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The Top 18 Tweets of the Emmys

Charlie Sheen

There were moments on Emmys night when we found ourselves far more entertained by the Twitterverse than the show itself. Crazy things were happening! Charlie Sheen was tweeting photos of himself with Ashton Kutcher, Michael Bolton was trending and Conan O'Brien was making some really strange promises. We've compiled a list of our favorite tweets of the evening.

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Big Brother Recap: Power of Veto Competition/Eviction/HOH Adam's Best Week Ever!

Five house guests remain in the Big Brother compound, and Rachel has just nominated Kalia, the chronic sleeper, and junk-in-the-trunk Porsche.

Adam, who is still hot and bothered as a result of his Tori Spelling visit, talks about how vital it is for him to win the POV this week. I'd like to just take a quick minute, if I may, to address the Tori Spelling situation. Is it possible that Adam is the only living, breathing human to idolize the least attractive, most annoying 90210 cast member in history? Everyone knows Donna Martin sucks. If I were Brenda Walsh or Kelly Taylor, I'd be PISSED. Anyway, I digress.

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Big Brother Episode Recap: Eviction

On tonight's episode of Big Brother, either Shelly or Adam will be evicted from the competition. Plus: We'll get a glimpse into what life is like in the jury house for Brendon, Daniele, and Jeff.

Hi everyone, since Big Brother is airing way past our bedtime on the East Coast (due to an NFL pre-season game), feel free to post your thoughts about what's to come in tonight's episode. Check back tomorrow morning for a full recap of the show.

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Big Brother Recap: Power of Veto Competition/Ceremony 8

The twist of Pandora's box has just been revealed (the duo rule is back in play), and Rachel immediately shifts into cheerleader mode, giving Jordan the peppiest pep talk ever. "We have a new chance! Do you understand, like, how amazing this twist is?!" Jordan seems completely uninterested, as if she's experiencing the side effects of mixing a benzo with one too many glasses of cabernet. Are you there, Jordan? Jordan? Can you hear me?

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Jersey Shore Recap: "We're Not in Jersey Anymore"

Buongiorno! The Jersey Shore paaarty's here!

We begin by revisiting the cast in their natural tri-state area habitats. And fret not, fist-pumpers, things haven't changed a bit... read more

Big Brother Recap: "She Wants to Fight This War, and I Will"

Brendon Villegas

The nomination ceremony has just adjourned, where Daniele nominated Brendon and Rachel. We get to experience a (painful) teary-eyed and passionate embrace between Brenchel, as a dramatic background score quickly turns the whole moment into a trashy telenovela. Then Brendon talks about his plans to cure cancer. He's like the Jonas Salk of the 21st century, amirite?

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Big BrotherRecap: The Truth Shall Set You Free

As we embark on day 27 in the Big Brother loony bin, tensions are running high. Daniele's finger-waving fight with Brendon and Rachel opens the episode, followed by an intense confrontation between Jeff and Dominic in the "purple room." Jeff accuses Dominic of being involved in the backdoor plot (which he likens to being an accessory in a murder) -- two extremely similar scenarios.

Then Kalia surfaces in the backyard for the first time since Day 1, reminding everyone in America that she is read more

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