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7th Heaven Casting Shakeups

7th Heaven just started its 10th season, which will include lots of surprises for its loyal fans — some good, some bad. For starters, troubled actor Jeremy London won't be returning to the WB family drama, nor will Ashlee Simpson or Rachel Blanchard. However, original cast members Barry Watson and David Gallagher are back as the prodigal Camden sons, Matt and Simon.

"We're focusing on our core family again," says creator/executive producer Brenda Hampton. "As the show gets older, you want to give people as much as you can of the thing that they watched it for. And in this case, it's the Camden family."

Watson and Gallagher both return for 11 episodes, so we'll have the opportunity to see the boys dealing with some more adult situations. In fact, Simon "will be the first Camden to have sex outside of marriage." Pretty risqué for the son of a preacher man!

The big story this season will read more

Joan Rivers Wants You!

Back in January, QVC launched their annual Host Search, scouring America for folks with the gift of gab. Who better to tell us all about it than jewelry and cosmetics hawker Joan Rivers, a 14-year vet of the home-shopping channel? At QVC's recent auditions in Rhode Island, Rivers sat down with TV Guide Online to dish the fine art of TV salesmanship, among other wacky things.

TV Guide Online: As a comic, how important is your sense of humor when selling something on TV?
Joan Rivers:
Everything is about humor with me. You've got to laugh at everything. It's very important. But you also have to understand that a lot of people don't know you're making a joke, so you don't make a joke about your products.

TVGO: You're an infamous fashion critic. Do you really think people should be judged by their looks?
It's all about looks. Anyone that says it's not is a liar. [But] what they want [at QVC], as opposed to, say, a movie star, is a real read more

Meet 7th Heaven's Junior Hottie

Look out, Barry Watson. You're so old school. A new male heartthrob is taking over on 7th Heaven! Well, a heartthrob-in-training, anyway. Executive producer Brenda Hampton likes to joke that "the puberty fairy was extraordinarily good to" Scotty Leavenworth, who plays Peter. But will he ever live down that puberty quote?

"Everybody goes through that," the 13-year-old Californian tells TV Guide Online. "It's a normal thing." In fact, Leavenworth loves the idea of making fans all swoony. Laughing, he says, "I have no problem with it!"

The young actor — whose credits include Erin Brockovich and The Green Mile — teaches viewers a grown-up lesson on tonight's 7th Heaven. He says his character, Peter, "does something he shouldn't." Well, if he won't spill, we will: Peter's caught drinking alcohol with his friends — and there'll be serious consequences for it.

Aside from read more

Dave Punked Out in Paradise

The nail-biting season finale of Fox's Paradise Hotel was full of surprises, but none more eye-popping than Charla's final decision: Faced with $250,000 in prize money, she opted not to split it with her kindly roommate, Dave. Nope, she kept it all for her greedy self. Huh? That Barbie girl would never have made it to the final four without him! Alas, the 26-year-old may've flown back to Boston sans the cash — or the girl — but he does get props for loyalty.

As Dave tells TV Guide Online: "I would have split the money with Toni if she was my final partner, if she had, in any way, helped me get to the end. I think almost everyone there would have split the money."

That's doubtful, considering Paradise's pit of vipers. Don't forget, Toni mercilessly teased and taunted Dave about his appearance. (Hey, so what if the dude has large ears!) Anyway, it had to sting when Dave's crush refused to sh read more

Tina Fabulous Jeers Bachelor's Tears

After Andrew's shocking decision to eject Tina Fabulous from his Bachelor pad last week, we figure this guy must be sipping a little too much of his Firestone wine. After all, TV Guide Online pegged the 22-year-old Wisconsin-bred bombshell as a shoo-in for bridal bliss. Oh well, his loss! Here, Tina — who's now a TV correspondent in Milwaukee — tells why she won't shed any tears over the millionaire who got away.

TV Guide Online: How did the name Tina Fabulous come about?
I got the nickname from the pack of girls in the house because I was dressed up, and I can throw a football pretty far in stiletto heels!

TVGO: You definitely have the total package — looks, personality and athleticism. What did Andrew not see that we did?
I think we weren't seeing eye-to-eye on having a family. I'm still young, and I want my career to come first.

T read more

Broadway Boy Whipped Into Shape

Actor Fred Weller is comfortable with his body. In fact, he has no problem doing nude scenes eight shows a week in Broadway's Take Me Out. So what could turn this hunk into a self-conscious wreck? Hollywood, of course!

"All I know is, when I'm in Los Angeles, after three weeks, I start to feel like I should be going to the gym twice a day," he tells TV Guide Online. "No one tells me to, but I start to get the feeling that I should."

Weller currently co-stars with Friends thesp Paul Rudd and The Mummy's Rachel Weisz in The Shape of Things (opening tomorrow). The Neil LaBute film explores how p read more

WB Hottie Rides Again as Lone Ranger

"Heigh-ho, Silver, away!" Black mask or no, that hunky, blond cowboy in The Lone Ranger — airing tonight at 8 pm/ET — looks mighty familiar. That's 'cause it's Chad Michael Murray, 21, from Gilmore Girls and Dawson's Creek! We notice he's become quite a staple on the Frog network...

"They invited me into the [WB] family," Murray tells TV Guide Online. "In 2000, I tested for a pilot called Day One, and I didn't get it, but they felt like they could develop me over at the network, so they gave me a deal."

And a sweet deal at that. Murray's latest Lone gig has him headlining an update of the classic 1950s Western. The two-hour TV movie — which could turn into a series if it lassoes good ratings — tells the tale of a myste read more

7th Heaven Tackles Cystic Fibrosis

Mackenzie Rosman — who plays sassy little Ruthie Camden on 7th Heaven — is used to facing adult issues. The 13-year-old actress already has confronted everything from racism to death on the WB's top-rated family drama. However, the show will really hit home when Rosman's stepsister, Katelyn Salmont, guest stars to talk about her real-life struggle with cystic fibrosis.

"We've wanted to do this for a while," Rosman tells TV Guide Online, so she made a pitch to Heaven's executive producer, Brenda Hampton. "Mackenzie came to me, notes in hand, and told me all about CF and asked me if I would do a story for her sister," she recalls. "I thought it was very touching."

Katelyn, 16, has struggled with CF — a genetic disease that shortens the life span to approximately 20 years — since she was 2 years old. Despite the stress this ailment places on her and the family, Hampt read more

Gilmore Hottie Gets the Girl!

Sweet guy Dean or dark knight Jess? The question of which boy Rory (Alexis Bledel) should choose on Gilmore Girls has plagued the show's young fans for more than a year. Well, on last night's episode, Dean (Jared Padalecki) finally gave Rory the go-ahead to pursue her simmering attraction to Stars Hollow's resident brooding rebel. But while Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) may have won the latest battle, he's hardly won the war.

"I think it's gonna be a rough ride for the rest of the year," Ventimiglia tells TV Guide Online. "Dean is probably going to get in the way of Jess and Rory's [relationship]. He's still around." In fact, the 25-year-old actor predicts that the rivals will once again come to blows over their favorite Gilmore girl. "I think it might get to that. Give it a cou read more

Heaven Can't Wait for Jeremy London

Another divine creature is descending upon 7th Heaven. Former Party of Five hunk Jeremy London joins the cast tonight (8 pm/ET on the WB) as an associate pastor hired to temporarily replace an on-the-mend Eric (Stephen Collins). "We have the best looking cast on television, and it's just getting better," exec producer Brenda Hampton gushes to TV Guide Online. "[Jeremy]'s perfect for the show.

"I had no idea he would do another series," Hampton adds of the actor, who played Neve Campbell's brooding boyfriend Griffin on PO5. "I just think he's spectacular."

London's Heaven alter ego — Chandler — arrives in Glen Oak this evening and gets an unusually icy read more

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