Melanie Seymour

Madeleine Stowe: Impostor Bride

Talk about attention-grabbing! As a married couple in Impostor, Madeleine Stowe and Gary Sinise forget foreplay and cut right to the passion, making steamy love in the sci-fi thriller's opening credits. Says Stowe: "We wanted to show that the two of us are not only married, we're very deeply in love." And how! While Stowe doesn't get much screen time, her role is crucial to Impostor's surprise ending, which she admits "was a total shock. I was reading the script and I didn't see it coming."

What she also didn't see coming was the struggle she'd face while shooting A&#38E's upcoming The Magnificent Ambersons. Feisty director Alfonso Arau (read more

Survivor Goes Hollywood

Whoopi Goldberg made a shocking confession to Survivor winner Richard Hatch during a taping of Hollywood Squares. "I have to admit I didn't see a single episode of Survivor," she told the notorious nudist. "I did catch snatches of the show here and there, and Richard, in your case, I caught more than a snatch."

Backstage, Hatch — who joined fellow contestants Jenna Lewis, Gervase Peterson, and Susan Hawk for a special Survivor-themed Squares (airing this week) — maintains that he's unfazed by his newfound celebrity. On meeting Goldberg: "She's just another person." On just receiving his million dollar prize money: "I'm financially stable, and there isn't anything I need to go out and get." And on the constant ribbing he gets: "I couldn't care less. So what? I'm a fat naked gay guy. Actually, I'm not as fat anymore, but I'm still the naked gay guy."

Hatch may be blasé about all the read more

Whelchel Reveals Facts Facts

Former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel is happy to report that her role as snobby Blair Warner won't change much in an upcoming TV reunion movie based on the popular '80s sitcom. "I met with the writer and she wanted Blair to have grown up and matured and to have found herself and discovered all kinds of things," she tells TV Guide Online. "I said, 'Oh no, please don't make me do that. Let her be as lame and shallow as she ever was. It's a lot more fun.' So Blair will be back as we all knew her."

Whelchel reports that not everyone is on board for the nostalgia trip. Nancy McKeon's tough girl character, Jo Polniaczek, one of Blair's classmates at the prestigious Eastland Academy, most likely won't be dropping in. "Nancy has a new series [City Lights] on Lifetime playing a female cop and I think she's trying to kind of distance herself from the Jo character just so people can see her in a new role," explains Whelchel. "There was a rumor that Nancy wou read more

Bacon's Vanishing Act

Kevin Bacon won the title role in the new film Hollow Man for one very good reason: He's not a big ol' jerk. The film's director, Paul Verhoeven, reveals that he could have had his pick of A-list celebs (reportedly including John Travolta), but went with the Footloose actor because of his easygoing reputation.

"I knew that the actor playing Hollow Man, who becomes invisible, was going to have to endure a lot with all the special-effects makeup," Verhoeven tells TV Guide Online. "I didn't want an actor who would be complaining about how difficult it was."

Well, Bacon ? who appears in the flesh for only 20 minutes of the film ? may have been well-behaved while the cameras were rolling, but he now admits the process was a bit of a chore. "I won't say it wasn't tough," sighs the 42-year-old. "First they had to acquire a tremendous amount of information about my face and my body... all of my dimensions ? and I mean all ? were calculated. read more

Squeals and Sequels Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards

Hollywood's sexiest young actors are in love and wanted everyone to know at MTV's Movie Awards, held last Saturday and airing Thursday.

Katie Holmes and her American Pie hunk Chris Klein did a lot of hand-holding, waist-holding and, well, other body part-holding. Tara Reid, also of American Pie, accompanied MTV's Carson Daly; he wore his classic black suit while she wore a very revealing black pantsuit with a wide-open front. But the award for couple of the evening went to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Gellar may have won two containers of gilded popcorn but her favorite prize was stealing kisses from her Prinze.

"When we were coming in there was this one girl I saw out of the corner of my eye who had this Freddie Prinze poster and all these pictures of every movie he's ever done," Gellar says. "And I'm hitting him, going, 'Look over there.' And she was crying and [it] was breaking my heart. And I thoug read more

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