'To C.I.R. with Love'

Welcome back to the rest of Season 2 of Kyle XY. ABC Family's decision to show the first half of the season last summer/fall was a nice treat, because now we will actually have 10 weeks of fresh episodes instead of being subjected to reruns due to the writers' strike.Overall I was expecting more. I was let down by this episode. Kyle was going to jump off the edge after Jessi, but Foss, stops him. Is Jessi really dead? Kyle is starting to realize that Foss has been taking care of Baylin but the rest of the organization still exists, and has been helping Foss take care of Baylin.Kyle has been told to tell the Trager the truth. Kyle spills the truth. Josh has the expected reaction. "Whoa, that is so much cooler than anything he could think of."Nicole is not upset, she welcomes him home. Steven, Nicole, and Kyle are plotting how to bring down Madacorp. Kyle has balls, he walks right up to Ballantine and states, " hear you were looking for me?" Kyle wants to make a deal with Ballantine ... read more

"Leap of Faith"

When we last left, Kyle had just found Jessi at the place where he threw Adam's ashes into the river; we pick up tonight with Kyle and Jessi walking through the woods. Jessi wants to know why Kyle is helping her. The answer is simple: He trusts her.Emily gives Foss his cell phone and a key to his handcuffs, hoping that he would lead them all to Kyle and Jessi. The key allows Foss to escape, and Kyle asks him to watch over the Tragers.Kyle and Jessi are on the run and visiting places that Adam and the women in the photograph had been. The mystery of Kyle and Jessi’s origins is only growing deeper. The ring that Kyle has from Adam actually contains a map to another house. What is in that house that is so important?It seems that Jessi can read Hungarian, so she translates the message on the back of the picture. The message, as has been stated a few times, is “The light will show you the way.” This time, Kyle starts to examine the ring that Adam left him. He discovers an ... read more


I have no clue where to start. I am still trying to process this episode in my head, so my thoughts are going to be brief, but hopefully structured.I am guessing that Jessi is already missing when the episode starts, and the Tragers have already been told. It seems that Jessi has had a complete mental breakdown and ran away. I’m pretty certain that the treatments Madacorp did are at the root of Jessi’s loss of her grasp on reality.Nicole, being the protective mother, decides to lock down the kids and keep them in the house. As a result, Declan, Amanda, Andy and Hilary all come over to see various members of the family. Hilary and Lori are trying to figure out the perfect way of getting even with Jessi, while Andy and Josh are just hanging out, playing games and growing closer. Declan comes over to talk to Kyle, and Kyle seems like he's in a dream state.Kyle is starting to realize that all the problems he is seeing with the people he loves are a result of Jessi. The majorit... read more

"Hands on the Hybrid"

Tonight’s episode is about causes. Helping cancer research, and being environmentally friendly, but they really don’t weave either of these into the storyline. They both come across to me as just props. We were sort of throw head first into this fund-raising event for cancer research, but the stage really was not set. Why would the Tragers want to attend this event? They didn't seem to want to go to events like this last year. Only Josh and Nicole know about Andy’s cancer, so how did they convince Lori, Kyle and Declan to participate? We knew that Josh wanted to enter and win the car, but what caused Kyle and Jessi to enter?It was a bit convenient that both Kyle and Jessi ended up being drawn for a chance to win the car. I guess it was a way to set the stage so that we could focus on Kyle’s interaction with Jessi, in order to figure her out. The other main plotlines tonight were Josh’s interaction with Andy and how they are growing closer; Lori’s not t... read more

Episode 23 Recap: And the Winner Is...

Tonight was the season finale of SYTYCD and we found out the winner.The top 20 dancers were back to perform group numbers and some of their best individual routines. There were few surprises in store for us during this two-hour episode.The show opened with Tyce’s take on a routine from The Lion King. It was great to see the top 20 all back together; it was also great to finally see a Broadway number done right. Broadway numbers really cannot be done without 10 or more people. We were also treated to group dance routines by the top eight and 10.We were then treated to the routines that the choreographers wanted to see again. These routines, in order of performance, were:Mary: Pasha and Lauren — Shane’s TransformerNigel: Hok and Jamie — Wade’s Hummingbird and FlowerJean-Marc: Dom and SabraAdam: Sara and Neil — discoWade: Lacey and Danny — Dmitry’s sambaShane: Sara and Pasha — Benji’s West Coast swingTyce: Danny and Anya — fox-trot... read more

Episode 22 Recap: The Final Four

Tonight was the final night of dancing. I guess you can say they were dancing for their lives tonight, as our votes determine the winner. Our judges tonight were Dan Karaty, Mary and Nigel. Each dancer had three partner dances, a solo dance and a group dance.First up was a Tyce Diorio Broadway number that involved the top four dancers. They did a routine to Liza Minnelli’s rendition of "Mein Herr" from Cabaret. I found the number interesting and it did hold my attention. I noticed that Neil needed to use his hands to push off when he was doing the flips, while Danny just flipped his whole body around without his hands.Next up, Neil and Sabra did a Shane Sparks hip-hop routine. I found the routine fun to watch, but I agree with the judges that it was not the best hip-hop we have seen this year. Dancy, better known as Danny and Lacey did a Viennese waltz choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. I never thought of Avril’s "Keep Holding On" as waltz material, but it actually worke... read more

House of Cards

The episode revolved around the ring that Kyle sold and how to get the ring back, since it opens the box that Kyle found in the remains of Zzyzx.Ballantine (MadaCorp) thought things were going too slowly, so he invited himself to dinner with the Tragers. I am not sure how this would speed things up, unless he wanted Kyle to see that he possessed the ring. Nicole seemed to take the unexpected dinner guest well.Kyle, Foss and Declan hatched a plan to get the ring back, which almost didn't work out, but it resulted in Foss sacrificing himself to make sure Kyle and Declan escaped. Again, it seemed too easy for Kyle, Declan and Foss to bypass all the security and get into MadaCorp.Speaking of security, that place seemed very 1984 to me: retinal scanners and CCTV cameras all over the place, yet there's no security at the entrance? You can just walk in and go through a metal detector. Most buildings I’ve worked in since the early '90s require you to swipe your ID card to pass through ... read more

Episode 21 Recap: The Hardest Cut of All

It was results night and we all had to sit and wait five days to find out our final four. I tuned in a bit late and caught the opening number already in progress; it looked to me like zombies in the jungle. I just knew it was choreographed by Wade. The poor audience getting the fake fog blown into them; that fog is so not nice to be on the receiving end of. It is also not the best thing for the lungs when you are trying to dance.There was also an update on Cedric, who has been hanging with Debbie and has gotten a full ride to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. It's great to hear that Debbie kept her word and was not just blowing smoke.We were treated to solos by the top six dancers before the results were announced. I liked Sabra's number; she picked a song from Fosse. I was actually surprised by Lacey’s solo; I expected her to do another pole dance or striptease, but she actually danced. I was pretty indifferent about Lauren’s routine.Cat’s comments about Lacey forgett... read more

Episode 20 Recap: Oldies But Goodies

We are in the homestretch — the final show is a week from tomorrow.Tonight’s judges were Debbie Allen, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. Each dancer danced two different routines in two different styles with the same partner, plus a solo.Pasha and LaceyThe first routine was hip-hop and was choreographed by Dave Scott to "In the Morning" by Junior Boys. When they were describing the number, the first thought that popped into my mind was Mannequin, a movie from 1987. This was a fantastic way to open the show, and the best number of the night as far as I am concerned. Did you see how Pasha looked like a geek?The second routine was a smooth waltz choreographed by Hunter Johnson to "A Daisy in December" by Mick McAuley and Winfred Horan. This looked like a very classic dance, in very classic outfits (black and white). It reminded me of something I’ve seen in the movies.Danny and LaurenThe first routine was in the contemporary style and was choreographed by Mia Michaels to "... read more

Ghost in the Machine

What is it with the writers for this show? They have been using a lot of song titles lately, but either way, there was certainly more action and intrigue in this episode.Foss is back, and boy is Kyle upset with him. Kyle wants to know where he was and what he was doing. He does admit that he sent the photos to Declan or Lori, but that is really no surprise. Is Foss really not to be trusted or is there more that meets the eye here? Foss is not helping his case by not coming clean to Kyle.For some strange reason, Lori wants to go to the spot where Jessi killed the hunter. It ends up being a gang field trip:Kyle and Declan — who can’t seem to stop Lori from going.Josh and Andy — who just want to do something different.Jessi — who wants to be near Kyle or Declan, and she is back from being reprogrammed.Amanda — who notices how Jessi is reacting to Kyle and will not let the two of them be alone. Is there a little jealousy there?Was that a zing by Andy against Jos... read more

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