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Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss Pegs Peggy for Us

Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men

She's quiet, yet occasionally lets slip some spunk. She favors a tepid homemade sandwich over a "fancy" lunch-cart nosh. And she really needs to start showing her pins. She's Mad Men's plucky Peggy, and asked Elisabeth Moss (The West Wing, Invasion) to share a peek behind those bangs. Mad Men airs Thursdays at 10 pm/ET, on AMC. How goes it playing poor Peggy?
Elisabeth Moss:
It goes good! [Laughs] We're all done with the first season, and it was good. I'm back in New York now. Did you have any reservations about playing Peggy, who's not exactly the most glam gal in the steno pool?
No, no... I liked that she was new to everything. Everybody has their specific, unique character. read more

Damages' Tate Donovan Ponders Tom's (and the Show's) Fate

Tate Donovan, Damages

This week on FX's dark 'n' twisty Damages (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET), Tom and Ellen (perhaps ill-advisedly) decide to hide something from boss lady Patty Hewes, who they fear is manipulating them. (Patty pulling people's strings not at all unlike a cruel puppeteer? You think?) spent a few minutes with series star Tate Donovan to speculate on Tom's ultimate fate, as well as try (once again) for some scoop on the Season 2 game plan. I love this show, man. Are you hearing that a lot from people?
Tate Donovan:
I am, you know, and it's exciting. When I was on The O.C., I heard only from, like, kids — "Oh my god, you're Jimmy Cooper! I love that show!!" — so it's really nice to hear from very intelligent adults who are like, "I find your show fascinating.... read more

Jane Krakowski Is Jenna-rous with 30 Rock Preview!

30 Rock's Jane Krakowski

It literally is Jenna Maroney like you have never seen her before when NBC's freshman hit 30 Rock returns for a new season on Oct. 4. Until then, fans of the super-funny sitcom can relive last year's best moments via the DVD set now in stores, as well as cozy up to this Q&A with Jane Krakowski, who Jenna-rously shares a peek of the fresh hilarity to come. Are you still shooting the season-opener with Jerry Seinfeld in it?
Krakowski: We were the other day, yeah, but he's done now. He was hilarious. I'm hoping maybe they’ll "supersize" the episode because they did so much good stuff with Jerry, I feel like the rest of us won't be in it! [Laughs] He's pl read more

Dominic Purcell: Prison Break's Return Will Blow You Away!

Dominic Purcell, Prison Break

It was the season many said would never happen. Could never happen. Whereas Season 1 of Fox's Prison Break chronicled brothers Michael and Lincoln's escape from Fox River and Season 2 detailed their run from the law, Season 3 for a while there seemed improbable. But then came last April's shocking season ender, in which Michael was again incarcerated — this time in a hellhole of a Panamanian lockup — and Lincoln, for a switch, was the one on the outside. On the occasion of the Season 2 DVD release and with the show's Sept. 17 return nearing, grabbed a few minutes with Dominic Purcell to preview Linc's upcoming "spy" mission. So, when we last tuned in, Lincoln was chasing Sara, right?
Dominic Purcell: Yeah, he was chasing after Sara — and then read more

Preview: Has The Closer Met Her Match in Steven Culp?

Steven Culp, The Closer

Tonight at 9 pm/ET, TNT's The Closer kicks off a two-part season-ender that pits Brenda against one of her toughest-to-crack cases ever, and in turn a formidable adversary in the form of guest star Steven Culp. asked the alum of Desperate Housewives to tease the drama ahead. Plus: What happened with ABC's Traveler? Obviously we don't bring in Steven Culp for just anything, so what have we got you doing these two weeks?
Steven Culp: Well, I don't know how much I'm allowed to give away about the plot, but it's a two-parter, and I'm playing Lucas Cordry, a lawyer who's defending the guy accused of murder. So he has to go up against read more

Style's Finola Hughes Takes a Look at New Orleans Saints

Finola Hughes, How Do I Look?

This Saturday at 9 pm/ET, Style Network's How Do I Look? marks 100 episodes by delivering some of its most heartwarming and life-changing makeovers to date. Visiting New Orleans, host Finola Hughes and her crew turn their attention to a trio of school teachers who long to have their selves "rebuilt" as their hurricane-torn city rises from the rubble. invited Hughes to share a look at the very special episode. First of all, happy 100th episode....
Hughes: Thank you very much! Thank you. How was the New Orleans idea presented to you?
The producers wanted to find something that was really worthy, where we could give back to someone. So we approached the schools in New Orleans and asked for teachers who they thought had a really great story. T read more

Interview with a Zombie: An Inside Look at the New Halloween

Rob Zombie with Tyler Mane as Michael Myers, Halloween

Michael Myers was a very, very bad boy. That point is made frightfully clear in Rob Zombie's Halloween, a new take on John Carpenter's original and seminal 1978 shrieker, hitting theaters Friday. After screening the much-anticipated flick, welcomed the chance to sit down with the edgy auteur to discuss how he gave shape to "the Shape." Halloween was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I remember coming out of the theater, in broad daylight, and looking over my shoulder the entire walk to the car.
Rob Zombie:
I totally understand that. I remember going to see Jaws as a kid, 1975, and afterwards we went to Denny's and I was literally in the bathroom freaked out thinking that a shark is going to crash through the w read more

Weeds Preview: Heylia Tells Us How It's Gonna Be

Tonye Patano, Weeds

Last week on Showtime's Weeds (Mondays at 10 pm/ET), Conrad's aunt Heylia wasn't having any of Nancy's white-girl whining and even sent Miss Nancy down to the floor with a swat heard 'round the world (or at least Agrestic). Can't the two former business associates just get along? invited Tonye Patano to share a peek inside Heylia's world. [After being introduced by the publicist] So your first name is pronounced "Tony"? I thought it was going to be like "Tanya."
Tonye Patano: I know — isn't that fancy silent e something? It's been that way all my life. I figure I will have "arrived" when everybody knows how to pronounce it. But I have a feeling that will never happen. [Laughs] Congratulations on Weeds' many Emmy nominations.
Patano: Yeah, it's a great thing. It's good that people are watching. And the gals [lead and supporting ac read more

Damages' Dead Guy Previews What's Ahead!

Noah Bean, Damages

Poor David. On FX's dynamic and compelling Damages, Noah Bean's intern is perhaps the one character whose fate we do know, seeing as his eventual (and rather brutal) murder-by-hideous-bookends is at the crux of the series' mystery. Still, there are questions to be answered, such as: Will David cheat on Ellen? Will he get in Patty's face anytime soon? And what could Damages' second season possibly be about? urged Bean to spill the... beans. I must admit, I hesitated to book this interview, because David's story had been pretty quiet. But then, boom, with last week's episode, all of the sudden, stuff is happening.
Noah Bean: [Laughs] Yeah, David was a little slow out of the gate, but things are going to heat up the next few weeks. What did you think when you read the first few scripts for Damages, and first got a taste of its twisty-turny flavor? read more

Laura Allen Has the Dirt on The 4400's Surprising Reunion

Laura Allen with Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, The 4400

USA Network's The 4400 tugs at the heartstrings this Sunday at 9 pm/ET when it stages a most unlikely reunion between the recently returned Richard and his late wife, Lily (who, in the guise of Tippi Hedren, died from old age at the start of Season 2). How can this be? It's The 4400! Still, invited Laura Allen to shed more light on the emotional get-together, as well as tease the new-and-improved second season of FX's Dirt What was your reaction when you got the call to swing by The 4400 again?
Laura Allen:
I heard about it this spring when I was in New York. I always thought there would be an opportunity to go back there, becaus read more

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