years, Aussie-born Anthony LaPaglia's life has been intertwined with that of his Without a Trace character, FBI missing-persons agent Jack Malone. On the CBS series' March 11 episode, "Deep Water," LaPaglia will be credited not only as the popular procedural's lead, but also as that episode's writer.

"I never really had a burning desire to write or direct or any of that," LaPaglia tells TV Guide during a quick on-set lunch break. "It's the fifth year of the show and while I like the acting part of it, I was starting to get a bit itchy. I was sitting around one day with the guy who does my make up, Mike Mills, and we were talking about different stories that were out there."

Without a Trace often focuses on stories based on real-life incidents, and it read more

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