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Alien 3 web mystery solved! And more

Ask FlickChick Alien 3 Chloe Webb and the web whats the truth behind the online rumor that she participates in the making of this movieQuestion Ive seen several references online to actress Chloe Webb China Beach Sid and Nancy and the movie Alien 3 some say she participated in the movie others have cast lists that include her name but no character name But she isnt credited on either the theatrical version of the movie or the assembly cut released as part of the Alien Quadrilogy and I dont see her in the movie either So is this an internet-wide mistake there was an actor named Daniel Webb in the movie maybe thats where the confusion arises or was Chloe Webb really involved with the making of Alien 3 and if so how exactly did she participate -- Pete HFlickChick This is an interesting question in part because of the larger issue it raises The glory of the web is that its a one-stop shop for information about all things everything -- informatio read more

DVD Tuesday: Cult movie Detour and the Highway to Hell

DVD Tuesday A Detour into existential misery Edgar G Ulmers noir road movie is a trip down the highway to hellThe danger in shining a spotlight on a movie like Detour 1945 is that people will expect too much of the wrong things from it Which isnt to say I think Edgar G Ulmers nightmarish story of a cross-country drive into the heart of darkness is anything short of great Its haunted me for years and I can watch it over and over But Ive heard people complain that they couldnt get past the studio-bound sets and rear projection They never really bought into it because it didnt look real Id argue however that its air of unreality of disconnection from normal life is part of its greatness Ulmer took the liabilities of no money and a six-day shooting schedule and figured out a way to make them assets Detour has the feverish logic of a nightmare and features both a strikingly unlikable hero and a femme fatale whos nothing short of demonic C read more

DVD Tuesday: They're Baaaaack! Diary of the Dead

DVD Tuesday And the corpse came back the very next day George Romeros Diary of the Dead puts a nasty new spin on old living dead clichesZombies have always given me nightmares and Night of the Living Dead terrified me before Id even seen it -- Roger Eberts piece about seeing it at a kiddie matinee in a neighborhood theater gave my imagination plenty to work with Ive seen a lot of zombie movies since then and Im pretty inured to them which is why I was pleasantly suprised by George Romeros new Diary of the Dead if pleasantly is the word I was afraid that the conceit -- essentially rebooting the Dead franchise by going back to the beginning and telling the story on digital video as though it had been made by student filmmakers a la Blair Witch Project -- would seem hokey and tired like the efforts of an aging filmmaker to appeal to the young folks TV Spot 2 - Where Will You BeBut I was wrong It actually get Romero back to the raw immediacy of Night of the Livi read more

DVD Tuesday: Long Live the New Flesh in Cronenberg's Vidoedrome

DVD Tuesday Videodrome reality TV and the temple of the new flesh -- David Cronenberg saw it allAll hail Mike Judges Idiocracy 2006 Every time my mind is boggled by the depths to which some new reality TV show has sunk I cant help but remember the most popular show of Judges dystopian future Ow My Balls Really says it all doesnt it But much though Im amused by Idiocracy David Cronenbergs Videodrome 1983 really blows my mind pace Roxy Musics In Every Dream Home a Heartache The first time I saw it I was in college the product of a world in which there were no PCs no cell phones no IM no PDAs no social networking sites no games more sophisticated than Space Invaders and Pong and yet I knew that Videodrome wasnt just a freaky kick Id been following Cronenberg since his experimental shorts Stereo 1969 and Crimes of the Future 1970 and it was clear to me that he was on to something In some visceral way he got both the seductiveness and read more

DVD Tuesday: Check into spooky hospital The Kingdom!

DVD Tuesday Twin Peaks meets ER in The Kingdom -- check your preconceptions with the triage nurseSo Im still getting over the horror that was Pathology Heroes star Milo Ventimiglias ill-advised foray into hospital horror But I realized the perfect antidote was on my DVD shelf Lars Von Triers The Kingdom 1994Set in a vast crumbling medical center built on a noxious swamp Von Triers haunted soap opera inspired Stephen Kings short-lived Kingdom Hospital But dont hold that against it Everything Kingdom Hospital did wrong The Kingdom does exactly rightThe huge cast of characters includes arrogant Swedish neurosurgeon Dr Stig Helmer newly arrived at the Kingdom with a stained professional reputation and a seethining hatred for all things Danish would-be psychic Mrs Drusse who makes real contact for the first time in the hospitals elevator junior Dr Krogen the go-to guy who secretly lives in the hospitals basement and supplies everything from medical equipmen read more

A Phantom of the Paradise remake and more movie questions

Ask FlickChick Movies affected by the writers strike dubbed performances whats that movie and more movie questions answeredIm a big fan of Brian De Palmas The Phantom of the Paradise Recently Ive been hearing rumblings that there was talk of a remake Any truth to these rumors I cant really imagine a remake of this movie being successful because part of the fun was how absolutely 70s it was Thanks KimFlickChick At this time talk of a Phantom of the Paradise remake seems to be little more than that The title is listed on the website of Pressman Films at the bottom of a list of in-development projects That said Pressman Films is a legitimate company Edward R Pressman has a strong track record as a producer and hes already backed a remake of Brian DePalmas Sisters 1973 Though the film hasnt opened in the US its got a great cast -- Stephen Rea Chloe Sevigny and Lou Doillon daughter of 60s icon Jane Birkin and an interesting writer-di read more

Movies Delayed by the Writers' Strike and More!

Ask FlickChick Movies affected by the writers strike dubbed performances whats that movie and more movie questions answeredQuestion I was wondering what major films slated for this year were cancelled or delayed because of the writers strike -- John Wao FlickChick Although TV shows were hit most badly because their schedules are so tight movies didnt escape unscathed The biggest films delayed by the strike include Angels Demons Ron Howards Da Vinci Code follow up with Tom Hanks reprising the role of symbologist Robert Langdon was the first film to fold Its now due to star shooting this summer and has a May 2009 release date Justice League of America George Millers superhero picture looks as though its dead in the water cast members DJ Cotrona Superman Armie Hammer Batman Anton Yelchin Wally WestThe Flash Santiago Cabrera Aquaman Zoe Kazan Iris Megan Gale Wonder Woman Teresa Palmer Talia al Ghul and Common Gree read more

DVD Tuesday: Peter Lorre as the Father of All Serial Killers

DVD Tuesday M Peter Lorre and Fritz Lang The serial killer thriller is bornI just received a copy of Jon J Muths stunning four-part 1990 graphic-novel adaptation of the groundbreaking serial killer film M newly reissued by Harry N Abrams Inc and it inspired me to recommend Fritz Langs 1931 originalInspired by the real-life crimes of Peter Kurten the child-murderer dubbed monster of Dusseldorf is a first class thriller driven by the simultaneous pursuit of killer Hans Beckert Peter Lorre by the police and the Berlin underworld Normally bitter enemies theyre united in common revulsion for a murderous pedophile The police have law and up-to-date technology on their side but the criminals know the darkness Langs brilliant visual touches are haunting The slashing shadows the high angle shots that suggest menacing angels hovering over Berlin childrens playthings a ball a clown-shaped balloon --set forlornly free as their owners are whisked away the read more

DVD Tuesday: Charlton Heston in the Great Touch of Evil

DVD Tuesday When Charlton Heston met Orson Welles in praise of Touch of Evil one wild and sleazy ride through the darkness at the edge of border townsWhen you think Charlton Heston you think Ben-Hur Planet of the Apes The Omega Man the nuttier of two precursors to Will Smiths I Am Legend The Ten Commandments and Soylent Green spoiler alert Soylent Green is people But one of my favorite Heston movies is one of his less well-known the thriller Touch of Evil directed by and costarring Orson Welles along with Janet Leigh Marlene Dietrich Joseph Cotten and Zsa Zsa Gabor now thats a cast And it opens with one of the most justly famous tracking shots in movie history a sinuous three-minute and 20-second glide through the crowded streets of seedy Los Robles following behind a white convertible en route to the US border with an ominous tick tick tick always audible through the clamor of ambient noise and Henry Mancinis ominously jazzy read more

Depp in Dark Shadows and Mystery Movies Identified!

Ask FlickChick Whats up with Johnny Depps Dark Shadows and can you name these moviesQuestion Is the Dark Shadows movie dead and if not is Johnny Depp still going to be in it -- HCRDFlickChick Dark Shadows a joint project between Johnny Depps Infinitum-Nihil production company and producer Graham Kings GK Films is still in development but it doesnt look as though a lot has gone on since mid-2007 Thats when they secured rights from the estate of Dan Curtis to base a movie on the 1966-1971 supernatural soap opera Curtis developed the series made two feature films based on it in the 1970s and later went on to produce and direct a slew of supernatural films mostly for TV At this time theres no screenwriter attached to the project but it does have a distributor Warner Bros Dark Shadows was briefly and unsuccessfully revised as a 1990s TV series but there is a loyal fan base who could make a theatrical film successful if and only if it got the to read more

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