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Brooke Hogan Tries to Get a Headlock on Pop-star Fame

Brooke Hogan

To command the undivided attention of Brooke Hogan has proved a difficult task. This is not so much the fault of her being the 18-year-old celebutante offspring of Hulk and his wife, Linda — though concedes this factoid may play a small role, considering the former wrestling champion of the world is more than happy to pile-drive anyone who looks the wrong way at his "Brooketini" — nor is her designated role as the all-American beauty on the family's VH1 reality series Hogan Knows Best, which returns for the second half of Season 3 on Sunday, Jan. 7. In truth, her high-octave vocals and flawless piano-playing are the true culprits. Since the release of her debut album, Undiscovered, in October, Hogan has become read more

CI's Chris Noth Sets the Record Straight

Chris Noth, Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Inhabitants of Gotham City can breathe a sigh of relief. Their crooked corners have been wiped clean thanks to the efforts of one of their favorite crime fighters. No, not the dude who sports the bat suit. And definitely not the guy with that flapping red cape, either. It is, in fact, the man who dons the plaid ties. That's right, Detective Mike Logan, now working as a player in the Major Case Squad, is back, as NBC's Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns for a sixth season (tonight at 9 pm/ET).

Chris Noth, who brought Logan to life at the onset of Law & Order in 1990, broke case after case until his departure from the franchise-starter in '95. During his time away from the s read more

An Outsider Infiltrates 24's CTU

C.Thomas Howell on 24

If C. Thomas Howell's recent MIA status frustrates those who've had to rely on the USA network to air such memorable '80s fare as The Outsiders, Red Dawn and Soul Man, fear not. The drought has ended. During tonight's two-hour 24 "event" (starting at 8 pm/ET), the former Greaser makes his first of a handful of appearances as Barry Landes, a therapist whose ties to Jack Bauer are, shall we say, "complicated." As a result of this casting coup, longtime fans can finally allow their obsession to continue into the 21st century.
As uncovered in our interview with Howell, there's a lot more to him than what all those "Stay gold, Pony!" lobbyists would like us to believe. For starters, he read more

Christopher Knight Returns to the '70s

Christopher Knight

Up until 2003, Christopher Knight had most fondly been remembered as Mike and Carol's middle child, Peter, on the hip-to-be-square Brady Bunch. Then came the premiere of VH1's The Surreal Life, and gone was the Brady boy who readily demanded "pork chops and applesauce"... the famously voice-cracking lad who came to learn how important it is to "never play ball in the house." Knight suddenly emerged as the hottest of all the Surrealers (not an easy task when you bunk with supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg!), as well as the sanest (a far easier task). He also happened to fall in love with wild-child cast mate Adrianne Curry, America's Next Top Model's Season 1 read more

Dreams' Meg Is a Nip/Tuck Neo-Nazi!

Brittany Snow on Nip/Tuck

Your grandmother wants to buy her presents at the dollar store. Your parents want you to be like her. And you want everyone to like you the way they like her. Yup, it's easy to love Brittany Snow. The 19-year-old actress is doe-eyed, chatty and a splurging giggler. Alas, granny may soon suffer a heart attack when she learns that American Dreams' darling Meg Pryor is now a neo-Nazi with some serious anger issues. Snow took time out from shooting her guest gig on FX's Nip/Tuck (beginning tonight at 10 pm/ET) to chat with about evolving into a bad-ass, the truth behind Dreams' MIA finale and being the object of affection for a Desperate Housewives hott read more

Queen Latifah Previews Chicago

Queen Latifah has good news for those Broadway aficionados skeptical about Miramax's upcoming movie version of the Tony-winning musical Chicago: Don't worry, it's good. "They are going to be totally blown away by it," the singer-actress tells TV Guide Online. "I'm telling you — Renée Zellweger (Roxie) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Velma) have got it going on! It's gonna be great."

In the highly anticipated adaptation (due in theaters this Christmas), Latifah assumes the role of prison matron Mama Morton. How did she take to the character's enticing — if dwindling and drafty — wardrobe (read: Miniskirt)? "You won't be seeing me kicking my legs up that high," laughs the onetime talk show hostess of her sex read more

Emmet Otter Is Coming to Town

This year, when Santa Claus reviews kids' holiday wish lists, he'll find more than just the usual pleas for Sony PlayStations. The DVD release of Jim Henson's 1977 classic, Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas, means the honky-tonkin' puppets known as the Riverbottom Gang also will be in high demand.

"Comparing perennial to perennial, Emmet has the longer life," offers Michael Polis, senior VP of marketing at Jim Henson Co. "Every holiday season, you'll end up seeing Emmet Otter in some form, which helps to boost the franchise."

Jugband follows the down-on-their-luck Otter clan, who sacrifice in hopes of making their holiday a little merrier: Musician Emmet ruins Ma's washtub to make a washtub bass, while Ma hocks Emmet's tools to buy a pretty frock — each is secretly scheming to win their local talent show and use the prize money to buy the other a "real Christmas gift."

read more

SNL Star Cavorts with Luke Perry!

Something's gone awry when Saturday Night Live's purest persona, Ana Gasteyer, is trading impressions of Celine Dion for pelvic thrusts, wicked violin solos and orgasmic highs in Broadway's The Rocky Horror Show. What led her to commit such Madonna-esque debauchery onstage?

"They offered," laughs Gasteyer — a Rocky castmember as kooky Columbia until August 19, when she'll take a break before returning to SNL. Unfortunately, the actress — who was "taken with the concept of being a groupie" — found that not even carousing with gender-bending aliens and a dolled-up Luke Perry could spare her a hazing from Rocky's hecklers.

"One time," Gasteyer recalls, "somebody yelled, 'Go back to SNL!' — but I incorporated a slam at this guy in Columbia's tirade." Still, while the funnylady easily blows off such nonsense, she acknowledges that Perry (who plays prudish hunk Brad) has taken it read more

NYPD Blue Recast Speaks!

If you thought Dallas's "Who Shot J.R.?" saga was shrouded in secrecy, consider the beefed-up security around Mark-Paul Gosselaar's debut on NYPD Blue. Even the Saved by the Bell cutie himself claims ignorance of most of the details, including his own character's name!

"I'll appear on the first episode [of the season] as an anti-crime officer until I get my detective shield, but that's about all I know," Gosselaar tells TV Guide Online. Of course, he'll be just one of many changes on the Emmy Award-winning drama series as it kicks off its eighth season this fall. Rick Schroeder's Danny Sorenson will be a distant memory, as will Kim Delaney's Diane Russell — the actress is off to star in NYPD Blue boss Steven Bochco's newest venture, Philly. Plus, accommodating her new series means that yet another timeslot switc read more

Death Becomes Sopranos Hunk

If there was one lesson to be gleaned from the untimely passing of Jackie Aprile Jr. on last month's season finale of The Sopranos, it was this: Never underestimate the advantages of getting whacked in front of 9.5 million viewers. Of course, you don't have to tell that to Jackie's hotter-than-ever portrayer, Jason Cerbone, whose on-screen death has made him a bit of a TV legend — not to mention one of the most sought-after commodities in Hollywood.

"The Sopranos has been the greatest," the 23-year-old New Yorker marvels to TV Guide Online. "Things have been really crazy. I've got a couple of movie offers on the table, but I haven't decided what I'll pass on or take." Incidentally, Cerbone admits he'd like to get another shot at the small screen. "I'd love to do a spot on Friends," he confesses.

In the meantime, Cerbone is keeping busy defending his Sopranos alter e read more

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