Margy Rochlin

On the Set: Arrested Development Returns on Netflix

Will Arnett, David Cross, Portia de Rossi

From the outside, soundstage No. 7 at Los Angeles's Culver Studios looks like an unremarkable airplane hangar. Inside? The fourth-season resurrection of the cult comedy Arrested Development rages in full eccentric swing as Cinco de Quatro — a fictional holiday meant to upstage the May 5 Mexican fiesta — is being celebrated noisily.

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On the Set: Secrets of The Closer Finale

Kyra Sedgwick

Last December, Kyra Sedgwick could be found conducting one of her hissing interrogations, the kind riveting enough to win her a Lead Actress Emmy; the kind she usually performs in a tiny, unadorned room at LAPD headquarters. Only, for "The Last Word," the 109th and final episode ever of TNT's hit procedural The Closer, Sedgwick's Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is prying information out of a terrified witness while standing in a puffy black parka and thick beige scarf in a remote, windy part of Griffith Park.

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Secrets from The Closer's Final Season

Kyra Sedgwick

Tonight's bracing premiere of the seventh and final season of TNT's top-rated basic-cable series The Closer involves a chest-thumping rap star, lifeless bodies by the handful and an interrogation scene like no other. Viewers are also introduced to the season's ongoing plotline, which hovers over the show's various murder cases: a wrongful-death lawsuit against the LAPD's Major Crimes deputy chief Brenda Leigh Johnson that threatens to take her whole team down with her.

"I've always said the way she ...
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The Killing's Burning Questions Answered

Joel Kinnaman, The Killing

We grill the executive producer and stars of AMC's tantalizing thriller The Killing for answers to our burning questions.

Detective Holder, Sarah Linden's hoodie-loving, hygiene-hating partner, has a hard-to-place accent. Where is he from?
Joel Kinnaman
, the lanky 31-year-old who plays Holder, speaks the way he does partly because he's half-American, half-Swedish and lives in Stockholm. But Holder also sounds like that, says... read more

Justified Prepares for a Showdown in Harlan County


Season 1 of Justified ended with blazing gunfire and a staggeringly large body count. So the big question is: Can this season's finale — promisingly titled "Bloody Harlan" — provide the same nail-biting action, shoot 'em ups and who's-hurt aftermath? "It matches it in terms of drama and shock," says Joelle Carter, who plays plucky widow Ava on the gripping neo-Western. "While I was reading the script, I was screaming."  

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Kirstie Alley: Dancing Queen

Kirstie Alley

When Kirstie Alley stepped into the lead female spot on the hit sitcom Cheers, her fearless, bawdy, neurotic energy thwarted all predictions that she'd never fill Shelley Long's shoes. She even earned an Emmy. Since then, Alley has continued to catch the world off guard by segueing into feature films, both arty and mainstream (Deconstructing Harry, the Look Who's Talking movies), headlining popular post-Cheers series Veronica's Closet and making a name for herself as one of the most unapologetic of Scientology's brethren. Then, when her weight ballooned at age 53, she used her indomitable spirit to turn her bathroom-scale struggles into a new branch of her career: She's been a Jenny Craig spokesperson; invented her own weight-loss program, Organic Liaison; starred in a semiautobiographical Showtime sitcom, Fat Actress; and to show what it's like to be an overweight celebrity single mom of two teenagers — William True and Lillie Price — she welcomed a reality-TV crew into her hectic home for A&E's Kirstie Alley's Big Life.

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Justified: Right on Target


On Justified, when two hillbilly thugs walk into a room with an ominous-looking bag, you know they're not toting the makings of a picnic. Anything might be inside: explosives, guns, a bear trap. For Timothy Olyphant, who stars on FX's crime drama as the low-key but deadly deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and is now a producer, the secret to the show's rich yet unhurried storytelling is how it triggers the imagination.

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Debi Mazar Hits the Kitchen on Extra Virgin

Debi Mazar

Ten years ago, New York actress Debi Mazar (Entourage) vacationed in Florence, Italy, where she met Gabriele Corcos, a gifted jazz drummer with a lilting Italian accent and a head full of old-school Tuscan recipes passed down by his mother and grandmother. Soon they were married, living in L.A. with two daughters, Evelina and Giulia.

Somewhere along the way, the couple got the idea of translating their passion for cooking into a popular online vlog, the five-year-old "Under the Tuscan Gun" ( read more

Grey's Anatomy's Brooke Smith Kisses and Tells

Brooke Smith, Grey's Anatomy

Dr. Erica Hahn, the head of cardiothoracic surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital, may be a breezily officious, raging workaholic. But the actress who plays her, Brooke Smith, isn’t entirely surprised when the escalating chemistry between Hahn and Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) leads to a liplock in the May 15 episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Thursday at 9 pm/ET, ABC).

“She came to the wrong hospital if she thought she wasn’t going to have a personal life!” cracks Smith, who confesses to eavesdropping on a recent writers’ meeting in an attempt to find out where the relationship will go. “They won’t tell us anything, so I literally had my ear to the wall. I keep hearing this rumor about this big surprising kiss [in the finale]. Everybody’s thinking that it’s Meredith and Derek. But ho read more

Chef Jamie Oliver Previews His Homey New Cooking Show

Jamie Oliver, Jamie at Home

Twittering birds. Aside from the whirring of a Cuisinart or the banging of pots, that's the loudest noise you'll hear on Jamie Oliver's cozy new series, Jamie at Home (Saturdays at 9:30 am/ET, Food Network). The quiet chirping begins and ends segments, and helps set the mood for a show that dispenses with catchphrases, guests and gimmicks and instead features the 32-year-old British cook — first introduced to U.S. audiences in 2000 as the Naked Chef —  using vegetables and fruits plucked from his bountiful 13-acre organic home garden in Essex, England.

There's an aura of spontaneity about the series. ("I haven't burnt [it]. Honestly," he assures us as the room fogs with smoke when dripping fruit juice caramelizes on the bottom of the oven while he's making a rustic blackberry-and-apple pie.) That's bec read more

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