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Sex and the City: Big Mistake?

OK, lay it on me. Who's waiting for Sex and the City: The Movie to finally hit theaters so you can see if Carrie marries Big, Charlotte's still crazy, Miranda's still cynical and Samantha's still with Smith? Oh, come on, admit it. At first I thought, "What? No! They'll ruin the whole idea of the show by making some movie out of it!" But as shooting began recently here in New York City, I warmed up to the idea of continued storylines and Big possibilities. Plus, I love me some Harry!And on another note, we're sure to revisit Carrie's unique style and fashion choices. This won't be the first time we'll see her adorned with a giant flower and shoes that never seem to match on first glance. I couldn't help but wonder... who's going to buy a ticket? And who prefers the final image of NYC's fantastic four to be their side-by-side strut we saw in the show's finale? read more

"110 Percent Solution"

OK, let's start from the beginning of this fun-filled hour. Andy bought a boat! For, like, a split second. He didn't even take it out anywhere, which is what makes it so funny. But that was just a little glitch in the system. Andy's back, baby! Good thing his younger sis (a mistake, yet truly a "source of joy") woke him up ("Hugs not drugs"). P.J.'s pretty good at dealing with other people's problems, but she's just a mess with her own personal life. Poor Evan, so out of place and unwelcome on poker night. His camping story was painful. Plus, the five-headed monster (four-headed?) didn't help. "Where does he botany at?" Oh, Mike. You know who really had me laughing in this first half hour? Stephanie. Snapping at everybody, yelling at P.J. about her relationship troubles. She was just extra defensive tonight, and I loved it.Moving on….Episode Recap: "Rome, If You Want To"Of course. Of course we didn't get to see who P.J. invited to Italy. Who would have upgraded her to first-cl... read more

"The Estates of Hoffman"

Well, it's about time we visited Andy's house and got a closer look at his new life in the suburbs. And what's a better picture than P.J. and Co. crammed in Kenny's tiny car, Stephanie sitting shotgun (which she claimed with an early-morning text) and our tomboy sportswriter with a bag of beer between her legs? Oh, and let's not forget the reciting — in unison — of Italian terms.Talk about curveballs, though. Meredith's pregnant again! It is pretty funny that Andy is essentially turning into his father — buying the same house, accidentally having a second child, staring out into oblivion on his lawn chair with a bottle of red in his hand, waiting for an escape route to pop up out of nowhere. I did like getting out of the city for an episode, even if it was at a family barbecue — where the guys didn't seem to find any comfort… or luck. Brando, Mike and Kenny were the bloodthirsty cicadas, ready to pounce on divorced Rachel (Ali Hillis). Too bad Bobby swooped ... read more

U.S. Open: New York, New York

Wow. It's been ages since I've blogged, so I apologize. But I've been through quite a whirlwind over here! Nevertheless, I am here and totally hooked on summer's best sporting event: The U.S. Open. Every August, my mom and I get caught up in the sweat and glory of insanely good tennis. From the Williams sisters and their bold fashion choices to Andy Roddick and his fierce backhand, there is nothing better than a filled Arthur Ashe stadium and the back and forth of focused athletes battling it out for that grand slam title. Just last night, we watch Maria Sharapova cut her competition out of the running in less than an hour, while Justin Gimmelstob gracefully bowed out after Roddick topped his game — Gimmelstob playing his last singles Open match. Anyone else into the Aces and Deuces that make this sport one of the greatest? read more

"D-bag in the City"

OK… can I just take Andy home with me? He's h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. "Easy Seacrest." I'm still laughing. But he's right.... How disappointing was Brando's little "vods" and "fall in" phase? And the belt! It's too bad we didn't see more of Ryan Reynolds, because he usually keeps me laughing for a while. But we don't need anymore D-bag behavior. I mean, you don't "sweetie" P.J. while eating her food and rating her a 6 in front of her face! Onto other disappointments... Lyssa (Abigail Spencer) and her friends were so eye-roll-worthy I got a headache. Can you say Carrie Bradshaw wannabe? That whole slow-motion car splash was just ridiculous. And if Kim Cattrall was watching, I feel for her. I didn't find them funny or entertaining at all. Lab Rat was an interesting scene. I live in New York, yes, but girls rolling around inside gerbil balls was still shocking. Aside from all the nonsense, I did relate to the storyline — friends do change as you get older, and relationships fade aw... read more

"Second Chances"

Well, this episode wasn't as laugh-out-loud funny as the previous ones, but I enjoyed my weekly Chicago visit nevertheless. Especially when there are fun guest stars. Helloooo, Jeremy Sisto! Talk about jaws dropping to the floor....But for some reason, I just knew that when he sat P.J. down, he was going to reveal that he was either married or engaged. And what an awkward way to explain it: "Just testing the waters once more to make sure I'm in love with my fiancée and not you." Ew! My jaw quickly set itself back into place. Plus, I'm not a fan of P.J. giggling like a little girl when she's around a guy. That's so not her personality. Aside from that guest appearance, there wasn't much else going on this week. Brando's going through a disappointing phase of messing around, but I hope he comes out of it soon. Plus, I still hold onto a little bit of hope that he'll one day sweep P.J. off her feet — or ask her out on that Jumbotron screen at the ballpark. As for the rest of ... read more

"Dirty Little Secrets"

What a night of baseball! I just got back from the Yankees-Orioles game here in New York, so I was ready to continue the night with some baseball metaphors (well, a couple at least). Wait, let me calm down from the ninth-inning excitement I just experienced (thank you, Jeter). OK, I'm collected and focused on our Chicago friends.P.J.'s right: "Every pitch, every outfielder's movement has meaning. That's why the game is so fun."How funny were Steph and P.J. reading the parking signs? I had heard about Steph's debt troubles that would arise this season, but what a hole she's dug for herself! "Could you lend me $5,000?" Oh boy. And that's just what she asked to borrow. Her ship is sinking and Andy's the life raft. Perfect. We all know Stephanie lives in a fantasy world with her love-life plan and designer-chocolate business in the two-bedroom apartment she can't afford. And I don't see a treasure chest filled with 22 grand, do you? She should just ask Bobby to lend her the cash. Talk a... read more


Don't insert yourself in the story. As if this group of friends could avoid that. They weave in and out of each other's stories so awkwardly, it's hard to go five minutes without laughing. Right out of the gate, Brando's little magazine feature became a group event. Now, I can definitely see Brando on a Sexiest Bachelors list, but Trouty? Come on. Poor Bobby didn't make the list (which he was reminded of more than once) but ridiculous Sexiest Party Man-Boy Trouty makes it? Johnny Galecki has mastered this role — even if I don't understand what he's saying half the time and cringe in embarrassment when he ruins everyone's game.Meanwhile, P.J. was facing an ethical dilemma as her own Man-Boy (minus the Party) was one persistent Cub. But we all knew that would go nowhere, because how could she date a player? But she was too tempted not to go along for the brief ride, and stories only twisted further when everyone ended up at the private magazine party. Can we talk about Andy getti... read more

My Boys' Michael Bunin Gets Back in the Game

Michael Bunin, My Boys

Last year when TBS premiered My Boys (Mondays, 10 pm/ET), many people quickly dubbed it the new Friends. While that's a huge compliment to series regular Michael Bunin and his cast mates, he's taking it all in stride and is just happy to be working on a show that people are relating to. talked with Bunin to find out how he spent his hiatus, who might pop up in the new season and why playing Kenny is sometimes frustrating even off the set. What were you doing during the hiatus?
Michael Bunin: I have a weekly improv show with a troupe [The Red Shirt Freshmen] that's been running for about seven years, performing on stage once a week. Then about a year and a half ago, I learned how to play the drums, so I have this Irish band a read more

"The Promise of a New Season"

Finally. It's been a long seven months, but the Boys are back and we're picking things up with a double-header, starting with that kiss. I was already expecting something negative to come out of this, considering this could be a My Boys version of Friends' Ross and Rachel, and it would be too soon for them to really get together. But I didn't expect to have such a physical reaction to PJ answering her cell phone right after their smooch. (Picture me throwing my hands in the air and yelling, "No! Don't answer the phone! You're totally ruining it!") But then I calmed down because this season is all about new beginnings, despite any awkwardness, and I'm so glad the show is back that I'll set the Brando-PJ thing aside just for the sake of new possibilities and new faces. (For more on upcoming guest stars and storylines, check out my interview with Jordana Spiro.)Moving on… Since when does Mike take yoga? I can't picture that, but I guess I should keep an open mind — after all,... read more

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