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Episode 15: Season Finale Recap

Congratulations Bill! Congratulations Jim! What a proud day for the Germanakos family. First they were the first twins in Biggest Loser history, then they were both rejected from the Red and Blue Teams. And then months later, they won it all: Bill, the Biggest Loser and winner of a quarter million dollars, and Jim, the Biggest Loser out of the eliminated 14 players and winner of $100,000. You know the show's producers must be drooling over the twins winning this game and how they are going to shamelessly remind us about it every chance they get in future seasons. Think of how many "breaking history" moments they had this season: the first-ever set of twins, the oldest contestant ever (Jerry), the female who lost the most weight on the show (Isabeau), the most weight gain on the show (Neil and his notorious 17 pounds), and the first time only one team has made it to the finale (Black Team). It should be interesting to see what kind of records will be hit in the next couple of seasons... read more

Episode 14 Recap

Let's hear it for the Black Team! Congratulations to Bill, Julie, Hollie and Isabeau. They've each worked tremendously hard and overcome so much to get here. It's pretty satisfying watching these four make it to the finale because they are what The Biggest Loser is all about. Jillian certainly has a lot to be proud of, she really helped change these people's lives. Not to say that Bob and Kim didn't because they certainly kick butt in their own ways. But Jillian kept that Black Team alive and kicking for 14 weeks straight and it was so great watching her push them to their limits and give them the confidence they needed. Seeing her emotional goodbyes with the remaining four was really touching, especially seeing them face the cut-outs of their former selves. And that folks, is what we call feel-good TV.What a difference a one-hour show versus a two-hour one makes, huh? When the weigh-in began tonight, my roommate and I both said, "Already?" at the same time. It had only been 23 minu... read more

Episode 13 Recap

And then there were five! Who would have thought 13 weeks ago when the season began and all those people who weren't picked for the Blue or Red teams would end up holding the majority in the end. With Bryan's exit last week and Nicole's this week, Neil is the only non-Black team member left and it's pretty obvious he'll be the next to go if he falls below the yellow line. Luckily for Neil he's a weight-losing machine and will probably be ok next week. But I'm really sick of his "I know I'm a threat and I'm not scared of anyone of you" speech he gives every week in the elimination room. I read through all your comments and agree that there aren't really any players left to root for. In past seasons there have always been a few left in the end that you wanted to see succeed and to win the game and we were reminded of all those people tonight in the transformations segments coming back from commercial breaks. (Yay Suzie!) I think at this point Bill is my favorite to win, or maybe Isabe... read more

Episode 12 Recap

Looks like Bryan's elimination tonight made Biggest Loser history. It was the first time an entire team had been eliminated before going to the finale, but I think that's an unfair statistic seeing as there have never been three teams before. So an entire team not lasting to the finale wasn't as likely to happen in past seasons, but we know this show and how it loves to make history so, there you have it. Anyway it was sad to see B go but he knew his time would eventually run out since he was a such a weight-loss threat and he had no more Red Team allies. Congratulations to him losing 118 pounds and I won't be surprised if he ends up being the Biggest Loser out of the eliminated players. I'm going to miss the time Kim and Bryan spent together, they had such a great relationship like the way Kae and Bob did. Does this mean Kim is gone the rest of the season? There's a great drinking game somewhere in these elimination scenes: for each time someone describes the contestant they voted ... read more

Episode 11 Recap

Well tonight was quite the emotional episode, wasn't it? There have only been a couple moments this season where I found myself tearing up in comparison with previous seasons. But with the makeovers, surprise reunions with loved ones, and Kae being eliminated, there were plenty of tears to go around.Like Allison said, it was ironic to say that Kae was not the Biggest Loser, seeing as how she'd lost the most percentage of any woman in the show's history. But Kae had so much to be proud of and had an amazing journey in her 10 weeks so I do feel like she's walking off as a winner. She had always been one of the biggest threats — if not the biggest on campus — and a lot of people wanted her gone. They never got the chance though, since Kae continued to pull big numbers every week and never fell below the yellow line. She didn’t even fall below the yellow line when hanging from a rope in the challenge and totally deserved to win the $5,000 shopping spree. And she also won ... read more

Episode 10 Recap

If the Grand Canyon were actually covered in peanut butter, I have a feeling a whole lot more people would be hiking to the bottom. I know that sounded really random, but if you pay attention to the trivia before the commercial breaks about 700 million pounds of peanut butter, you'll get it. I must say the trivia questions are a good way to keep me distracted by the insane number of commercials in these really long two-hour Biggest Loser episodes.Anyway, so we all knew this day was coming and that Amy's luck had to run out eventually. I'm really surprised she managed to make it this far because she was always the one who I never believed really wanted to be there. It should be interesting to see if they show next week how Kim reacts to Amy's elimination. Well first, of course, she'll be ecstatic that Bryan survived another week and that she still has a job! That showdown between Kim and Amy tonight was pretty catty — on both sides. At first I thought it was a bit out of charact... read more

Episode 9 Recap

Anyone else find it a bit ironic that this very special green episode of The Biggest Loser featured 132 bags of chips, 456 coffee cups, 300 ice cream containers, 180 pizza boxes and 504 hamburger containers for no use whatsoever? Really, what was the point of all that waste? Besides that, NBC does deserve some recognition for having this whole "Green Is Universal" campaign and incorporating little ways everyone can help our planet Earth. And what a coincidence that it's the first week of November sweeps. No, I'm kidding, I really do think it's great that they're showing how easy it is to make a difference. Who would have known that you can still work out on a treadmill without even using electricity?So the big shake-up of the week was when the trios were dissolved and new duos were formed: Nicole and Neil, Ryan and Isabeau, Julie and Bill, Hollie and Bryan, and Kae and Amy. At first I felt bad for Kae getting stuck with Amy, especially after Kae went for a jog while Amy napped on th... read more

Episode 8 Recap

Is it mean that I was actually happy no one clapped when Neil lost 33 pounds? He totally lost my respect last week and quite obviously lost the respect of most of the contestants. And his own trainer, too — Bob told him he didn't expect to see him still there. Even his own teammates were upset at the way things where handled. Poor Kae was so distraught over the drama, she packed up her stuff and decided to go home because the game just wasn't worth it. Well I'm sure Kae was glad she decided to stick around because she proved at the end what a rock star she truly was. As if Bob telling her how much he believed in her and reminding her that she deserved to be there wasn't enough, her six-pound drop was a bigger percentage loss than Neil's 33 pounds. That's definitely something to be proud about. Right before the teams went into the elimination room and had to choose between Kae, David and Holly, I was worried that Kae's continued success week after week in the game was going to e... read more

Episode 7 Recap

I'm speechless.Really, I don't even know what to say. I can't wait to read what all of you have to say because I'm guessing you're all in shock, too. Yes, we've already been stunned a number of times this season — when Jerry was sent home, when the Red Team let the Blue Team decide to send Phil home, when Kim cursed at David, just to name a few. But what Neil pulled off tonight — and wasn't eliminated for it — just leaves me speechless.The show is called The Biggest Loser, right? How could someone extremely overweight come on a show to lose weight and want to win the game so bad that he's willing to pack on 17 pounds? And then to continuously deny the accusations in front of everyone, only to whisper "It wasn't supposed to be that obvious, (bleep)!" with that devious smile into the camera? I don't watch other reality competition shows like Survivor or Big Brother, but I know that plenty of this kind of conniving and dirty game playing goes on. I've just never seen it ... read more

Episode 6 Recap

Wow, what an emotional episode of The Biggest Loser tonight. From Holly's mother passing away to the Red Team's home videos and then Phil's tearful goodbye at elimination, there was quite a lot to take in. Not to mention the drama between Kim and David and then Kim throwing Amy under the bus (as Amy put it). So much happening, and this was the episode they chose to return to the 60-minute format? On a much lighter note, last week one of you commented on something I've been meaning to mention, too: the hilarious and obvious product placement. Yes, sponsors need to be shown love on the shows they provide for (especially common on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition). We see it a lot on BL (I'm talking about you, 24 Hour Fitness, Subway and 100-calorie Packs) but there was just something so rehearsed and silly about Jillian's "My favorite is Wrigley Extra's Super Mint Gum." I was just waiting for everyone in the kitchen to pop a piece of gum and wink at the camera.So back to the important s... read more

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