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Patricia Kara: Deal or No Deal's Suitcase No. 9 Opens Up

Patricia Kara, who beholds suitcase No. 9 on NBC's Deal or No Deal, is putting her money where her months are, by way of a calendar whose proceeds will benefit a worthy cause. Kara shares a peek inside her eye-catching endeavor, as well as offers tips on how to be the guy who "flips her latch". How did it get narrowed down to you and Tameka Jacobs as the only suitcase models on the syndicated Deal or No Deal?
Patricia Kara: I really don't know what the rhyme or reason was, other than we probably are the two loud-mouthed ones. [Laughs] Or maybe you two happen open your cases with an extra-special flourish...?
Kara: You know, that might be it. Or not. If one of you calls in sick, how is it decid read more

Disaster Movie Star Kim Kardashian Names Her Favorite Butt

Kim Kardashian, Disaster Movie

What has been perhaps Kim Kardashian's best week ever started off with a near-disastrous injury, and now wraps up with a Disaster Movie (in theaters now). spoke with Kim about going Dancing with the Stars, her spoof-filled big-screen debut, and the well-known celebrity backside she herself most covets. (Hint: It is <I>not</i> the one that she finds to be "adorable.") Congratulations on your Dancing with the Stars gig.
Kim Kardashian: Thank you! I'm so excited.... And you struck gold with Mark Ballas for a partner.
Kardashian: I know.... I just hope I don't make him go crazy after the whole foot thing. What exactly happened with your foot injury? Something read more

Howie Mandel Details the Daily Deal or No Deal

Howie Mandel, Deal or No Deal

If tonight's season premiere of the prime-time Deal or No Deal (8 pm/ET, NBC) reignites your hunger for cash-filled suitcases, glam models and Howie Mandel's sexy-smooth dome, you're about to be sated quite nicely. Starting Monday, Sept. 8, a syndicated daily version of the red-hot game show hits the airwaves, streamlining the game play, yet serving up even more of what makes the series such a big Deal. Mandel shared a look at the half-hour version's tweaks and twists as well as previewed the nighttime edition's upcoming thrills. The last time you and I spoke was on the Ferris wheel at the Times Square Toys R Us....
Howie Mandel: Oh, I remember that! So this time we read more

The Office's Rainn Wilson Is Ready to Rock… Naked

Rainn Wilson, The Rocker

The first thing you have to wonder as Rainn Wilson — aka The Office's Dwight Schrute — disappears into his big-screen role as The Rocker (in theaters today), is whether he boasts a wealth of experience as a music man. "I got to thankfully live through the shortest-lived high school band ever, Collected Moss," he shares. "We played two gigs. One was for a batch of 11-year-olds, and the other was for a battle of the bands which we didn't even get into."

"That," he emphasizes, "is how bad we were."

Nonetheless, Wilson says it just took two sticks and a kit to find his rhythm as Robert "Fish" Fishman, an almost-very famous drummer who begrudgingly joins his teenaged nephew's band. "The first thing I started to do was take drum lessons, and that totally opened my mind to who this guy was," says Wilson. "When you dru read more

Circus Performer Antonio Sabato Jr. Faces Death!

Antonio Sabato Jr. on Celebrity Circus

Antonio Sabato Jr. has quite the juggling act going on these days, balancing his derring-do as a Celebrity Circus performer (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET, on NBC) with his return to Port Charles by way of SOAPnet's General Hospital: Night Shift. Sabato shared with us a look inside the two gigs, one utterly foreign and frightful, the other familiar and fun. Obviously there are a lot of reasons why to do Celebrity Circus, and reasons why not. How did you arrive at your own decision to give it a shot?                                    &nb read more

Rescue Me's Peter Tolan Finds Laughs in Finding Amanda

Brittany Snow and Matthew Broderick, Finding Amanda. Inset: writer/director Peter Tolan

Did you hear the one about the compulsive-gambling TV writer who ventures to Vegas (of all temptations!) to rescue the hooker with a heart of gold? Sneaking into theaters this weekend, Finding Amanda stars Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick, as said sad screenwriter, with American Dreams girl Brittany Snow playing his casino-walking niece. Rescue Me cocreator Peter Tolan, who wrote and directed the indie comedy, shares the origin of this unorthodox tale. Plus: How he himself won big with a Belmont Stakes gamble! So you've got the prostitute, the trip to Las Vegas, the struggling TV writer... How did those ideas come together? Where's the germ of truth here?
Peter Tolan: I'm luckily not a struggling TV writer, but my wife had gotten a call from a family friend whose child was in trouble in Vega read more

What Has Lost Alum Cynthia Watros So Spooked?

Cynthia Watros

There was a quiet spell following her dramatic exit from Lost, but Cynthia Watros' workload has gone from 0 to 60 in recent months. Tonight at 10 pm/ET, she stars opposite Eric Roberts in the second installment of NBC's Fear Itself anthology series, and later this summer, she'll surface on TBS' The Bill Engvall Show. invited Watros to preview her new gigs as well as ponder future spooky appearances by Lost's Libby. You've been keeping busy lately!
Cynthia Watros: A little bit, yeah! On the one hand, you're serving up some horror. On the other, you're doing comedy. Do you like striking that balance?
Watros: I like to juggle both ends. It's always fun to make people laugh, and then make them afraid or cry at the same time. In Fear Itself's "Spooked," you play a woman who hires Eric Roberts' P.I read more

John Walsh Previews Most Wanted's 1,000th Capture

John Walsh, America's Most Wanted

This Saturday at 9 pm/ET, America's Most Wanted will broadcast its 1,000th capture in 20-plus seasons. As such, the show will originate from Times Square and also highlight some of the greatest captures in the long history of what many deem TV's first "reality series." Host John Walsh previews the milestone episode. Congratulations on capture No. 1,000.
John Walsh: Thank you. It's a big milestone for us. Beyond a milestone, actually. It's a serendipitous thing because the 1,000th capture is an NYPD case. The guy was caught in Richmond by U.S. Marshalls, so we're going to film from Times Square underneath the Jumbotron, right on "the Deuce" [42nd Street and Broadway]. It's going to be a wonderful night to celebrate 20 years and 1,000 captures. Standing in Times Square, don read more

Morgan Fairchild Checks Out Men in Trees' "Morgan Fairchild"

Morgan Fairchild, Men in Trees 

The male-dense berg of Elmo gets a much-needed shot of womanhood when TV-serial icon Morgan Fairchild descends upon ABC's Men in Trees (tonight at 10 pm/ET). Playing "Morgan Fairchild," the blonde beauty will seek to secure rights to Marin Frost's life story. invited (the real) Fairchild to preview her visit to Alaska, tell Morgan apart from "Morgan," and reflect upon '80s fashions. Men in Trees is working off quite a lag time. Hopefully it hasn't been so long since you filmed this episode that you don't remember it at all.
Morgan Fairchild: Oh, I definitely do. I had a great time on the show. They were very, very nice. When, if ever, was the last time you played yourself?
Fairchild: I play myself every once in a while. I played myself in Holy Man wit read more

Kaley Cuoco: Big Bang Is Back with a… (You Know)

Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory

You may have forgotten, thanks to the seemingly endless WGA strike, but this is the "season of the nerd." And inarguably TV's dukes of dorkdom are Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) on CBS' The Big Bang Theory (resuming its freshman season tonight at 8 pm/ET). Playing beauty to the geeks is Kaley Cuoco, with whom chatted about the "new" season ahead. First off, just to be clear, this is not the CBS sitcom guest-starring Britney Spears.
Kaley Cuoco:
No, it is not. That would be How I Met Your Mother. But you know what you could do to totally trump them? Guest-cast Eliot Spitzer's girlfriend, "Kristen."
Oh, you are bad! That’s very funny. I don’t know if anyone would go for that, but I'd sure think read more

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