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Mr. T on Gun Control

Flamboyant entertainer Mr. T. (read: the hair, the jewels, the résumé) has survived cancer, Rocky Balboa and two guest shots on NBC's Suddenly Susan. Only one question remains: How come no one was ever killed on his '80s action series The A Team?

"I am glad you asked that," the 48-year-old ex-bodyguard tells TV Guide Online. "I am so proud of the fact that The A Team never shot nobody, we never stabbed nobody."

As a result, Mr. "I pity the fool" T believes that the show — currently enjoying a second life on cable's TV Land — can serve as "an inspiration to the kids today because [it proves that] you can do an episode of good fun without killing people. That's what I'm most proud of. I don't want kids watching my show and saying, 'Hey, I liked that gun Mr. T had' and then take it to school."

Reflecting on The A Team's enduring appeal, Mr. T. (aka Laurence Tureaud) — who currently can be seen read more

Alien 5 Still Alive

Sigourney Weaver was bouncing off the walls at news that she would pocket a record $25 million for going another round with those jaw-dropping slimebuckets in a fifth Alien flick. If only it were true! "The amount was thrilling," she tells TV Guide Online. "I'm supporting my husband's [Manhattan] theater, so he was thrilled that he was going to be able to sign up for another five-year lease."

It's not just the amount of her paycheck that Weaver's disputing ("I would have to kill a few people to get that salary," she laughs). The Oscar-nominated actress insists that there are no "immediate plans" to do Alien 5. "As far as I know, there is no truth to any of it," she says of British tabloid reports, which surfaced last month. "My agents both called me and said, 'This is in the paper,' and I said, 'You gotta be kidding me!'"

That's not to say that Weaver — who plays a con artist opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt in the comedy Hear read more

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