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Lone Star Episode Recap: "Pilot"

James Wolk

"You're a con man son; and you're better at it than anybody I have ever met." This line is uttered from father to son in an effort, I think, to help suspend the disbelief that one man can successfully and happily maintain two lives with two women in two different cities. In the season premiere of Fox's new Texas drama, we'll meet both beautiful ladies (Houston-based Cat and Midland-based Lindsay), see the mess our con man, Robert/Bob, has created for himself and oddly, not want to smack him with a cattle prod by the end of the hour.
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Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "I Want to Be Free"

The season finale of Memphis Beat takes us on an entertaining last ride through Memphis as we explore the main attractions of an ominous dream sequence, a three-year-old murder case, a convenient amnesiac, a kooky psychic and a sexy pinup calendar!  Along the way we learn that our infallible hero, Dwight, is haunted by a past failure and we'll see how he handles the dire prediction that he "will be tested."
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Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Don't Be So Cruel"

This week's episode envelops us in an engagement, a political wedding, a MIA groom, monetary kickbacks and a possible murder! So sit tight as we go through the suspects and Dwight and his boys sniff out the truth.
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Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "I Shall Not Be Moved"

A tense and sweaty hostage scene is at the center of this week's episode as a Memphis music legend goes to crazy-town, holding two people, including our boy, Dwight, at gunpoint.  Meanwhile, we learn more about Lt. Rice's past, and joke around with Whitehead and Sutton.
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How the Writers' Strike, a Cross-Country Trip and a Little Music Helped Create Memphis Beat

Jason Lee

Married TV writers Liz Garcia and Josh Harto found themselves with some time off during the writers' strike of 2007-08, so they decided to hit the road. With their show, Cold Case, on hiatus, they drove cross-country, including through Memphis, where Josh Harto used to take trips with his country musician grandfather. They fell in love with the city, and the idea for a TV show was born. Memphis Beat, starring Jason Lee as loveable, Elvis-obsessed Detective Dwight Hendricks, debuted on June 22 and focuses on its characters as much as the crime of the week. Liz talked to about the show's origins and what's to come this season.... read more

Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Run On"

This week's episode focuses on the gruesome pummeling of a popular local boxer, Honey Boy, and the suspicion that falls on those who appear to benefit from his demise. As most of the precinct sniffs out this latest case, Det. Sutton follows a more personal matter of his own.

We open on a good ol' drunken karaoke scene with Sutton at the mic, joined quickly by all the boys (Dwight, Whitehead and Greenback) singing ZZ Top's "I Thank You" at the top of their lungs. (Didn't I just say I wanted to karaoke with them?!) read more

Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "One Night of Sin"

This week's episode centers on the Boswells, a legendary country music family.  A memorial service for one of them quickly gives way to a murder revealing that perhaps this celebrity family isn't quite as picture perfect as we think. But did one of their own commit the murder or was it an outsider? I'm pretty sure our country music lovin' detective Dwight will get to the bottom of it because he won't have anybody tarnishing the great name of Memphis!

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Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Polk Salad Annie"

This week's episode is all about finger lickin' goodness and family drama as Dwight and his crew try to solve an attempted murder amidst the backdrop of a tasty Memphis barbecue fest. The opening shot features our favorite detective by day/crooner by night, Dwight, belting out the title Elvis tune "Polk Salad Annie" saying he's going to tell us a story.  Alright then, here we go!

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Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Love Her Tender"

This week's episode lands us smack dab in the middle of Memphis pageant drama where Dwight and crew aren't budging until they crack the case of a missing 17-year-old "Miss Southern Appeal" contestant. As we track the crime, keep in mind the title tune, "Love Me Tender," which sets the theme of love (be it forsaken, rekindled, contentious or secret) throughout. For now, put on your face and sequins and please tell me your talent is detective work, because this latest case brings a plethora of twists and turns and more drama, well, more drama than an underage pageant!

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Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Baby, Let's Play House"

The second episode of Memphis Beat centers largely on family and the ties that bind. From the family at the center of this week's crime to Dwight and Lt. Rice's own familial revelations, the thread running through these is one of extreme loyalty.  Whether it's to a murderer, a harsh parental figure, the untarnished memory of a role model, or an obligatory play, our characters are stickin' tight with their kin.

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