Michael Flaherty

Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker Give Us a Debriefing on Their Person of Interest Characters

Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi

Root is out of the psych ward and ready to rock! On tonight's Person of Interest, Amy Acker's undeniably devious, possibly crazy cybercrusader has a long-awaited showdown with — and then teams up alongside — Sarah Shahi's cold-blooded supersoldier, Samantha Shaw. "Shaw knows that when she's with Root, s--t's gonna go down," Shahi says. "One or both of them will wind up in the hospital, but it's gonna be fun."

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Andrew Zimmern Tours Queens on Bizarre Foods America

Andrew Zimmern

It probably shouldn't have surprised us, but Andrew Zimmern's invitation to spend an afternoon in foodie heaven directed us to a most unheavenly location — an eerily desolate postindustrial side street just across the river from Manhattan. But as is delightfully typical for his show, Bizarre Foods America, there were hidden wonders to be found. In this case: Xi'An Famous Foods Production Kitchen, nestled behind a blink-and-you'll-miss it storefront. It's spring, and Zimmern is shooting an episode dedicated to the borough ...
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Live From the Artists Den Returns for a Sixth Season of Musical Intimacy

Mumford & Sons

The PBS concert series Live From the Artists Den is brilliant in its simplicity — matching compelling musicians with equally captivating performance spaces that give fans a sense of jewel-box intimacy all too rare in today's arena- and festival-based pop-music marketplace.

The concept originated in the San Francisco living room of executive producer Mark Lieberman, who went on to mount concerts in neglected warehouses and venerable old churches, discovering what he calls an "exciting alchemy between artist and place." Since then, Artists Den has featured such inspired pairings as Kid Rock at Graceland, Robert Plant at Nashville's War Memorial and Elvis Costello at the New York Public Library. "Every day, we all walk by some of the greatest treasures in our cities," Lieberman says, "and we never go in."

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On the Set With Person of Interest's Vigilante Dream Team

Person of Interest

A postcard-perfect day in lower Manhattan is shattered by mass hysteria as hordes of office workers run screaming from a building. Passersby watch with a mix of awe and trepidation when, suddenly, Jim Caviezel's John Reese emerges, receiving and relating instructions via his trusty earpiece seconds before the scene comes to an end.

Turns out the only thing occupying Wall Street today is... read more

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