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Queen of Blood and Other "What's That Movie" Movies

Ask FlickChick An All-new What Was That MovieQuestion When I was a kid there was a movie I used to stay up to watch on Creature Features I think it was from the early 1970s All I remember is it had the word queen in the title I think John Saxon was in it The monster was some kind of vampire with green skin I suppose the movie woul be really lame by todays standards but I used to love it when I was a kid Can you tell me the name Ive been told Queen from Outer Space starring Zsa Zsa Gabor by mistake AlbertoFlickChick The queen you want is Queen of Blood 1966 starring John Saxon Basil Rathbone and a young Dennis Hopper Queen of Blood was produced by the legendary Roger Corman who conceived it as a way to make a good-looking sci-fi movie on the cheap by pilfering high-quality outer-space footage from a Russian film whose American rights he owned and then marrying them to a new inexpensively shot monster story Writer-director Curtis Harrington read more

DVD Tuesday: James Woods... Good/Bad/Psycho Cop

Cop box art courtesy MGM

DVD Tuesday Good CopBad CopPsycho Cop James Woods is all three in this pre-LA Confidential James Ellroy thrillerI was reading James Ellroys Hollywood Nocturnes over the weekend and wondering why the success of LA Confidential 1997 did nothing to raise the profile of Cop 1988 a brutal little thriller based on his Blood on the Moon I couldnt come up with a theory but this week I decided to do my bit Cop opened with no fanfare but I was already a James Woods fan I dont think I even knew who Ellroy was back then so I took a flyer on it and I was hooked from the credits sequence black screen two voices a 911 operator and a guy reporting a murder And its grimly hilarious because the good citizen is trying to pussyfoot around the fact that hes a burglar trying to do the right thing while not admitting that his knowledge of the crime hes reporting was acquired mid-BE Woods who coproduced the film with director James B Harris plays LAPD detecti read more

FlickChick Answers the Question, "What Was That Movie?"

Ask FlickChick What was that movieQuestion I recently saw The Italian Job dont ask me why and the whole thing with the traffic jam made me think of another caper-type movie I saw on TV when I was a young teenager Some guys successfully rob a bank but then cant get away because traffic and everything else is against them Do you know what it could have been TinaFlickChick Probably Quick Change 1990 with Bill Murray Geena Davis and Randy Quaid one of the dudes is a lady They rob a New York City bank while wearing clown costumes but the jokes on them when they try to get themselves and their loot to the airport They get lost because of bad signage between the city and the airports their car is destroyed the only cabbie wholl pick them up wont take their money and so onQuestion I barely remember this movie because I was very young and my babysitter let me stay up and watch it and probably shouldnt have but read more

All About Eve Is All About Brilliant Bitchiness!

DVD Tuesday Fasten your seat belts All About Eve elevates backbiting betrayal and world-class bitchiness to an art formThere are mean girls and then there are grade-A world-class take no prisoners bitches and no one played them better than Bette Davis As All About Eves vain thin-skinned high-handed hard-drinking chain-smoking Margo Channing a veteran Broadway headliner whose star is losing its luster shes an absolute monster of the most entertaining kindThe role revitalized the 41-year-old Davis then-flagging career and she only scored it after Claudette Colbert hurt her back Davis always said she modeled Margo on the legendary hell-raiser Talullah Bankhead but she could have found plenty of inspiration closer to home Addison DeWitt George Sanders Margos nemesis is more than her match Who better than a man who called his autobiography Memoirs of a Professional Cad to play a drama critic whose barbed tongue is dipped in poison Simon Cowell is an ama read more

DVD Tuesday: Severance and Workplace Hell

Severence DVD box art courtesy Magnolia Home Entertainment

DVD Tuesday Severance demonstrates that corporate team-building retreats arent just wastes of time and an excuse to squander money on high-priced consultants theyre honest-to-God murderHalloween is almost over and how could I let it pass without recommending just one more scary movie But non-horror buffs take heart Severance like three other recent favorites of mine Shaun of the Dead 2004 Slither 2006 and Black Sheep 2006 is both genuinely funny and genuinely scary Contrary to what many filmmakers seem to think its a tough mix to pull off but when you get it right its magic The setup is a horror-movie standard Strand a squabbling cross-section of humanity in the middle of nowhere old dark house uncharted island lost space scow desert shack unmapped cave complex et al and unleash hell on them And who better to unleash hell on than a pack of slick sales-and-marketing types say the seven-person team responsible for putting a kinder gentler read more

Top Five Guilty Movie Pleasures!

Ask FlickChick Top Five Guilty Movie Pleasures and MoreQuestion I like challenging thought-provoking movies as much as the next guy but I also love pure unadulterated cheese real Mystery Science Theater 3000-quality junk My biggest guilty pleasure is Ed Wood movies Do you have any guilty pleasures or are you strictly into quality movies EliFlickChick Oh I have a soft spot for junk I also have a rant about guilty pleasures indulge me please that goes something like this The fact that you love Plan 9 from Outer Space 1959 doesnt inherently make you stupid or invalidate your love for Citizen Kane 1941 so stand by your low-brow passionsThere Now here are my top five really trashy movie faves in ascending order 5 Barbarella 1968What it is a sexadelic adaptation of the erotic comic series about a beautiful space tart Jane Fonda sorry astronavigatrex and her adventures across the universeWhats so bad Tacky ta read more

Top 14 Movie Misquotes, Whose Scream Is That and More

Darth Vader courtesy 20th Century Fox

Ask FlickChick Top 14 Movie Misquotes the Scream That Will Not Die and MoreQuestion I dont want to sound like a complete geek but it bugs me when people misquote famous movie lines like Luke I am your father which just isnt what Darth Vader said I feel that if youre fan enough to quote a movie you should be fan enough to quote it right Please tell me Im not the most compulsive person ever DonFlickChick The most compulsive ever No way I basically agree If youre going to quote the quote quote the quote That said theres a pattern to a lot of common misquotations Heres the thing Screenwriters cant predict whats going to seize the public imagination when theyre writing so that kickass line is often embedded in a larger less pithy piece of dialogue1 The Empire Strikes Back 1980Misquote Luke I am your father Actual quote No I am your fatherYour b234te noire spoken during Lukes illusion-shattering confrontation with his nem read more

DVD Tuesday: The Crazies, Post-Vietnam Cynicism & Homeland Security

The Crazies courtesy Blue Underground

The sequel to 28 Days Later 2002 that would be 28 Weeks Later in case you hadnt guessed streets today and its a good follow-up to one of those films that came from out of the blue and reminded horror fans like me that theres still life in the classic monsters All it takes is a directorscreenwriter team like Danny Boyle and Alex Garland to put a fresh spin on the old tropes But my pick of the week is an older and shamefully overlooked movie George Romeros The Crazies 1973 whose influence is all over films as various as a cluster of 80s horror pictures Impulse and MutantNight Shadows both 1984 Warning Sign 1985 the mainstream respectable Outbreak 1995 the video-game inspired Resident Evil series and of course 28 Days Later And frankly The Crazies core concerns are as timely now as they were in the wake of the 1960s counterculture if not more so Following the runaway success of Night of the Living Dead 1968 Romero read more

What's That Movie?, New Argento & More Movie Questions...

Question Back when I was a young lad mid- to late 1960s WWOR-TV in NYC used to run something called Million Dollar Movie They would play the same movie for the entire week I remember one movie that was based on the opera Carmen At the time of course I didnt know the movie was based on the opera I dont remember seeing it since then I only remember the last scene The male lead dragoon is about to be shot when the female lead Carmen I think gets in front of him and gets shot instead She dies in his arms and he dies shortly afterwards from an earlier injury then theres a rush of dragoons into the bandits hideout and the movie ends I thought it was the Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford version of Carmen but when I saw that a few years ago it wasnt the one I remembered There have been several movies based on Carmen and I couldnt even tell you if the movie was foreign and dubbed If you have any idea about the movie an read more

DVD Tuesday: Blade Runner the Magnificent

Bladerunner courtesy Warner Bros.

I was dazzled by Blade Runner from the first time I saw it on the day it opened in 1982 The cute n cuddly ET killed it at the box office and reviews were mixed everybody agreed that it was visually dazzling but most critics were underwhelmed by the story but over the years Blade Runners reputation has grown from cult classic to widely recognized masterpiece its often called the best science-fiction film ever made and its unquestionably one of the most influential Theres a new version of the film Blade Runner The Final Cut coming to DVD on Dec 18 following a limited theatrical re-release it was shown at the New York Film Festival last weekend But Blade Runner is great in any versionThe first movie based on a novel by sci-fi visionary Philip K Dick Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Blade Runner is set in a decaying future Los Angeles where humanoid replicants do humanitys dirtiest jobs from fighting wars to staffing bro read more

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