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Nicole Kidman: "It's a Horrible Time"

Nicole Kidman's spooky new thriller The Others enjoyed remarkable staying power at the box office over the weekend, holding steady at No. 4 with more than $10 million. It's a bittersweet development for the 34-year-old actress, who, under different circumstances, would no doubt have been celebrating the film's sleeper success with her ex, Others's co-producer Tom Cruise. Instead, she's forced to maintain a brave public face while Cruise makes the rounds with his new squeeze, Pen&#233lope Cruz.

"It's a really tough, horrible time," Kidman confesses to TV Guide Online. "I'm trying to focus on my children. My primary concern is being there for them. I'm just trying to be the best mother I can." Incident read more

Haley Joel Osment's A.I. Hurdle

The Sixth Sense wonderkid Haley Joel Osment has earned a rep as one of the most gifted child stars in Hollywood history. However, for his role as a robot boy in Steven Spielberg's haunting futuristic fairy tale A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (opening Friday), the Oscar nominee was presented with the acting challenge of a lifetime.

"It was hard not to blink, because robots always keep their eyes open," Osment tells TV Guide Online. "The trick is not to think about it a lot. After the first week, I didn't blink even after they yelled, 'Cut,' at the end of a scene."

A.I. is a collaboration between Spielberg and late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, whose untimely death did not read more

Will &#038 Grace Keeping Woody

Former Cheers star Woody Harrelson has found a new hangout where everybody's going to know his name: The set of NBC's Will &#038 Grace. A Peacock spokesperson confirms that the Emmy winner — whose May sweeps stint as Grace's obnoxious new beau kicks off tomorrow night — will return to the show in the fall. "He'll be back," the rep tells TV Guide Online. "But I don't know for how many episodes yet."

At Sunday's American Comedy Awards, news of Harrelson's extended stay was first hinted at by W&#038G co-star Megan Mullally. "I think he's coming back next season, because he somehow seems perfect for Grace (Debra Messing)," Mullally told reporters after winning best supporting actress kudos (the ACAs air tonight at 8 pm/ET on Comedy Central). "He has a great opposites-attract relationship going with Grace.

Harrelson's character — a new tenant in Will and Grace's Big A read more

Why Larry King Can't Stop Laughing

With the ongoing presidential election mess nearing a resolution, talk show host Larry King has one regret about his coverage of the too-close-to-call contest on CNN's Larry King Live: He wishes he hadn't taken the whole thing so darn seriously.

"We keep booking [Politically Incorrect host] Bill Maher every week for the past four weeks, [but] we keep changing him because the producers feel that there is nothing about this that lends itself to humor," a baffled King tells TV Guide Online. "I have the greatest producers, but to me, it's one of the dumbest things I ever heard, because the whole thing is humorous."

As King explains, all you have to do is watch media misfits George W. Bush or Al Gore appear in front of a camera to understand just how funny the unprecedented turn-of-events truly is. "Let's start with Gore," he says. "I like him a lot, and he is a funny guy — he's easy to be around. [But] something happens to him when read more

Travolta Not 'N Sync with Grease 3

John Travolta is pleased to report that boy band 'N Sync will not be appearing in Grease 3 — despite claims to the contrary by one of the group's members.

"Most likely, it's Grease 3," 'N Sync's Lance Bass recently told reporters. "We're definitely going to do one. Everything just got put on hold because of the SAG strike, which is just very bad timing for us, but we're going ahead and getting the script written."

But Travolta — who headlined the original 1978 film opposite Olivia Newton-John — tells TV Guide Online that the franchise will not be handed over to the bubble-gum poppers. "It won't be called Grease 3," he says. "I was told Paramount owns the Grease name and they're not doing that."

So, who are we to believe? Travolta, according to a Paramount spokesperson. "We're not doing Grease 3," says a studio rep. Calls to 'N Sync's camp were not returned at press time.

As it is, the read more

Senior Survivors

They may be up to the task of saving the world, but could the fearless foursome from Space Cowboys endure 39 days on a tropical island in the South China Sea? Well, Clint Eastwood, the film's star and director, insists that he would have no problem going the distance on CBS's reality smash Survivor.

"I could survive alright," he tells TV Guide Online. "But I wouldn't be interested in going out there and being a part of a show like that. It sounds to me like you've got to be interested in that sort of thing."

As it is, the 70-year-old film legend, who plays one of four aging astronauts sent back into orbit in Space Cowboys (opening today), admits that Survivor's concept sounds a bit flimsy. "I don't know how it works, but it seems to me that just voting people off doesn't really have anything to do with real abilities," he says. "So I'd be suspect of that."

Fellow Space cadet James Garner wouldn't have the patience for six read more

Pfeiffer's Hydro Fear

What Lies Beneath may do for bathtubs what Psycho did for showers. The hit film ? which topped the box office last weekend with a $29 million gross ? features a spooky climax involving Michelle Pfeiffer and a tub full of H20. But while the actress admits that the scene gave her chills, she's not about to follow in the footsteps of Janet Leigh, who, after filming her killer Psycho scene, never showered again.

"I love baths and I still take them, but I have to be honest, I don't enjoy them in the same way that I used to," Pfeiffer tells TV Guide Online. "I'm not nervous, it's just not quite the same."

Not helping matters was the fact that the Oscar nominee wasn't very fond of the wet stuff to begin with. "The two things I really hate most in life are one, being cold, and two, water," she says. "In fact, it took me a while to get it across to production that I really had quite a severe fear of water and they finally took it serious read more

X-Men Star Is No Hugh Grant

Little-known Australian actor Hugh Jackman, currently starring as Wolverine in the smash hit X-Men, isn't irked that some moviegoers are confusing him with British actor Hugh Grant. In fact, as far as name-calling goes, being compared to the Notting Hill star actually is a sign of progress.

"When I was in school, it was Hugh the poo and Hugh the kangaroo," the actor tells TV Guide Online, adding that his relative obscurity works in favor of the film ? which grossed an out-of-this-world $54.5 million last weekend. "When you're playing an icon like Wolverine, it's sometimes better to be someone that nobody knows, because they don't know what to expect. [Besides,] I don't mind a little bit of anonymity. It helps on the subway."

Well, considering the success of X-Men, Jackman's days of being just an ordinary straphanger are dwindling fast. And for that, the actor can thank Dougray Scott, who was originally tapped to bear Wolverine's cla read more

X Symbol Channels Geek Within

X-Men vamp Rebecca Romijn-Stamos may be one of the most beautiful people alive according to People magazine, but the former model remembers a time when her looks were more likely to elicit a scowl than a howl.

"When I was a teenager I was much taller and skinnier than all my friends, and I was really uncomfortable in my skin," she tells TV Guide Online. "I didn't want anything below my neck to even exist."

My, how times have changed. Still, Romijn-Stamos says that it was her ugly-duckling phase that helped her get in touch with Mystique, the malevolent shape shifter she plays in the film version of the comic book, opening today. "This movie is for anybody who has ever felt like an outcast, even at one point in their lives," she says. "Everybody feels like an outsider at some point, so I think everybody can relate to that."

Ironically, you won't see much evidence of the 27-year-old's transformation from underdog to glamorpuss in X-Men. In f read more

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