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Smith High on MIB2

As an actor with nearly $2 billion in box-office receipts to his name — and that's just counting his Fourth of July releases from 1996 (Independence Day), 1997 (Men In Black) and 1999 (Wild Wild West) — it's only natural that Will Smith one day would return to the scene of one of his summertime smashes. What he wasn't expecting, however, was to be as blown away as he was whenperusing the script for Men In Black 2.

"The whole gang is back!" Smith tells TV Guide Online, referring to his two extraterrestrial-fighting sidekicks, Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Fiorentino. "Oh, and how they bring Tommy's character back!... I can't let it out, but it's so brilliant." A rep for Jones confirms that the man who played Agent K to Smith's Agent J has signed on for the second MIB installment.

"It's great when a sequel can have a better script," Smith continues, "because it is so rare that the second film is better than read more

Chaplin Longed For Ryder

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Ben ChaplinWinona Ryder's co-star in Lost Souls (opening Friday) — does not list himself among those who always beheld that terribly typical dream of being a movie star.

"I did want to be a professional football player, like all the English boys, but by the age of 13 it was quite apparent that wasn't going to happen," he confesses with a laugh, recalling his early affinity for the sport Americans know as soccer.

With his goal of scoring goals dashed, Chaplin took a shine to drama, despite the pesky threats of peer pressure. "Where I went to school, acting wasn't something that boys really admitted wanting to do," he notes. "It was a bit... 'girlie.'"

Nonetheless, young Chaplin gave it a shot and soon realized performing for crowds was in fact his destiny. "At the age of 16 I did a proper play, A Private Ear, by Peter Shaffer. It was the first time I felt... well, not to blow my own trumpet, read more

Winona Ryder: The Devil Made Her Do It

Although Lost Souls is coming out on Friday the 13th -- just weeks before Halloween -- and is about a race to prevent Satan himself from walking the earth, the film's star, Winona Ryder, balks at labeling it a horror movie. "I would call it more of a supernatural thriller because there's not a lot of gore," she argues, then adds, sweetly, "I'm not a big fan of gore."

The actress, who co-starred with Sigourney Weaver in Alien: Resurrection, explains that her predilection instead leans toward onscreen terrors that are a bit more cerebral -- like her current offering. "I always find it more terrifying when you don't see the gore or you don't even see the bad guy... our imaginations can be very sick, can't they!

"The first Alien movie is a great example," she illustrates. "Tom Skerritt is in this vent, and the alien is in there, but you never see it. They never cut away to the alien. Movies [like that] are a lot scarier."

In Lost read more

Joan & Melissa: The Mouths That Bored

Melissa Rivers is expecting a child, a fact that Joan — her mother and fellow co-host — announced in her trademark squawk at the onset of E! Entertainment Television's Emmy Award Pre-Show. Alas, if you were expecting big stars as you tuned into the sartorial survey, it may have seemed like a nine-month wait as well.

In fact, it wasn't until the middle of the program's lazy first hour that E!'s mother-daughter team dug their claws into a flesh-and-blood Emmy nominee, Everybody Loves Raymond's Peter Boyle. Prior to that big catch, viewers had to bide their time with Shelley Morrison (who plays Will & Grace fourth banana Rosario), Rudy Boesch from Survivor (whose wife all but acknowledged that his 15 minutes were winding down), and some guy named Curtis, a Big Brother contestant who won his admission on the house-based reality series.

But then Emma Thompson showed up, followed read more

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