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Drew Carey: The Right Price Host

Drew Carey, The Price Is Right

Drew Carey has the cold sweats, but not because he's worried about replac­ing Bob Barker as the new host of The Price Is Right. The guy is sick — bad sick — and he's in his dressing room at CBS in Hollywood down­ing Theraflu and popping vitamins like mad. Carey really should go home, but there's no rest for the overemployed. Today he still needs to shoot two more epi­sodes of Price, then grab a plane to New York City to tape his other CBS game show, the prime-time Power of 10.

It doesn't help that he's also nursing a bum wrist, which he crushed in a much-reported mishap with a turntable door during an early Price rehearsal. When he makes his on-air debut Oct. 15 (check loc read more

Zachary Quinto Dishes Heroes and Star Trek Scoop!

Zachary Quinto, Heroes

Zachary Quinto, who plays bad-guy Sylar on NBC's Heroes (tonight at 9 pm/ET), is preparing to enter sci-fi superstardom by taking on one of the genres most iconic roles, Spock, in the new Star Trek movie. The 30-year-old actor talked to TV Guide about his sudden rise to fame, the "new" Sylar and becoming a young Spock.

TV Guide: A year ago, you were just another jobless Hollywood actor. Now you're starring on the white-hot hit Heroes and playing young Spock in the next Star Trek movie. Are you sure you're not dreaming all this?
Zachary Quinto: It's all very dreamlike, though Trek is feeling less so as it draws nearer. We're getting ready to shoot in a month, and I just had my first fitting for my Vulcan ears. It felt incredible, and in that moment there was a huge shift for me. Suddenly it was read more

Heroes Shocker! Is Nathan's Mother Next for Murder?

Cristine Rose, Heroes

It's a Heroes whodunit! Mega-mogul Kaito Nakamura (George Takei) was murdered in last night's season premiere by a mysterious hooded figure who seems intent on picking off the show's older generation. Angela Petrelli, the ice-queen matriarch played by Cristine Rose, has already received a death card hinting that she's next — so, with the clock ticking, we quickly grabbed an interview with the actress!

TVGuide.com: How scared are you these days?
Cristine Rose:
I'm haaaaa-ting this! [Laughs] On my chair on the set, they're now putting my name on with tape! It's so sad. And in small letters down in the corner it says, "She's going to die!" We have a "wall of death" at the studio, with pictures of all the actors who've been killed off, and I am staking out my 5 inches now! But you know w read more

Lucy Lawless Gives Notice: I Need Rescuing!

Lucy Lawless sports a shiner on Burn Notice.

Lucy Lawless as a damsel in distress? Say it ain't so! In a wild departure from her usual badass roles, the former Xena: Warrior Princess star will appear on USA Network's Burn Notice (tonight, 10 pm/ET) as a weepy, needy, emotionally frazzled mom who hires Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) to track down her missing husband and son. A much ballsier Lawless plays herself on Curb Your Enthusiasm in an episode airing Oct. 21. We gave the actress a call to discuss both gigs, plus the one that got away — the disastrous American version of Footballers' Wives.

TVGuide.com: It's downright surreal seeing you — a fem read more

Exclusive! Secrets of Heroes' Kensei Legend Revealed

Heroes' Takezo Kensei

Can't wait for Season 2 of Heroes? Hardcore addicts can get a quick fix right now with Sword Saint, a new five-part NBC Web series that's currently streaming on YamagatoFellowship.org.

"It's a fake documentary — actually it's more like a Ken Burns mockumentary — that explores the legend of Takezo Kensei," says Heroes creator Tim Kring, referring to the iconic samurai whom Hiro (Masi Oka) will encounter this fall in 17th-century Japan. "Like Burns, we use academic professors, only ours are actors, and they share their historical insight against a background of paintings, tapestries and graphics. It's a chance to dig a little deeper into the new season. Part of the social currency our fans trade on is their kn read more

Flash Gordon Returns! A Look at Sci Fi's New Golden Boy

Gina Holden and Eric Johnson, Flash Gordon

Space aliens have invaded Maryland. Innocent citizens are being liquefied into goo. Space-time rifts are opening up everywhere and could trigger the destruction of the universe. Yes, a whole lotta hell breaks loose on the new Sci Fi Channel series Flash Gordon (premiering this Friday, Aug. 10, at 8 pm/ET), but the titular hero — played by Smallville vet Eric Johnson — is fiercely determined to save mankind from doom. Just not right now.

On the show's Vancouver set, Flash, who is wearing a dog collar, is friskily engaged in a boudoir wrestle with Princess Aura (Anna Van Hooft). She's the spoiled-brat daughter of Ming (John Ralston), evil ruler of the planet Mongo, and she only has eyes for Flash. But read more

Heroes' Masi Oka Discusses Tripping Time and Getting Smart

Masi Oka, Heroes

The characters on NBC's Heroes will leap forward four months when the show returns Sept. 24 — everyone, that is, except Hiro. The time-tripping fanboy, played by Masi Oka, was suddenly teleported to 1671 Japan in the cliff-hanger of last May's finale. The Season 2 premiere will find him right where we left him, stuck in the middle of a nation of samurai who are about to wage war. TV Guide spoke with the Emmy nominee about tripping time, wooing the Japanese Kelly Clarkson and getting Smart.

TV Guide: Immediate danger aside, isn't this Hiro's dream come true?
Masi Oka:
Mine, too. It's the dream of many Japanese boys. We grow up playing samurai like kids in the U.S. play cowboys. Even the crime procedurals on Japanese TV are set in feudal Japan.

TV Guide: Will you spill read more

Stan Lee Takes on Paris Hilton and Wannabe Superheroes

Stan Lee, Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

You're the man, Stan! As master of the Marvel Comics universe, Stan Lee cocreated Spider-Man, the Hulk, Fantastic Four and X-Men. But that's not enough for the 84-year-old wunderkind. He's just signed a mega-deal with Disney. He's developing a Paris Hilton cartoon series for MTV. Hasbro is about to issue a Stan Lee action figure (complete with his trademark specs, khakis and windbreaker). And this week he returns for his second season as judge on Sci Fi Channel's Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET).

TV Guide: What sets Superhero apart from the other reality contests?
Stan Lee:
It's really about heart, and being an empathetic human being. There's genuine crying and caring among the competitors when someone is eliminated. Yo read more

Monk Is Back — and Dirty Girl Sarah Silverman's Got Him!

Tony Shalhoub and Sarah Silverman, Monk

Outrageous twists! Shocking revelations! Not on Monk!

Most returning hits feel compelled to tinker with success, even when doing so only screws things up. Monk, the USA Network series back this Friday, July 13 (at 9 pm/ET), for its sixth season, stays true to its quirky title character by playing it safe. Obsessively, compulsively safe.

"People expect us to try to keep Monk fresh, but I think freshness is highly overrated," cracks Tony Shalhoub, who plays the hyperphobic, OCD-afflicted detective Adrian Monk. "I believe in fermentation, and we're fermenting like a cheap wine." Monk creator Andy Breckman admits he's "quite frankly scared" to mess with this proven, family-friendly formula. "We're still playing by strict 1974 TV rules and have no desire to pu read more

Dead Zone Preview: The End Is Near... Really!

Anthony Michael Hall, The Dead Zone

Armageddon is so last week. USA Network’s The Dead Zone (Sundays at 10 pm/ET) ended its first season in 2002 with a hook as fresh as it was horrifying: Psychic Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall) had a vision of Washington, D.C., in nuclear ruin. The man responsible? Ambitious politico Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flanery).

Five years later that plot’s still playing out, but now many shows spin on the fear of an apocalypse (Heroes, Sleeper Cell) or have nukes that actually do detonate (Jericho, 24). What was once unfathomable is now almost ho-hum. So how will The Dead Zone — back for its sixth season — keep us hooked on its doomsday scenario? By twisting it, turning it and sending it in read more

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