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Tim started to turn his life around. Taylor Kitsch by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Episode Recap: "How Did I Get Here"I effin' love this show. Sometimes it's just too good, and tonight was one of those times. Between the introduction of two new strong women (girls' soccer coach Bobbie Roberts, and Tami's sister, Shelly (played by the always brilliant Jessalyn Gilsig)) and that fantastic last scene of Tim teaching Santiago how to play football, I'm tempted to call this the best episode of the season so far.We finally got to see Tim start to take control of his life, and grudgingly accept responsibility for the mess he's made for himself. At the moment he's still off the team and in danger of being left back in school, but he's looking happier than he has in ages, perhaps due in small part to Smash's mom's homemade apple pie. OK, that's probably not true, but I have to believe that he's feeling good by taking some control over his life.And then there's his good buddy Jason. Lyla is justifiably worried about him, and I can see why: It must feel awful knowing that you... read more

Let's Talk FNL! Who'll Be the Next Unexpected Hero?

Landry's fate is still in the air. Jesse Plemons by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

First Matt, then Buddy, now (the probably soon-to-be-indicted) Landry. Dillon goes through town heroes like I go through paper towels. So who's on deck?At the moment, all signs point to Tim, who in recent weeks has seemingly quit the team, devolved in to outright alcoholism, and driven his paralyzed best friend down to Mexico for some experimental surgery. Lately he looks to be on the up-and-up, between trying to talk some sense in to Jason and maybe patching things up with Lyla.But perhaps Landry's still got some time left in the limelight — or maybe he'd better star praying that an orange jumpsuit looks just as good as his Panther blues.Discuss it here as it happens, then check back after 10pm/ET for my full recap. read more

"Gracie's Bully"

There is nothing more terrifying than having your 10-year-old classmates meet one (or both) of your parents, and I know this from experience. I felt for poor Gracie Carr, who so obviously wanted both her bully and her mother to disappear from this class trip to the station. She was probably thinking that the only upside was not having to have class.If only Kelly and Chuck knew that they were probably just making the situation worse for their daughter by wanting to confront the bully, whether through a "conflict resolution" session or the terrifying way that Kelly ended up going about it. (I'm well out of elementary school, but if tomorrow Patricia Heaton said to me, "I will come into your room while you are sleeping and I will rip your head off," I would probably faint.) As soon as Xander Tucker gets over his fear of Kelly, he's going to start bullying Gracie sevenfold. Perhaps by then Chuck will no longer be blinded by Xander's gorgeous, divorced mother and will actually be able to... read more

"The Therapist"

Let’s get this recap going before I forget what happened. Now, there’s misanthropy and there’s being a flat-out bad person, and tonight, LD seriously towed that line. Between faking Alzheimer's and getting his therapist thrown in jail, I’m not sure where this so-called new Larry David is. If there’s anything different about him, it’s the fact that he’s now ruining people’s lives on purpose as opposed to just incidentally.OK, Doctor Bright (Steve Coogan) was probably the world’s worst therapist, considering he told Larry to give Cheryl an ultimatum on moving back in with him ("You have until Monday"). And sure, he might be ridiculously stupid, because he went along with Larry’s fake mugging plan, that even Loretta and Auntie Rae wanted to put a stop to. But did he really deserve to go to jail? He obviously hadn’t spent enough time counseling Larry, or he would have known that his client wouldn’t be helping him get out of his... read more

"Let's Get It On"

You mean Landry? Jesse Plemons, Kyle Chandler by Bill Records/NBC

Guest blogger Casey Marsella (Heroes) here! Leah couldn't make it tonight, but I'll do my best to recap this amazing show!Landry! Landry! Landry!Jesse Plemons made Dillon (and FNL fans) stand up and cheer tonight. His performance is what I love about this show. I’ve always noticed that the people who seem "out of place" are usually the ones most comfortable in their own skin. Landry used to be the goofy, one-liner sidekick, but he was always sure of himself. Tonight he proved that. His halftime speech was the highlight of the episode: "We can win together or lose alone." It was the perfect lead-in to: Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose!So, who’s together and who’s alone?Let’s start with the Taylors. Tami is thrilled to have her husband back, but not enough to give him the "green light." Coach was gently shot down and forced to sleep on the couch so Tami could finally get a good night’s sleep. The next day, the bags under his eyes initiated an unwanted ... read more

Let's Talk Friday Night Lights! The Coach is Back in Town!

He's back! Kyle Chandler by Bill Records/NBC

Guest blogger Casey Marsella here! I'll do my best in the absence of Leah, so here we go...Coach Taylor returns to Dillon! His first priorty is his family at home. Julie finally came to her senses last week. Let's hope she lightens up to her new sister soon. Coach Taylor's other family also needs some help. Will Matt and Smash come to blows again? When will Riggins and Street return home? And if they do: Will they be part of the team again?Tyra was congratulated for her detailed description of a rapist found dead... but where's the watch?Check back for my full recap after the show! read more

"The N Word"

I never knew being bald was such a burden. Look at our good friend Jeff: With a full head of hair, he's getting extra food and high-profile clients. As a baldie, well, he's just a fatter version of Larry, though, it must be said, without years of bitterness about his condition. Fortunately for him, his hair will, as he pointed out after cursing Larry, grow back. Larry's bald forever.Larry's not just bald, though. Larry's bald and single. And the single part is what prompted one-half of tonight's debacle (though the baldness didn't help). Why did Auntie Rae have to hug for longer than five minutes? He never would have mentioned his groin problems to Doctor Flomm (played by braless wonder Sue Ellen Mischke's alter ego, Brenda Strong), he wouldn't have been "massaging" himself in the car. With but one strike to go against the Blacks, he just had to be caught saying the N word. One can only thank god that Jeff's doctor shaved his head instead of fixing his snoring problem ("that motherf... read more

He's Back, Baby!

MacGregor is out and Taylor is in. Chris Mulkey by Bill Records/NBC

Episode Recap: "Backfire"Who didn't have a little flutter in his (or her) heart when Coach Taylor, back in his Dillon Panther blues, stood up in front of that room like nothing had changed and said, "Let's go. Let's have some fun today"? What a way to end an episode that already just seemed to fly by.Aside from that weird, Mafia-like threat from Coach MacGregor ("I have a family, too, and you just remember that. I'll be seeing you again"), Eric's homecoming was nothing less than joyous. Julie and Tami are well on their way to patching things up, especially now that it looks like the grungy Swede might be out of the picture. Matt Saracen has someone back on his side again, and Buddy should probably be considered the town hero.Ah, Buddy. We may have just been witness to the only game in Panther history that Buddy honestly wanted his beloved team to lose. It was quite a sight to watch him hold back a grin as Smash got blocked again and again, leaving Dillon with a humiliating loss on t... read more

Let's Talk FNL! Will Coach Taylor Return to Dillon?

Jason looks for medical miracles. Scott Porter by Bill Records/NBC

After insisting to Coach Taylor last week that can get his old job back, Buddy might be able to provide the answer to the Panther's problems and bring peace to warring Taylor ladies. Riggins was still hung up on Lyla, while Jason decided to search out some experimental surgery in Mexico.What will happen this week? Discuss the episode here live, then check back after 10pm/ET for my full recap. read more

"The TiVo Guy"

Knowing what any good Curb viewer already knows about Larry David's real life — namely that he and Laurie, his actual wife, recently divorced due to "irreconcilable differences" — this episode was uncomfortable to watch. Yes, if I called my husband from a rolling airplane and he asked me where the warrantee was for the TiVo, I'd be pissed, and I'd probably leave him, too. Actually that's a lie; my DVR means more to me than any man ever could. I'd probably be the one to be left. Like Larry, there's no other side to Leah. This is pretty much it.Can we blame Larry's friends (and restaurateurs) for siding with Cheryl? This is, after all, a man who wants to talk about the difference between real and fake crab during sex, and then claims he's complex. In the settlement, Cheryl gets Ted Danson, the Funkhousers (so much for Marty being Larry's best friend, eh?), Primo's, the cleaning woman, Simon, and by extension, the $10,000 Larry lent to Simon, since he's not getting it back. W... read more

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