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How Heroes' Ali Larter Became Bollywood's It Girl

Ali Larter in Marigold

While Heroes' Niki cools her jets this summer, her portrayer can be seen in a very different and certainly less intense role. In the romantic comedy Marigold, now in theaters, Ali Larter plays the title character, a real brat of a B-list actress whose credits include such suspect sequels as "Indecent Proposal 2," "Fatal Attraction 3" and even "Apollo 14." When Marigold's snarkiness finds her stranded in Bombay, it's off to Bollywood — and into the arms of one of the genre's dreamiest leading men. spoke with Larter about her big-screen lark, and pressed her for scoop on Niki's next heroic adventure. Let's be a bit introspective: Is this the same Ali Larter I spoke to a year ago? Following all this Heroes hoopla?
Ali Larter:
Abs read more

Flash Gordon: A Whole New World for Smallville Alum

Eric Johnson, Flash Gordon

Flash! (Ah-ahhhhh!) Talk about being back with a bang. Sci Fi Channel's revisiting of Flash Gordon gave the network boffo numbers with last week's premiere. As the series continues Fridays at 8 pm/ET, grabbed a hold of Flash himself, Smallville alum Eric Johnson, to share a peek into his out-of-this-world new world. How did you go about acquainting yourself with Flash, who has been embodied by comic strips, cheesy movies....?
Eric Johnson:
There have been a lot of different incarnations of him — he's 75 years old — so I just got on the Internet. My wife found some good stuff for me and ordered some DVDs.... Basically it was a Flash crash course. I absorbed as much of it as I could before we got into the t read more

We're Sold! Meet Mad Men's Plucky Pete Campbell

Vincent Kartheiser (left) on Mad Men

He's a go-getter, a whippersnapper, an up-and-coming advertising exec whose greatest liability may be his ambition. That, or his penchant for illicitly dipping more than his toe into the steno pool. He's Pete Campbell, and he's played winningly on AMC's super-sexy Mad Men (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET) by Vincent Kartheiser. invited the Angel alum to emerge from the series' smoke-filled set and share his take on his Mad Ave. alter ego. I'm a huge fan of Mad Men, so I've got to hit you with a burning question, since you're the first cast member I have Q&A'd. The omnipresent cigarettes — what percentage of the cast are smokers who had to pick up the habit again, and how many of you hate having to light up for the scenes?
read more

Rescue Me's Callie Thorne Gets a Bit Delirious

Callie Thorne

While Rescue Me's Sheila tends to her "new" baby, Callie Thorne is minding another young-'un — as manager to a hard-partying starlet (Alison Lohman) in the comedy Delirious, hitting theaters today and centered around Steve Buscemi's sad-sack paparazzo. met with Thorne to discuss her new film, and also get her take on Rescue Me's wild stories. You were a big ol' tease a few weeks back on Rescue Me with that bath-towel scene, almost showing us your naughty bits!
Callie Thorne:
Wasn't that crazy? It was my idea.... No, no, it wasn't. But that's the fun part sometimes, because you know you can't show everything, so there's no fear. If we were on HBO and they were asking me to do something else, that's when you get scared. It's interesting because on FX you can show the sides [of naked torsos] and you can show the backsides of both men and women, but, of course, no frontal nudity. Yet th read more

The Closer: Director Kevin Bacon Promises Big Shocks

Kevin Bacon with Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

If you thought, as I did, the aftermath of the shooting that concluded last week's episode of TNT's The Closer (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) seemed a bit pat, rest assured that things are not as they seem. Because amidst the anxiety Brenda is dealing with as a result of her early-onset-menopause diagnosis, the tough-talking deputy police chief is this week forced to do the thing she hates most — and as her parents pay a most important visit, no less. Kevin Bacon, who directed his wife Kyra Sedgwick and the rest of the Closer cast in tonight's episode, previews what's ahead for Brenda, Fritz, et al, as well as discusses his intense new film, the Footloose remake and a cause very close to him. I understand that despite the last week's coz read more

Weeds Season 3 Preview: Nancy Gets Her Gangster On!

Mary-Louise Parker and Matthew Modine, Weeds

Nancy. Serious firepower aimed at her head. A missing stash. Silas and his trunkful of pot being approached by the cops. How does Agrestic's dealing damsel in distress get out of this one? invited Jenji Kohan, the creator of Showtime's Weeds, to preview the new season, premiering Monday, Aug. 13, at 10 pm/ET. I actually just got the press kit for Weeds. That's some foldout of Mary-Louise Parker, nude!
Jenji Kohan:
Yeah! Her ass looks good in that. Wish they hadn't used the snake, but what can you do? Last time we spoke, you said Season 2 was about Nancy accepting her role as drug dealer. What's the theme for Season 3?
It's the education of a gangster. [Laughs] She has seen how rough-and-tumble it can get.
And she's got to learn the ropes. It's learning how to be great at her job. My big read more

Alfred Molina Shares Intel About The Company's Next Twists

Alfred Molina, The Company

One CIA mole down, one to go? On Night 1 of TNT's The Company, Alfred Molina's Harvey Torriti made clever use of a few "Barium meals" to suss out a deep-placed snitch within the spy group's ranks. If only that were the end of their problems. As the series — executive-produced by Ridley and Tony Scott — resumes this Sunday at 8 pm/ET, the action weaves in a Hungarian uprising and the Bay of Pigs debacle, all while a second mole flies under the radar. spoke with Molina about the twists and turns ahead. What brought you to this project? Was it the pedigree of the Scotts?
Alfred Molina:
That didn't hurt, but when I received the script and they told me who and what was involved, it just struck me as a really exciting thing. The script was terrific and it was a wonderful part. I was very, very happy to get involved. Are you an espionage buff at all?
A little bit. I' read more

Drew Carey Clears the Air About His New Game-show Gigs

Drew Carey, The Power of 10

Whose line of work is game-show hosting anyway? Drew Carey's, it seems. The funnyman, eponymous sitcom vet and improv genius has scored not one but two plum gigs in short order, first being named to front CBS' Power of 10 prime-timer (premiering tonight at 8 pm/ET, then airing Wednesdays at 8), and then getting the nod to succeed Bob Barker as The Price Is Right's head cashier. In this Q&A, Carey sheds light on his good fortune, sets straight some wild rumors and shares his take on a scandal that has him barking mad. Power of 10 — is it more Card Sharks or Family Feud?
Drew Carey:
Neither one. This is what we have in common with Family Feud: a type of poll w read more

Grey's Visit Lands Chris O'Donnell in Very Good Company

Chris O'Donnell, The Company

Despite having more than a dozen films under his belt at the time — from the serene (Circle of Friends) to the bombastic (Batman Forever) — the gig that Chris O'Donnell credits with putting him in The Company, TNT's three-week, six-hour miniseries about the early CIA (premiering Sunday at 8 pm/ET), was his turn as a dreamy (though not McDreamy) veterinarian on Grey's Anatomy.

"I had a fantastic time doing it, and I think I got a good 'pop' off it," O'Donnell says, fondly recalling his run as Meredith's onetime paramour, Finn. "I've known [executive producer] Ridley [Scott], and we've talked in the past about working together. When they were read more

Holly Hunter: Saving Grace Is Very Risky Business

Holly Hunter, Saving Grace

Following in the footsteps of Kiefer Sutherland, James Spader and, yes, Kyra Sedgwick, Holly Hunter is but the latest film vet to have her head turned by the increasing quality of the smaller screen. Yet the Academy Award winner’s much-touted trek to television — TNT’s Saving Grace (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET) — was not necessarily by design. “As soon as I read the character, I went, ‘OK, I really don't care where this is happening,’” she shares with “I knew I wanted to get into it, period.”

On Saving Grace, Hunter plays Grace Hanadarko, an Oklahoma City police detective who seems to break as many rules as she enforces. She drinks... to excess. She’s an exhibitionist. She’s adulterous. And on one fateful night, in the first ep read more

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