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Exclusive: Michael Ausiello Is Moving On!

The great philosopher Sheryl Crow once said sang, "A change will do you good." And I sure hope she knew what she was talking about, because I'm standing on the precipice of a doozy.After eight fraktastic years with TV Guide — the best of my career — I've made the toughest decision of my life: To move on to new challenges at Entertainment Weekly. No tears, please. (I'm sure Elisabeth Rohm has shed enough for all of us.) TVGuide.com and TV Guide magazine will be fine without me. Great, in fact. I'm leaving behind so many voracious scoophounds that you may not even realize I'm gone. (Plus, the office's monthly diet Snapple bill is sure to go down substantially.)Before I go, though, I wanted to express my unsmurfing gratitude to you guys, for the hundred million things you've been moved to ask Ausiello. It's because of you and our shared obsession with the tube that I am lucky enough to do for a living what you can only wish you got to I love the most. Sincerely — thanks ... read more

Long time reader, first time ...

Question: Long time reader, first time questioner: What gives with the ER finale? While I thoroughly enjoyed it, half the cast is either presumed dead or planning on leaving! What is the latest on who is staying and/or leaving?

Answer: There will be numerous injuries, but only one death.

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You cannot be serious with ...

Question: You cannot be serious with this Dream Emmy Ballot. Matthew Fox over Michael Emerson? Puh-leeze! Michael Emerson buries Matthew Fox every single week. It's downright insulting. In order to make it up to me, you must provide some Lost poop, pronto!

Answer: We'll find out how Ben turned up in the Tunisia desert in "Shape of Things to Come." And for your information, Michael Emerson entered himself in the supporting actor slot, so he isn't even competing against Matthew Fox. You should be directing your anger at one of these guys: Ted Danson, Matthew Rhys, John Slattery, Donald Sutherland and Michael K. Williams.

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Have you ever wondered why ...

Question: Have you ever wondered why Smurfette is the only female Smurf?

Answer: Nah. Perhaps you haven't noticed, but I have better things to do with my life.

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Any word on whether Michaela ...

Question: Any word on whether Michaela McManus (Lindsey) is returning to One Tree Hill next season?

Answer: Based on the finale, I'd say there's a 33.333333 percent shot, right? Truth be told, no final decision has been made yet. Wisely, McManus isn't twiddling her thumbs waiting for producers to decide her fate. The up-and-comer has booked a juicy guest stint on CSI: NY to air next fall. She'll play a flight attendant who gets caught up in a hijack scheme and ends up helping Mac.

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How about throwing me a bone ...

Question: How about throwing me a bone about Heroes?

Answer: Casting scoop! Sources confirm to me exclusively that Jessalyn Gilsig is reprising her role as Claire's white-trash mom for five episodes next season.

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Samantha Who? Samantha What? ...

Question: Samantha Who? Samantha What? Samantha When? Samantha Where? I'm easy — just gimme something, please!

Answer: Let's go with who and when. The hitcom is casting three new roles to debut next season. First up is Dr. Andy Adams, Sam's a-dork-able neurologist who, once her insurance stops covering her treatments, finally gets the opening he's been waiting for to ask her out. Don't expect the path to be clear for him, though. In addition, the show is on the lookout for someone to play Owen, a squeaky-clean but filthy-rich Bruce Wayne type who's catnip to the ladies. Finally, there's Seth, so named because producers are going for a Seth Rogan archetype — a sloppy goofball who answers to the name "Dude" as often as the name "Seth." Oh, and here's another little tidbit for you: One of these roles is thisclose read more

OK, Ausiello, get me psyched ...

Question: OK, Ausiello, get me psyched for the Lost two-hour finale on Thursday!

Answer: The significant death I hinted in the last AA? It's for sure an original cast member. This just in: Better make that (gulp) three original cast members. That's right, per my Lost mole, a trio of island vets won't survive tomorrow's finale. Crikey!

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Hey, this is your superfan ...

Question: Hey, this is your superfan whose day you made complete at the National Stationery Show last Tuesday. It was so fun to meet you! I immediately called my best friend after I met you and her only response was "You bitch!" What can I say, we're Ausholes through-and-through.

Answer: Alright, the rumors are true: I was, in fact, at the National Stationery Show helping my partner launch his sensationally sassy new line of greeting cards, sticky pads and gift tags called Pretty Bitter. (Warning: It's stationery that pushes the envelope — aka, NSFW!) That sort of qualifies as a family emergency. I mean, if I hadn't gone I would have received the world's most personalized Dear John letter.

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Any chance Lauren Graham ...

Question: Any chance Lauren Graham changed her mind about Cupid?

Answer: No chance, I'm afraid. But based on some of the other names being tossed around to play Bobby Cannavale's lovah half (********* ***** and ******* ****** to name two), I have every confidence that Rob Thomas will find a worthy successor to Paula Marshall.

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