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Justin Bieber: "Hopefully Anne Frank Would Have Been a Belieber"

Justin Bieber

A memo to Justin Bieber: think before you speak. Or write.

Where Bieber goes, controversy seems to follow these days, and a recent visit the teen made to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam was no exception. Upon leaving, Bieber left an entry in the site's guest book that, while seemingly well-intentioned, makes the singer seem, well, tone-deaf.

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Tiger Woods Penalized at Masters for Illegal Move

Tiger Woods

Once a cheater, always a cheater?

That was the feeling of an eagle-eyed viewer who spotted Tiger Woods making an illegal move at the Masters tournament over the weekend, and texted a friend who is a rules official, according to the New York Times.

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Patrick Duffy Pitches a Step By Step Reunion

Patrick Duffy

Will Step by Step ride the recent wave of TGIF nostalgia inspired by the Boy Meets World offshoot Girl Meets World? Star Patrick Duffy sure hopes so.

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VIDEO: What Do You Think of Psy's New Single?

Psy’s “Gentleman”

Just when you thought you got "Gangnam Style" out of your head, Korean pop sensation Psy has returned with a new single — and a new dance move to go with it.

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SNL: How Did Vince Vaughn Do as Host?

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend for the first time in 15 years, with musical guest Miguel. The episode included spoofs of the gun-control debate and (of course) Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's misguided duet "Accidental Racist."

Check out some of the highlights from Saturday's episode below. How do you think Vaughn did?

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VIDEO: The Following's Kevin Bacon Teases "Vulnerabilities" in Joe Carroll's Plan

Kevin Bacon

"He's unraveling," The Following's Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) said of cult leader Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) in the most recent episode of Fox's serial killer drama.

With Joe suffering from writer's block, dealing with incompetent followers, and realizing that the FBI is getting closer and closer to his hideout, it does seem like the demented web he's weaving is coming apart at the seams. And in Monday's new episode (9/8c, Fox), it becomes clearer than ever that things are not quite falling into place for the escaped serial killer.

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American Idol: Did Lazaro Survive Another Week?

Janelle Arthur

Before American Idol's results show Thursday, the question on everyone's minds was whether Lazaro Arbos would survive another week or whether the show would have its first-ever all-female Top 5 heading into the final weeks.

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Why Did Kate Moss Kiss Sharon Stone?

Kate Moss, Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone and Kate Moss put their money — well, other people's money, as it were — where their mouths are at a recent charity auction.

The actress and model kissed each other on stage to raise money for AIDS research. And it paid off.

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Woody Allen Collaborator Mickey Rose Dies

Sylvester Stallone, Woody Allen, Anthony Caso

Screenwriter Mickey Rose, a childhood friend of Woody Allen's who later collaborated with him on the screenplays for Take the Money and Run and Bananas, has died. He was 77.

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Survivor: What Was Malcolm's Big Move?

Malcolm Freberg

The Every Man for Himself strategy continued on this week's Survivor.

After last week's blindside elimination of Corinne, the remaining players were left to ponder their own positions in the game. For Reynold, that meant bragging about his "iron-clad" alliance with Eddie and Malcolm. "We're unwaveringly trustful to each other," he said. Malcolm, meanwhile, noted his advantage of having the other immunity idol — one that, now that Corinne's gone, no one else knows about. "They thought they cut off the head of the snake," Malcolm said. "They don't know they missed yet."

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