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Well, its all come down to this: 10 seasons. Over 200 episodes. Adventure. Laughter. Tears. And as this is the last episode of our journey together, I will make this my last TV Guide blog entry.Thanks be to all of you who have grown with us over the years. It has been a true pleasure, and one I’m sure I will not see the likes of again. The years have gone by so fast… so fast. So much has changed, in my life, and in the lives of those around me. And I’m sure of yours too.I was reminded as recently as yesterday how much can happen in 10 years. I shared a conversation on the plane with Katee Sackoff (of Battlestar Galactica fame — for those living under boulders) who enlightened me that she used to watch the early seasons of Stargate with her father… when she was 17. Holy crap. That aged me.I was a single boy of 26 years when we took our first steps through the gate, and now I speak to you as a father of three at 36 years old. It really does fly, doesn... read more


Wow. I have not gotten into so much trouble for not completing my homework assignment since grade 9. You have no idea how many people have been riding me like Zorro for not keeping up with this blog. Thanks for caring. "I'mmmmmm back!" Well, not to make any excuses, but we have been shooting the second SG-1 movie, Continuum, for the last three weeks and things have been a bit hectic. Not to mention the fact that the first shooting week overlapped with my wife's last week of filming her movie on Vancouver Island, so I was working during the day and being both mother and father at night. This wouldn't have been that much of a chore if my daughter Mia hadn't gotten a bad cold in Victoria, and happened to keep both her and I up through the entire first night before filming. Zero sleep is not the best way to kick off the work week. "Tough darts, Batman." Anywho, the filming for Continuum has been great: frozen sets, Air Force F-15s and Richard Dean Anderson's return all crammed inside tw... read more

Tough Noogies

Whatever….Sorry. I realized over the weekend that there were a few things I had forgotten to do before I started this blog. The first was to introduce myself to the people who aren't already familiar with me:Hello. My name is Michael Shanks. I am an actor.I am an extremely sarcastic person. Meaning, that everything I say should be taken with a large grain — if not a huge boulder — of salt. I realize that sarcasm doesn't necessarily translate to the written word as well as it does the spoken. Such is life. Tough noogies. I am also an incredibly self-deprecating person. So much so in fact, that if you never hear me praise anything I do, it is because I regard most of what I do as un-praiseworthy. Meaning, I regard what I do as crap, for the most part, and not worth dissecting. I, of course, am not referring to the projects as a whole, because that is a commentary on others; I am referring to my role and worth within those projects.On the other hand, I am blessed with a ... read more

Paris Hilton and Shameless Plugs

Listen. If you concentrate, you can hear it: the sound of some enterprising young lad in their basement, printing off T-shirts that say "Free Paris." Timely. Give me a frickin' break. Honestly, if I hear one more thing about this chick, I'm gonna commit hari-kari with a spatula in front of my children. Why a spatula? "Because it will hurt more, you idiot!!!" Think Alan Rickman in Robin Hood, and you'll get the gist.Well, Week 2 of this blog and a few things have happened. First, my beloved Canucks were knocked out of the playoffs by the Anaheim Ducks. I'm not angry. I actually went to Game 5 in Anaheim with one of my favorite people in the whole world to watch the game. Honestly, if Vancouver had won that game, it would have been a crime — they were so outplayed it was ridiculous. Poor Roberto Luongo (the Canucks goalie) is in therapy right now, he had so much rubber flying at him. I actually had to go drink for him. The Anaheim Ducks were simply a better team. That's right, "D... read more

From Making Out to Getting Tied Up

Holy flaming monkey skat! The Vancouver Canucks cannot hold a lead. Up 2-0 going into the third period at home against Anaheim, and it should be lights-out time. But no, not for these guys. Its tied 2-2 at the end of regulation, and of course as expected, they go on to lose in overtime. Good god, how much of this suffering can a hockey fan expect to take?! Oh, right, this is a TV Guide blog, not ESPN. Well, this is the first time I've ever done one of these things, so bear with me and my random thought processes as I attempt to make this halfway coherent. I managed to catch the last episode of 24 on Monday. If any of you out there did, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that you know almost everything about me. Believe it or not, there's actually more male almost-nudity in the following week's episodes as well. Oh well, it's a living. I can say that it's more fun to watch yourself on TV like this — especially when seated beside your lovely wife — making out with and tearing ... read more

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