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When is the TCA Summer Press ...

Question: When is the TCA Summer Press Tour this year?

Answer: July 14-22. Save the dates, 'cause barring another, um, family emergency, the diaries will be back and bitchier better than ever!

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Your life is ****.

Question: Your life is ****.

Answer: I've got another stainless steel, limited edition Ausiello Scoop up for grabs! Any guesses as to what my life is, per Scott? E-mail me at ask_ausiello@tvguide.com ASAP!

OK, that’s a wrap! Massive apologies again for leaving you guys in the lurch last week. I was honestly taken aback by the sheer intensity of the hostility grief that resulted from my absence. Who knew? (Tee-hee.) Moving forward, I'll try and schedule my "family emergencies" during the off-season. Or not. Let's play it by ear, K?

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Mike, you've missed some ...

Question: Mike, you've missed some serious Moonlight grieving, especially from me. Please tell me there is some truth to the rumors that the Sci Fi channel may be interested in picking up Moonlight.

Answer: It's half true. Sci Fi passed on picking up new episodes, but there's still a chance it could air existing episodes. Short story shorter: Keep fighting!  

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It seems like your "long ...

Ellen Pompeo; Mark Harmon; Matthew Fox

Question: It seems like your "long overdue" vacations happen about four times a year. How can you leave us during finale week?!

Answer: Did I say I went on a vacation? I misspoke. I actually had a, um, er, unforeseen family emergency. Yeah, that's it. You know I'd never go MIA during the most important week of the year unless it was an unavoidable matter of critical importance. Thanks for understanding. If it's any consolation, I spent the entire weekend getting caught up on all the big finales to ensure that you guys get the closure (read: my two cents) you were so desperately missing last week. So, without further adieu, here are my better-late-than-never, hit-and-run critiques of this season's big cappers:

Grey's Anatomy: B+ (Ellen Pompeo has never been better. Ditto Justin Chambers. Loved the final shot. Shonda Rhimes, consider th read more

Thank you so much for the ...

Question: Thank you so much for the reassuring scoop about Jensen Ackles' return to Supernatural (as if any of us ever doubted it, come on!). But what I'm worried about is how much Dean is going to change.

Answer: Yeah, well, can't help you there. Dean is going to change. Big time.

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Any info as to when Nip/Tuck ...

Question: Any info as to when Nip/Tuck will return? And now that AnnaLyne McCord (who plays Portia De Rossi's daughter) has been cast in the new 90210, what will happen with her character?

Answer: Sounds like someone (read: Stacie) neglected to watch last week's Ausiello Report vodcast, in which the Nip/Tuck minx answers both those questions. (BTW, an FX rep denies McCord's assertion that Nip/Tuck is coming back this summer. They claim the show's return date is TBD.)

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I am, of course, voting for ...

Question: I am, of course, voting for you for sexiest male vegetarian celebrity. But who should I vote for sexiest female?

Answer: Like you even have to ask? Kristen Bell. Duh.

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Screw the naysayers. I'm ...

Question: Screw the naysayers. I'm stoked Tori Spelling is returning to 90210. Any idea how many episodes she'll be doing?

Answer: As of now she's signed on for three episodes (including a cameo in the premiere). Her participation beyond that is TBD.

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I just watched an interview ...

Question: I just watched an interview with Patrick Dempsey where he mentions that the next season of Grey's Anatomy will be 30-34 episodes long. Any scoop on that?

Answer: Really? He said that? My sources are telling me it'll be closer to 24 episodes.

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You would have to take the ...

Question: You would have to take the week off when NCIS drops three big bombs on all of us. What gives?

Answer: What gives is… I'm about to more than make it up to you with the following exclusive mini-Q&A with exec producer Shane Brennan featuring your burning questions about the season finale! Woo-hoo

• Are they really writing out McGee, DiNozzo and Ziva à la House, or will they all be back next season?! Patrick

Brennan: No fan of NCIS will be disappointed when the show returns in September. I promise, we're not doing a House! But strap into your seats, it's going to be a heart stopping ride....

• Please, please, please tell me that they’re not really breaking up the team on NCIS! Lu Ann

Brennan: Deep breaths. Everything is going to be fi read more

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