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How Much Is a Drink with Anne Hathaway Worth?

Sigourney Weaver, Anne Hathaway

Everyone in Hollywood has a price — even Anne Hathaway.

The actress, currently starring in Rachel Getting Married, was attending the recent Trevor Project's annual Cracked Xmas gala at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles and made an impromptu decision to put herself up for auction.

Proceeds raised (including $7,000 for a walk-on role on 30 Rock) benefit the Trevor Project's suicide hotline for gay, lesbian, transgender and questioning youths.

"I didn't know there was going to be an auction," said Hathaway, who was there to present the Trevor Life Award to Sigourney Weaver for her role in the upcoming Lifetime movie Prayers for Bobby. "I'm not usually very forward, but I thought if ... read more

Will J.D. And Elliot Reunite for Scrubs' Final Season?

Sarah Chalke, Scrubs

Scrubs fans are hoping the on-again, off-again romance of J.D. and Elliot is resuscitated when the hospital-based sitcom returns for its eighth and final season on Jan. 6 on ABC. Sarah Chalke can't say for sure what happens, but she is hoping that her character and Zach Braff's J.D. go the way of Ross and Rachel and not Sam and Diane.

"I think they should ... read more

Brooke Smith Ponders the Fate of Her Grey's Doc

Brooke Smith on Grey's Anatomy

With her role on Grey's Anatomy having come to an abrupt end, Brooke Smith can only wonder where her lesbian doctor ran off to after dressing down gal pal Callie in the hospital parking lot in the ABC series' Nov. 6 episode.

"I like to imagine that Dr. Hahn is ... read more

Could Jesse Csincsak Be the Next Bachelor?

Jesse Csincsak

Instead of waiting for Dr. Phil or The View to call, Jesse Csincsak (who recently had his upcoming wedding to Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas called off) got on the web and posted his feelings on the unexpected split. TVGuide.com caught up with the professional snowboarder in Hollywood at the kickoff of Ubisoft's newest video game Shaun White Snowboarding and got his side as to why he went public on the emotional wipeout.  

Why go on YouTube.com to present your side? Why not just issue a joint press release?
Jesse: We were going to do that, but some people found out [before we wanted]. The easiest thing seemed to be to hop on the webcam and put it on YouTube.com. I did it because I wanted to tell the fans what happened. [DeAnna and I] have gone our separate ways... read more

Michael Moloney, Extreme Makeover: The Akers Family

So this season, we're all about celebrating heroes and this week were celebrating the Akers family in beautiful Holt, Michigan.

There's no shortage of heroes in the Akers' home. Greg and Ginger Akers have three children, Christian, Brooke, and Faith. Little Brooke and Faith suffer from SMA, spinal muscular atrophy. It's a horribly debilitating disease, and they can't walk. They're in chairs, and this house is working against them. Spinal muscular atrophy is the number one genetic killer of children under two years old. One in 40 people carry the gene and one out of 6,000 children are born with it. The fact that these two girls have SMA is bad enough, but Greg and his son Christian both have Crones disease, which is a gastrointestinal disease that can be devastatingly painful. Despite their conditions, this family wakes up every morning with a smile on their face, and they always put others first. To me, that's a true hero.

Read much more from Michael after the jump. read more

The Akers Family

The Akers Family by Greg Zabilski/ABC, Michael Moloney by Bob D' Amico/ABC

So this season, we're all about celebrating heroes and this week were celebrating the Akers family in beautiful Holt, Michigan.
read more

Jericho's Brad Beyer on His TV Sister's Death and the Show's Future

Brad Beyer, Jericho

In last week's episode of Jericho (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET, CBS), "Oversight," a gun-toting Bonnie Richmond (Shoshannah Stern) went out in a blaze of glory, fighting to save her family home. The image of Bonnie's big brother, Stanley — played by Brad Beyer — cradling his sister's lifeless corpse was a heartbreaker. Here, Beyer shares his thoughts on how Bonnie's death will propel Season 2's final episodes, the fabulous Alicia Coppola (who plays Mimi), a Jericho movie and why violence can sometimes be, well, funny.

TVGuide.com: To paraphrase the South Park guys: "They killed Bonnie!"
Brad Beyer:
I know. It was unbelievable.

TVGuide.com: What did you think when you read of Bonnie's fate?
I was very sad. Working with Shoshannah Stern has been one of the best experiences that I read more

The Lucas Family

This week we're in Farmville, Virginia to meet the Lucas family: Michael, his wife Jean, and their two boys, Michael and Joe. Michael and Jean have been happily married for many years, and life has been going very well. Michael loves his country, and he enlisted in the National Guard. Then, lo and behold, he got the call and had to get up and go and leave his family behind. The story this week is really about all of those parents, husbands, wives and children who are left behind when their loved ones go to fight for our country. Regardless of what's going on, or where they're at in their lives, they get up and go to defend us. Jean stayed back with the two boys, and they stayed in a rental, and the rental was pretty rough, but they were making due because they knew one day they'd be in their dream house. She's pretty amazing herself; she never expected to be raising those two boys by herself, and when Michael left that was the reality. It's not easy raising two boys on your own. Mic... read more

The Hughes Family

This week we’re in Louisville, KY to meet the Hughes family. Patricia and Patrick John Hughes’s eldest son, Patrick Henry, was born blind and without the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, leaving him unable to walk. Despite circumstances that seem overwhelming, Patrick Henry has exhibited extreme strength and a positive attitude in order to achieve his goals. Not only is Patrick Henry an amazing pianist, having played since he was 9 months old, but he also excels at the trumpet and singing. He’s even Part of the University of Louisville School of Music Marching and Pep Band To me this week is about the glass being half full. I think it’s how you look at things. The cards are dealt, but it’s how you look at them. Patrick Henry has never seen his disabilities, matter of fact, he thinks that you and I are the ones with the disability. Because we judge people. We see people for their color or their race or what have you. He doesn’t. He judges... read more

Jericho Returns: Secrets Behind the Cult Hit's Resurrection

Ashley Scott and Skeet Ulrich, Jericho

You know the story. Last year, CBS said, "You're canceled!" Jericho "Rangers," taking a cue from the show's hero, Jake Green (played by Skeet Ulrich) and also Anthony C. McAuliffe, a U.S. General during World War II, responded firmly with, "Nuts!" Now Jericho is back for a seven-episode run starting tonight at 10 pm/ET on CBS.

"There's been a little angel on Jericho's shoulder," Carol Barbee, executive producer, tells TVGuide.com. "We didn't think the seven episodes CBS gave us were very much, but if we'd been given eight, we'd have a finale sitting in pieces unedited [because of the strike]. Instead, we have seven shows ready to go."

The series concluded Season 1 with the title town and neighboring community, New Bern, ready to go to war. The action doesn't slow down in tonight's episode, appropriately tit read more

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