A Passionate Plea for Justice!

Kiss me, you fool! Helio Castroneves, Julianne Hough by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Ok, I'll cut my usual critique and go right to begging! Well, maybe a little critique...but mostly pure, unapologetic begging.We're down to five and, as I see it, there are only two clear cut choices for the winner: my Helio and Mel B. If you don't agree I defy you to prove why your choice deserves to win. They are by far the best and most exciting. So this is my plea — let's keep these two safe! Get out there and vote.Don't get me wrong, I am a big Jennie Garth fan, but her performances tonight were a bit shaky and it makes me wonder whether she'd be able to handle the pressure of the finale. I definitely think she deserves a spot next week in the semi and if she gets better I think she should be the third spot for the finals.Cameron will be the one to go tomorrow night and I say that because I don't believe that Marie Osmond will actually lose. Side note — who put him in tan? That outfit looked like he should have been doing the Hustle and I thought his pants left very l... read more

Let's Talk DWTS: Avenge This!

Welcome Back, Marie! Jonathan Roberts, Marie Osmond by Carol Kaelson/ABC

And we're back! Two more dances for our stars to learn this week — I wonder how well they fared. And what's all this nonsense about "avenging" Sabrina Bryan? Tell me your thoughts and I'll give you my two cents after the show! read more

This Show is Cursed!

Bond Girl says Bye-Bye. Jane Seymour, Tony Dovolani by Carol Kaelson/ABC

What is it with this season? Good dancers are going home, people are fainting and, sadly, parents keep passing away! Marie — I'm sorry about your father. I'm sure you'll find comfort in your family during this time and we hope to see you back and sassy next week on the dance floor!Well, it could have been worse than Jane Seymour going home. For a second, I got a huge knot in my stomach thinking my Helio was on his way out! Or Jennie! Poor, sweet, most-improved Jennie. Luckily, we'll see her again next week.I was a bit surprised that Cameron found his way out of the bottom two. I guess the soap fans came through for him. I wouldn't have been sad to see him go though. His schedule is insane! He needs to sit down and take a nap. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'd be the biggest cranky pants if I were in his shoes they'd probably run me off the show. My one burning question of the night: Who did Kenny Mayne's make-up for the "Dance Center" bit? Was that turquoise eyeshadow ... read more

Let's Talk DWTS: Here We Go Again!

1000 family members & 10 votes each = Marie not going anywhere! Jonathan Roberts, Marie Osmond by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Well it's elimination night, my friends! Who's coming out alive? I hope my Helio lives to swivel those hips another day but it's really anyone's guess. Who did you vote for and who would you not want to see go? Share away while we watch the drama unfold. Meet me right back here after the show for the dish! read more

Two Dances & Twice the Fun!

Another perfect score for Scary! Melanie Brown, Maksim Chmerkovskiy by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Ok so I go away for one week and I return to chaos. Sabrina Bryan gone? Really?? I'm never leaving the country again if this is what's going to happen. Stupid honeymoon!I can't imagine what must be going through the celeb's minds at this point. If the best dancer can be sent packing, anyone can go. I love how they all had cheetah paws on them. Thanks for the nipple shot, Maksim! Usually I laugh at how the show always uses the line "the most shocking results show yet" but I don't think they exaggerated at all last week. We may be in for another shock tomorrow night as well.So who's going? Well, I'll tell you who I think isn't. Or, at the very least, shouldn't: My Helio, Jennie Garth and Mel B. Maybe I'm speaking too soon, but I think in three weeks we'll be seeing them battle it out for the "shiny silver mirror ball". Glad to see the writer's strike isn't affecting Tom Bergeron's jokes. They are still lame.I was a bit worried about Helio after his first dance because his scores have ... read more

"In Which Addison Finds a Showerhead"

News flash: Women in Connecticut don't pleasure themselves! OK, maybe just Addison. But since she's just a character on a television show, I guess I should take back the above generalization.How funny was Violet's William Jefferson Clinton fantasy? Of all people! It just goes to show you, all women have something or someone that gets their motor going. I'm a Milo Ventimiglia kind of gal myself and his Heroes superpowers definitely add a fun element to my daydreams. Who is your fantasy man? Post below and share with us all! It was kind of nice that Addison and Pete were open about their mutual attraction to one another and we almost saw a kiss. Addison was good — for now — and walked out with a nice mental image to take home to her showerhead: cowboy/gladiator Tim Daly. I liked that thought! We even got to see a glimpse when he socked the runner's coach in the face! Well deserved. Now I was not blessed with a remarkable physical talent like running or walking briskly but I ... read more

Money Can't Buy Everything

Hey Mark, at least you lost 30 lbs! Mark Cuban, Kym Johnson by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Episode Recap: Eviction FiveWell my friends, you did it! The voting public has spoken and finally sent Mark Cuban back to his gagillion dollar mansion. Sniff sniff. How horrible. Since he didn't end up in the final two last week, I was a bit scared that two decent dancers were going to end up there and possibly be sent home early. Luckily, America woke up and realized he had to go. He really was the right choice, no? Thank God my Helio was spared the doom of the bottom two, but I wasn't glad Jane Seymour ended up there either. We're down to seven competitors now, and they are all doing well. Next week we will have to face facts and send someone good home. I shudder at the thought!Who is it going to be? If I had to pick the person I think deserves to go next — based on technique — I would say it has to be Marie Osmond. But as Tori Spelling said, it really could be anyone's game. Speaking of Marie, did anyone else think it was a bit sadistic to keep showing her infamous coll... read more

Let's Talk DWTS: Waiting For Tonight!

Helio didn't wow the judges last night. Is this the end? Helio Castroneves, Julianne Hough by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Kudos if you caught the Jennifer Lopez reference in the title. Ok folks, one of the most unpredictable results shows this season is upon us. If Mark Cuban doesn't wind up in the bottom two, I don't know who will! Only time will tell who the red light shines on tonight. Tell me your pick for tonight's loser and check back after the show for the recap. read more

Marie, Are You Alright?!?

"Oh Crap!" Jonathan Roberts, Marie Osmond by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Well, I think it's safe to say tonight got off to a rocky start. After delivering a decent samba, Marie Osmond passed out right on the ballroom floor! Longest. Commerical Break. Ever. I could be mistaken, but I thought I heard a few laughs from the audience at first, who must have thought she was joking around. But they quickly fell silent when Tom Bergeron went to break. During the commercial, I got so worried. I started to wonder what would happen if something went seriously wrong with her. Visions of heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms went through my head. Would the show really go on? Thankfully, she just became winded, and despite some embarrassment she's going to be fine. What a trooper! But Samantha Harris had it right; fainting was not going to get her a 10. This dance garnered Marie her lowest score yet.How great was Jane Seymour? When her dance started, I got a good view of the back of her dress, or lack thereof. What a body on her! I was amazed a woman 29 years my senior... read more

Let's Talk DWTS: It's Latin Night!

Bottom two again? Let's hope not! Melanie Brown, Maksim Chmerkovskiy by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Samba, Rumba, who cares — it's all Latin! After last week's shocking bottom two the dancers really have to kick it into high gear tonight. Can Mark Cuban make it another week? If so, who does that leave for the bottom two? I can't even think about it.Let's rap while they rumba and come on back later for my recap of all the Latin Night hijinks! read more

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