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Married's Peg & Al Reunited

After an eight-year separation, Married... With Children costars Katey Sagal and Ed O'Neill are reunited on tonight's "Old Flame" episode of 8 Simple Rules (8 pm/ET on ABC).

According to exec producer John Peaslee, Sagal's Cate dated O'Neill's character, Matt, back in college. "In the show's back story, [Cate and her late husband Paul] broke up one year and she had sort of a wild year where she dated a lot of people," he explains. "[Matt] was one of the guys she went out with that year."

Natch, Matt's an "Al Bundy-esque" guy whom Cate remembers fondly. She e-mails him "purely for nostalgic reasons, not for anything else," Peaslee notes. "What happens is, he gets the e-mail from her, and he's a man who's ready for a midlife crisis. He basically just dumps his wife, buys a Harley and shows up at her door assuming that they're going to pick up where they left off, and that's not what she had in mind at all."

While the read more

Ruben Studdard Needs a Nap!

These days, the title of Hardest Working Man in Show Business surely must go to Ruben Studdard, the newly-minted American Idol winner. As if crooning like Luther Vandross all season weren't enough, he's been meeting the press non-stop, making endless public appearances and planning his album. (His first single, "Flying Without Wings," drops June 3.) When Ruben rang up TV Guide Online, the 24-year-old — who yawned his way through our last interview — was even more exhausted. If you think pop Idols go idle offstage, think again: He's being run ragged, singing and talking way too much for a man of few words.

TVGO: Are they wearing you out?
They are.

TVGO: At the Idol finale, you were perspiring pretty heavily on stage. Some folks were worried. Are you okay?
I'm fine, dude.

TVGO: It read more

UPN Needs a Good Laugh

Buffy-less UPN is raising its comedy stakes this fall. The little network that couldn't climb out of last place this season is adding four comedies to its lineup, three of which will air as part of a new Tuesday sitcom block. The goal: To stem a steep 17 percent ratings slide brought on by a slumping Enterprise and poorly performing dramas (buh-bye Platinum, Twilight Zone and Haunted), and to better capitalize on its one real success story — its Monday laffers. Here's a night-by-night analysis of UPN's new lineup:

UPN isn't about to mess with a good thing, so it's leaving this night mostly intact. The Parkers will continue to kick things off at 8 pm, followed by the new twentysomething comedy The Opposite Sex, starring hip-hopper Eve. (It replaces One on One, which moves to Tuesday.) Some of Sex's raunchy gags had folks visibly shifting in their seats at the network's Upfront prese read more

Oscar's Nagging Questions Answered!

Despite the pall of war hanging in the air, the Academy Awards stuck to the script Sunday night. There were glamorous nominees (Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore), surprise upsets (Roman Polanski, Adrien Brody), self-righteous spectacles (Michael Moore, Michael Moore) and a handful of head-scratching mysteries that demanded solving. So, without further ado, let the sleuthing commence!

Who was presenter read more

Survivor Loser Defends Himself!

It's rather fitting that the first person ejected on Survivor: The Amazon was Tambaqui's reigning male chauvinist Ryan Aiken, the he-man who claimed the all-female Jaburu tribe was at a disadvantage because, "When it comes down to it, you want people who are going to be useful." Well, not only did Aiken get his butt kicked by the gals at Immunity Challenge Numero Uno, the 23-year-old aspiring actor suffered another ego-bruising defeat at Tribal Council. Talk about karma! Here, Aiken tries to save face with TV Guide Online.

TV Guide Online: Dude, you lost to a bunch of girls! What happened?
Ryan Aiken:
People say I underestimated the girls — I think I overestimated [the guys]. They thought they were the most superior athletes. I don't want to point fingers, but I didn't have a problem with the balance beam. My main concern was getting Dan across the balance beam. That's all I ca read more

Celebs Pick Best and Worst of 2002!

As the feud between Eminem and Moby has taught us, there's nothing more fun than watching celebs pick on each other! Surely 2003 will bring its own share of Hollywood hullabaloo, but first, TV Guide Online asked the stars to review 2002. Looking back on their fellow entertainers' projects and personalities, we asked which they loved the best — and deemed the worst! (Watch your back, Anna Nicole!)

Andy Richter (Andy Richter Controls the Universe)
Best: The Others with Nicole Kidman. It had a great twist ending that I didn't see coming. Oh, damn it, that's 2001. Well, you can just say my show is the best then.
Worst: How about those Subway commercials with that guy who's sort of the love child of Denis Leary and Dennis Miller? Why does he give a s--t what anybody else eats for fast food? He's so smug a read more

Reunion for Red-Hot Blue Duo?

Business is about to pick up at ABC Standards and Practices. Word has it that NYPD Blue's flesh-baring sweethearts Baldwin (Henry Simmons) and Valerie (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon) — who split up last season — may soon rekindle their passionate affair. And that can only mean one thing: More sizzling shower scenes!

"I have a feeling we're going to get together again," Simmons tells TV Guide Online. "That's what we both want. Our favorite scenes on the entire show are when we work together, because we play off each other well, we know each other very well, and, when the characters are together, the [writers] bring us to another level. It's not just cop work, there's a depth to it. They take a different kind of route."

Still, with these two, all paths inevitably lead right back to the bedroom — especially if it's a sweeps month. A reunion seems even more likely now that one major road block h read more

90210 Reunion Pic Stalled

Don't hold your breath for that rumored Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion. Although Jennie Garth reveals that Fox is "developing a script" for a TV movie that would bring back together the gang from West Beverly High, a spokeswoman for producer Aaron Spelling insists no such project is afoot. "There is no script, there is nothing," the rep tells TV Guide Online.

It's just as well. Many of the show's principal cast members don't seem too anxious to reserve a booth at the Peach Pit. "At this time, it's not right for me," confesses Garth, who's got a new primetime gig (the WB sitcom What I Like About You) as well as a second baby on the way. "I'm certainly not turning my back on it because I would love to do a reunion show. I've just got my h read more

Will Pasadena Be Put Back on the Map?

Now that Fox has officially pulled the plug on Pasadena, series creator Mike White is determined to find a home for the show's remaining nine hour-long episodes. "We are looking to get it on FX or some kind of cable outlet," he tells TV Guide Online, adding that releasing all 13 installments on DVD is another option being considered. "I'm really proud of the rest of the episodes. It's a mystery and it all gets resolved [in the end]."

Despite talk that White might edit the show's entire run into a Mulholland Dr.-esque feature film, the acclaimed scribe behind Chuck & Buck and The Good Girl says that idea is pretty much dead. "Unlike Mulholland Dr., this [would have to be] a 13-hour movie," he points out. "So, it's ha read more

Emmy Gets With the Program

Turns out, Emmy voters do in fact have a pulse.

Nominations for the 2002 Emmy Awards were announced Thursday morning in Los Angeles, and the consensus in Hollywood was that TV's highest honor finally got it right. After years of being asleep at the wheel, "It's as if Academy members watched TV this season," raved TV Guide critic Matt Roush. "New blood has been transfused into the Emmy process."

He's not kidding. Among the freshman shows packing a huge Emmy punch: HBO's Six Feet Under (23 nominations), ABC's Alias (11 nods), Fox's 24 (10 nods) and FX's The Shield (three nods). In fact, in the best drama series category, NBC's Law & Order and read more

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