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Donald Trump's Hair Apparent

There's only one thing better than being hired as Donald Trump's newest apprentice, and that's playing The Donald himself in a TV movie about his life. Justin Louis of Lifetime's Missing — who happens to be 5-foot-9 and of Portuguese descent — was told "You're hired!" after auditioning to play the 6-foot-3, WASP-y fat cat in ABC's Trump: Unauthorized. It airs at 9 pm/ET tonight and, thankfully, there's no Omarosa in sight!

Did Louis have to stand on crates during the entire shoot to match Trump's stature? "They made me walk around in these club kid-esque boots to make me taller," he tells with a laugh. "I did wear them to the Missing set recently, so I [had] some fun with [my costar] Mark Consuelos. I walked right up to him and looked down on him. He laughed his ass off! Mark and [his wife] Kelly [Ripa] were at [Trump's] wedding to Melania, and Kelly was very sweet and generous when she le read more

Queer as Folk Goes Out

It comes as not-so-shocking news that Queer as Folk's fifth season, debuting on Showtime in May, will be its last. (That sound you hear is the red states rejoicing.) However, executive producers Daniel Lipman and Ron Cowen say they've already written a can't-miss finale for the groundbreaking gay drama's die-hard fans. "We can't speak for everyone," Lipman says, "but we're happy with how we tie things up.

"Queer was designed to be a five-year show," he adds. "Everyone feels we have successfully fulfilled what we set out to do, based on our original intention. We have other projects in the works, so hopefully we'll cause as much controversy as Queer has, but there will never be another show on TV like Queer as Folk — ever."

One much-anticipated story line is Rosie O'Donnell's three-episode arc, details of which are being kept hush-hush. "Rosie will blow you away," Lipman promises. "When we found out she was a h read more

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