Michael Moloney

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Michael Moloney on the Dunning Family

Michael Moloney

This week we are in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for the Dunning family: Dale, her husband Ken and their son Brooks. There's not a family that I could think of that more exemplifies the spirit of Thanksgiving. Dale and Ken have been providing meals for thousands of people through the years, cooking food out of their own little kitchen, and going to a local church and serving the food there.   

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Michael Moloney on The Gomez Family

This week we came together in South Jordan, Utah to help the Gomez family, a single mother Jessica and her children, Jonah and Ellie. Jonah is fighting two blood diseases, one of them being sickle cell, and for a seven-year-old boy it's really taxing and it wears him down.  He has to have oxygen all the time and he can't keep up with his friends.  So, it's important that he has a home where the air is clean, and that he has access to oxygen whenever he needs it. One day he will need a bone marrow transplant and it's really important that we find the match as soon as possible because you don't know when that day's going to come. read more

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Michael Moloney on the Prewitt–Brewer Family

This week we're in Middleburg, Fla. to meet the Prewitt-Brewer family that consists of Carrie Prewitt and the three girls, Ashley, Taylor and Gina. Carrie Prewitt has been at the same high school as a teacher and a coach for the last 25 years.  She is a mentor, she is an amazing coach and she's like a second mom to everyone she coaches there. Coach Prewitt first met Ashley when she coached her at the high school in volleyball and through that experience, she met her two younger sisters, Taylor and Gina. 

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Michael Moloney on the Mattingly Family

This week Extreme is in Davis County, Kentucky to meet the Mattingly family — as well as Clint Black, our "Get On The Bus" celebrity volunteer.

Two years ago, Steve Mattingly was responding to a fire call at a neighborhood home, where he was asked to direct traffic around the site. Steve's wife Melissa was driving by the fire when disaster struck. Steve was hit full speed, by a car that didn't see him. An EMT herself, Melissa immediately got out of her car and ran to care for her husband. In the days following, Steven had suffered multiple injuries, brain damage and amnesia. To date, Steven has had seven surgeries to try to repair the damage. Thank God Melissa was there, she saved his life, she knew what to do. They both know what to do when they 're the first ones on the scene of an accident like that. He wasn't supposed to make it, but she made sure he did.

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Michael Moloney on the Hill Family

This week we're in Suffield, Connecticut to pay a visit to the Hill Family. Known to local admirers as the "family choir," the 13 Hill family members — William and Catherine along with their sons, daughters, nieces and nephews — have motivated friends and neighbors with their musical talents, academic achievements and selfless generosity. Cramped living conditions and sorely needed electrical, plumbing, roof and other home repairs have continued to take a backseat to helping those in need and providing a good education for the children. Five of the Hill siblings and cousins living at home are college students, and the family also scrimps and saves to provide medical treatment and care in their home for cousin Shamia, who received a kidney transplant from daughter Sonia... read more

Extreme Makeover Helps Keep Kids Together in New Home

This week finds us in Greene County, Mo. where Chris and Niki Hampton were happily living in a 792 sq. ft. house with their 9-year-old son Dakota and 6-year-old daughter Hannah (cramped but content). Then, the Hamptons got a phone call from Social Services. Niki's sister's four children had been taken by the state, and Chris and Niki had one hour to decide whether they could take in their nieces and nephews, or let them go to a foster family. They knew immediately that they had to take in Jacob, Lexi, Kira and Gage. Though they weren't sure how eight people could squeeze into the tiny one-bedroom, one-bathroom house, the Hamptons knew that they needed to take those kids in, or they would lose them into the system where they'd likely be separated. This week is about following through with their wish to keep those kids together, safe and create one big family unit.

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Michael Moloney, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Season Finale Preview

This week we meet our last family of the season to shoot our finale, and what an amazing and fitting story to close out another great year. We are in Indianapolis, Indiana to meet the McFarlands: Bernard and his three boys, Domonique, Curtis and Courtney.

Bernard McFarland is a pillar of this community, and he's an amazing father. He's raising his three boys on his own in a house that's ... read more

Michael Moloney, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The Coopers

This week we're in Jamesville, North Carolina to meet the Cooper family. To say that Jeff Cooper is an American hero might be a bit of an understatement. He served in the US Army as a Combat Medic in "Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm." During that time, he earned two Army Commendation Medals, the Army Achievement medal, the Good Conduct Medal, the Overseas Service Ribbon, the Humanitarians Service Medal, the Southwest Asia Service Medal, the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia), the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait) Army Service Ribbon, a Combat Medical Badge, Expert Field Medical Badge Expert Rifle Badge and Expert Grenade Badge.

Like so many of his fellow soldiers who served in the first Gulf War, Jeff Cooper ... read more

Michael Moloney, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Mary Ann Riojas

Born with no legs and only one fully developed arm, Mary Ann Riojas is no stranger to adversity. After graduating from high school, Mary Ann fell in love, got married and had four children. Soon after the birth of her fourth child, the marriage ended. She enrolled in college and for the first time in her life and she got her driver's license. With renewed independence, she earned her Associates Degree in business and immediately ... read more

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