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Top Chef's Tom Colicchio Shares His Recipe for Success

Tom Colicchio, Top Chef

As Season 3 of Bravo's addictive cooking competition, Top Chef (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET), enters into its third week, we dished with head judge and famed restaurateur Tom Colicchio.

TV Guide: Tell us about this season.
Colicchio: Most of the contestants are either sous chefs or executive chefs, some have their own restaurants or their own catering companies, and so it's definitely a deeper talent pool this year.

TV Guide: What qualities does a Top Chef need?
Colicchio: Obviously they have to have a lot of food knowledge, they have to really understand their craft, they need passion and drive and to love what they do. Otherwise they won't stay in the game.

TV Guide: Do you have some advice for this season's contenders?
Colicchio: Simple is better than complicated, especia read more

Law & Order Vet S. Epatha Merkerson Loosens Up

S. Epatha Merkerson

On Monday at 9 pm/ET, S. Epatha Merkerson costars with Jennie Garth and Andrea Bowen (Julie Mayer on Desperate Housewives) in the Lifetime drama Girl, Positive, about a high-school honor student who contracts HIV. We spoke with the Emmy-winning actress about the TV-movie gig, big changes at Law & Order and her secretive stint on The Closer.

TV Guide: What do you hope viewers will come away with after watching Girl, Positive?
S. Epatha Merkerson:
Most importantly, the fact that AIDS and HIV are still a part of our lives and young people need to be aware of read more

John Schneider on Dukes, Smallville and His New Friend

John Schneider, You've Got a Friend

John Schneider has gone from playing a good ol' boy on the enduring 1979-85 hit Dukes of Hazzard, to more fatherly roles like Clark Kent's dad on Smallville, to serving as the role model to a 12-year-old orphan in Hallmark Channel's You've Got a Friend (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET). He spoke to us about his journey.

TV Guide: Tell us about You've Got a Friend.
It's a fantastic movie to sit and watch with your whole family, which is very important to me these days — there seems to be less and less of that out there. It's a great story about the importance of big-brother relationships and fathers. I [think] it's really importan read more

Tom Selleck: No Mystery Why He's Bound for Vegas

Tom Selleck, Jesse Stone: Sea Change

Tom Selleck still has that compelling Magnum charm, even as the somewhat dissipated Jesse Stone. Tonight in Jesse Stone: Sea Change (9 pm/ET, on CBS), the fourth in a series of TV-movies based on Robert B. Parker's best-sellers, boredom leads small-town police chief Jesse to reopen an unsolved 1992 bank robbery and murder. Selleck spoke to us about the Jesse movies, as well as his past and future projects, including his move to Las Vegas.

TV Guide: Jesse Stone. He drinks too much, he can't let go of his ex, he's overqualified for his job....
Tom Selleck:
I was very attracted to [Jesse]he's so flawed, and yet a guy that I rooted for. I love playing him. We read more

Criminal Intent 's NASA Riff Is "the Quiet Before the Storm"

Law & Order: Criminal Intent guest stars Tate Donovan and Charissa Chamorro

Tonight's episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (9 pm/ET, on NBC) got its inspiration from the recent bizarre love triangle involving NASA astronauts. For a preview of this stranger-than-fiction tale, we talked to executive producer Warren Leight, who also wrote the episode.

TV Guide: I guess doing a ripped-from-the-headlines story on the astronaut scandal was a no-brainer, right?
Warren Leight:
We were 18 episodes into the season and banging our heads against the walls, so it seemed like a gift. I saw the [New York] Post and the Daily News staring me in the face and  thought it was divine intervention.

TV Guide: How much research did you do about Lisa Nowak and the real astronaut scandal before writing this epis read more

Thank God the Dave Foley Q&A Is Here!

Dave Foley holds all the power on Thank God You're Here.

One-fifth of the late, great sketch comedy troupe Kids in the Hall, Dave Foley has gone full circle, returning to the unpredictable world of improv playing judge and jury on NBC's Thank God You're Here (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET), an amusing comedy-competition series in which performers act in scenes without benefit of a script.

TV Guide: What qualifies you for this?
Dave Foley:
I think obviously being the wisest of all comedians is my main qualification. Really — if I'm to be honest with you — next to nothing. I have no qualifications for this job or, for that matter, any of the jobs I've ever had.

TV Guide: How does it feel wielding so much power over your comic colleagues?
[Laughs] It's od read more

Westminster Dog Show Host Gives Us Some "Hound" Bites

David Frei,  Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

David Frei brings his encyclopedic knowledge of everything dog to his 18th year as cohost of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which concludes its 131st competition tonight (at 8 pm/ET, on USA Network) at New York's Madison Square Garden.

TV Guide: How can you keep doing this? Don't all the dogs look alike after a while?
David Frei:
The dogs are different every year. The breeds are the same, but there are different dogs and different levels of accomplishment in the show-dog world, so it stays very exciting from that standpoint.

TV Guide: Are you a fan of Christopher Guest's mockumentary Be read more

Polly Draper: The Naked Brothers' Mother Returns to TV

Polly Draper, Naked Brothers Band

Polly Draper has returned to series television — more than 15 years after audiences first fell in love with wry career gal Ellyn Warren on thirtysomething — as writer, director and executive producer of Nickelodeon's Naked Brothers Band (Saturdays at 8:30 pm/ET), a hat trick that keeps her busy in the background while her real-life sons, Nat and Alex Wolff, shine in the spotlight.

TV Guide: Naked Brothers Band is a real family affair. What made you decide to make your whole family into a TV show?
Draper: None of this read more

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