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Grey's scoop, please!

Question: Grey's scoop, please!

Answer: I hear someone may be preggers — and that someone shared a red-hot smooch in the finale!

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Casting Scoops: Garrett on Monk, Rather Back to D$M and More!

Brad Garrett by Jim Spellman/ WireImage.com, Dan Rather by Bennett Raglin/ WireImage.com

Well, would you look at this: I took a bunch of random exclusive casting scoops and packaged them into one very special Ausiello Report blog post. Enjoy! • Exercising the "Sarah Chalke Clause" in his 'Til Death contract, Brad Garrett has signed on to appear in Monk's July 18 season premiere. He'll play a handyman who helps Tony Shalhoub with his home renovations.• Also on the Monk front, Robert Loggia (Big, Mancuso, FBI, assorted mobster roles) has been cast as an aging boxer in "Mr. Monk Takes a Punch," a Season 7 episode slated to air in August. • Former CBS newsman Dan Rather is reprising his role as former CBS newsman Dan Rather on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money next season. This time 'round, he'll be interviewing Patrick Darling (Billy Baldwin) about his new book.• Superman's pledging a fraternity! And that's not even close to being the truth! In reality, Greek is casting a Clark Kent-type to play Rusty and Dale's new R.A. Got suggestions? Post 'em below!Woo-hoo! Ra... read more

Supernatural Boss Declares, "Jensen's Returning!"

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

That ominous, season-ending image of Dean chained above Hell's fiery pits inexplicably understandably has Supernatural fans on edge. Here's just a sampling of what was waiting for me in my Ask Ausiello mailbag when I returned from vacation yesterday: • "Has Jensen Ackles left Supernatural?" Jessica• "I heard a rumor that Jensen Ackles is leaving Supernatural? Is this true?" Theresa• "It's official: I'm a nervous wreck after watching the Supernatural finale! I just can’t believe what happened to my dear Dean! He can't be dead. Not Dean!" Silke• "If Jensen Ackles is leaving Supernatural, the show just lost me as a viewer." ClaraRelax, Clara. And Silke. And Theresa. And Jessica. And all you other Supe Nazis freaking out over Dean's fate. Sam's brother half is here to stay. How do I know this? Well, for starters, he's the star of the freakin' show! Also, series creator Eric Kripke just told me so via this exclusive statement: "Jensen is 100% returning to the sho... read more

Exclusive: Jorja Fox Returning to CSI!

Jorja Fox by Andrew MacPherson/CBS

CSI boss Carol Mendelsohn wasn't pulling my leg when she told me last October that we haven't seen the last of Sara Sidle. Sources confirm that Jorja Fox has inked a deal to return for the show's ninth-season premiere next fall.Specifics of her comeback are being kept under lock and key, but my CSI mole assures me that she "won't be appearing in a flashback." The likely scenario has Sara returning to Vegas to shag Grissom mourn ex-colleague Warrick, who was shot (and presumably) killed in last week's finale. I say "presumably" because in the current issue of TV Guide, Mendelsohn says Gary Dourdan will be back in the fall — and "not just in flashbacks." I've got three words for you: Gut-wrenching death scene. For more on Fox's CSI return, pick up next week's season finale fallout-themed issue of TV Guide, which I'm hearing is a veritable spoilerpalooza!In the meantime, post your thoughts on Fox's mini-comeback in the comments section below. — Additional reporting by Carita ... read more

Vodcast: Zippy 90210 Interviews, Plus Nip/Tuck News

Matt here. Mike's on vacay still, but I know he'd want you to be talking about him — or at least his latest Ausiello Report vodcast, in which he chats up at the CW upfront a number of 90210 stars, including Kelly Taylor herelf, Jennie Garth. Nestled in the mix somewhere is a snippet of Nip/Tuck news. Check it out, discuss... whatever it is you all do over here. read more

Exclusive: Lost Lovely Is Weeds' Mrs. Robinson

Julie Bowen by Kevin Parry/WireImage.com, Hunter Parrish by Sheryl Nields/Showtime

No, you're not high — at least you're not just high. My Weeds mole tells me that the Showtime hit is about to fulfill millions of guys' MILF fantasies by casting knockout Julie Bowen (Lost, Boston Legal, Ed) as a cradle-robbing single mom who "befriends" Nancy's nubile son, Silas.Although a rep for the cabler was unavailable for comment — put down that blunt already! — I trust my source, who says that at first Bowen's character and the strapping 17-year-old are just pals. Then, as will happen between two people who look like they do, an attraction develops. Then, before they know it, people are making "MILF Island" jokes about them and they're getting invited by backyard barbecues at Ashton and Demi's.So, between this arc, the hiring of Albert Brooks as Nancy's estranged father-in-law and the downgrading of Tonye Patano and Romany Malco to recurring, clearly, when Weeds begins its fourth season on June 16, it's going to be a rather different show. How do you feel a... read more

Army Wives Enlists Soap Stud to Ring Catherine's Bell

Catherine Bell in Army Wives by Fred Norris/Lifetime Television and Seamus Dever courtesy Seamus Dever

Well, this doesn't bode well for ol' Major Frank: Army Wives has cast General Hospital alum Seamus Dever — he was Ian Devlin, doctor by day, hit man by night — as a new love interest for Catherine Bell's Denise.The actor, who's also guested on NCIS and JAG, will appear in at least four episodes of the Lifetime soap's second season (which kicks off June 8) as hot doc Getti at Mercer Hospital. You know the type... funny and flirtatious, with a motorcycle in the parking lot to boot. (No word yet on whether this doc is also a closet hit man.)So do you think this means Frank's going to die overseas? Or is Getti just a passing fancy, someone whose bedside manner distracts Denise from her injuries after that pesky explosion in the season finale? Weigh in below. -- Additional reporting by Ben Katner read more

Exclusive: Six Feet Under Alum Ready to Play House?

Michael Weston by Soren McCarty/WireImage.com

Stalker alert! Sources confirm to me exclusively that Michael Weston, best known as Michael C. Hall's psychotic pursuer on Six Feet Under, is in advanced talks to appear on House next season in a multi-episode arc that could lead to his own spinoff. But, as I reported last week in Ask Ausiello, the actor — also well remembered as Mariska Hargitay's long-lost bro on Law & Order: SVU — won't exactly be scrubbing in next to the show's title crab: He'll be playing a private eye. So it's probably a good bet that the potential offshoot would look more like Magnum P.I. than House 2.0. Fox will wait to see if Weston catches on in the role before deciding whether or not to move forward with the spin-off. (No pressure though, dude!) In any event, what do you think of this development? Are the suits smart to invite Weston to the House party? Or would you have preferred to see one of the series' regulars spun off — and if so, which one(s)? Debate, discuss, dicker. Not necessa... read more

Breaking: Jorja Fox's CSI Replacement Found!

Lauren Lee Smith by Eric Neitzel/WireImage.com

The L Word's Lauren Lee Smith has been tapped to join CSI as Jorja Fox's pseudo-replacement, a CBS spokesperson confirms.Smith is expected to play the character of Bryce Adams, a "flirtatious, witty and strong-willed non-conformist" that is recruited to join the graveyard shift — also known as the role that Katee Sackhoff inexplicably got passed over for. In addition to L Word, Smith was a regular on the syndicated series Mutant X and had a role in the CBS comedy pilot, Can Openers, which failed to make it on the fall sked. read more

Exclusive Video: Tree Hill's Hilarie Burton and Lee Norris!

Don't say I never did anything for ya, One Tree Hill fans. Click the play button below for an exclusive interview with Hilarie Burton and Lee Norris from Tuesday's CW upfront. And I have to say: For someone who doesn't watch OTH, I somehow managed to ask all the right questions. Eh, it's a gift. Check our TVGuide.com video hub later today for my interviews with the rest of the OTH cast. read more

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