The Winner is Crowned!

Well kids, this is it! It's been just over two months since this crazy season started and now it's all coming to an end. Who would be taking home the crown and who would go home in utter defeat? More importantly, who is being booted right away and settling for third place? I'm anticipating an interesting (yet long!) night ahead, so let's dive into it one last time!After a short interview with our finalists, Usher entered the ballroom and I shouted with glee. He's sexy and talented and he really hasn't had a song I haven't liked. Despite having a headset, I definitely think he wasn't singing his new hit song "Love in This Club" but that's really fine with me. It's a dancing show and if singing live would have made it hard for him to break it down at the end then he shouldn't have sang. I also think every performer on this show has lip-synched so this isn't abnormal. We've had some pretty great performances this year. Which was your favorite? Then the first big moment of the night arr... read more

The Threesome of the Season

Finale Night is finally here! Well the first hour of a three hour send-off is anyway. Can you believe another season is almost over? It seems like just yesterday that Penn and Monica were stinking up the place! I am very excited to see what the final three have in store for us tonight. I also heard there is going to be a twist so I am eager to see how it all unfolds. Now as much as I enjoy being Public Enemy #1 around here, let's put all the drama from last week aside and sit down for one last D-List meal together. Sound good? Well, like your mama said, you can't leave the table until your finished so pull up a chair and feast on tonight's show!The Cha-Cha Face OffSo the twist tonight was that all three finalists danced to the same song: "Dancing on the Ceiling" by Lionel Richie. When I heard about a group dance earlier this afternoon, I thought they would all be on the floor at the same time like they do in official ballroom competitions. I haven't seen a lot of ballroom competitio... read more

Eviction Night!

It's over! It's over! It's all over! My hunger strike has finally come to an end. Oh yeah, and Marissa is outta here! See ya! Peace out! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! You'd think she murdered my first born the way I'm going on about this, but I think it's been quite clear that I'm insanely overdramatic. I actually felt bad for her but then she said "shake what your mama gave ya" and she lost me. Do people still say that? I think not! Bravo, America. We are in for quite a finale next week. I am eagerly anticipating the freestyle dances our top three will come up with to entertain and dazzle us!Thiller! Thriller Night! And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike! Now that was a musical performance I could sink my teeth into. You know I was groovin' baby. Hee Heeeee! It was only 10 seconds into the performance when I knew it was the best thing I'd ever seen on a results show. I would love to dance like that but sadly all I can muster on the danc... read more

Goodman. Len Goodman.

Tonight's dances were chosen at random — ooooohhh! Dun Dun Dunnnnn! I expect lots of complaining and guffawing will go down when the dances are drawn. I'm doing my best to make this seem like a dramatic twist to the show, but I don't really see it like that. Shouldn't it be that way anyway? It might make the show seem a little less planned. Since we're down to the final four, we're sure to see decent dances tonight so I'm going to try to cut the critique and just pick out the highlights. We all know Marissa doesn't deserve to win or even get past this round, so who needs to hear me say it again? Due to Mario's premature ousting last week, I'm on a hunger strike until order is restored and Marissa is sent packing. So check your fridge for some D-List leftovers because this critic ain't cookin' tonight! Let's just watch the show, shall we? Jason — After a lecture from Edyta, he got a pep talk from Dan Marino. Fanstastic! Inspiration from someone who had a great career yet ne... read more

Eviction Night & 100th Show Celebration

It was a fantastic start to the 100th show — a dance featuring the past and present pros! Maksim was back, Maksim was back! There is a God! There was so much that happened tonight I can't even think straight or form a complete thought. So I won't. I'm sure there are some of you out there who would swear I never do, so let's get on that train and keep it going. Choo-chooooo! Here are my loves and hates from tonight's show:Loves• Samantha Harris' dress — I'm going to give her some kudos since no one likes her. Despite her utter uselessness on the show, she's actually an incredible beauty. She's got a great bod and she looks fantastic in all the cool dresses she gets to wear. I'm sure if she were on a show where she served a purpose, she'd be a bigger star.• Mario Lopez and the cast of A Chorus Line — I'm a sucker for a musical so this was a treat for me. I didn't realize A.C. Slater was on Broadway but I bet he's great in the show. I'll admit I always thoug... read more

Top 10 Dances of the First Five Seasons

So special they deserved their own post! Here are the judges' picks for the most amazing dances of the series:Top 10 Dances of the DWTS series10. Kelly Monaco's freestyle from week 6 of season 19. Sabrina Bryan's paso doble from week 4 of season 5 (right before she got axed)8. Emmitt Smith's cha-cha from week 9 of season 37. Apolo Anton Ohno's quickstep from week 9 of season 46. Joey Fatone's jive from week 7 of season 45. Helio Castroneves' quickstep from week 8 of season 5 (should have been #1)4. Drew Lachey's freestyle from week 8 of season 23. Stacy Keibler's samba from week 8 of season 22. Mel B's paso doble from week 7 of season 51. Mario Lopez's tango from week 9 of season 3Recap: Can you say scripted? I'm going to cut the judges some slack since they don't usually read off cue cards, but it could have been a little less obvious. Putting Helio's quickstep at #5 was a grave disservice to the show and just plain ridiculous. Nothing can match it and I doubt anything eve... read more

Samba Smack Down? Not So Much!

It was another crazy week in the ballroom and, to top it off, lifts were legal. What sort of challenge would that pose? Also a possible challenge — Cristián's injury. How would he handle two dances and lifts with a ruptured tendon? I was eager to find out. So slap on a sling and use an extra large spoon to help your good arm dish out some D-List burritos for Cinco de Mayo. And have a shot of tequila while you're at it. We might just need it!Kristi — Just looking at the quickstep makes me exhausted. If it's difficult though, you'd never know looking at her. The lift was good but pretty ordinary. She doesn't really need it to make-up points, but was still fun to see. However, I did not dig her samba outfit. It was a tad Big Bird-ish. The dance was fine though! Would it be enough to beat Jason's samba?Quickstep 29Samba 26Mario — I've never been shy about admitting Karina isn't my favorite pro, but her voice was really getting to me tonight. She screeches and I ... read more

Eviction Night and Injury Update!

Well it's eviction night but the big story was Cristián's injury. Was it not all over the news? Good Morning America, my local ABC affiliate and all the various internet news sites fed into the juiciness that was, apparently, exploiting a DWTS contestant's injury for ratings. For a second, I thought it might surpass Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair photos as the hot news item of the day. I was wrong. Was it me or was the photo of Miley lying seductively in Billy Ray's lap creepier than her wrapped in a sheet? And if it's so horrifying that she posed that way — why are the pictures all over the news? But back to the topic at hand! The story was so big that the powers that be decided the real first paragraph to my blog last night didn't cut it and wrote their own. My writing, of course, started with another one of those lame D-List casserole jokes. Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I learned to write overnight. I'm back in all my mediocrity! I might even throw in a spelling err... read more

Cranky Pants Sandwich

This evening's show had some added drama that will likely continue off the dance floor — and no, it's not romance-related! Amidst a jam-packed show with the pressure on, Cristián's seemingly fluid performance was halted when he pulled a muscle in his arm and coudn't finish his samba. The misfortune was even more considerable, as the celebrities had to wow us with two dances and hoped they impressed us enough to earn our votes as the competition went to a whole new level.Let's get right to it! Loosen up those belt buckles — in fact, put on a pair of comfy pants — because tonight we're getting a heaping double portion of D-List casserole! Phew — I hope I don't bust the elastic.Marissa — She started off with a fantastic tango which left her in second place after the ballroom round. Her rumba wasn't bad but I was a bit bored by it. The song sounded like something you'd hear in an elevator.Tango 27Rumba 25Cristián — Oh no! He was going into the ... read more

Eviction Night 5

Some people may say that Marlee Matlin just couldn't overcome her disability and that's why she was voted off of the show tonight. I would disagree completely. I don't think I understood the magnitude of what she did every week until she was giving her speech at the end. She made me realize how lucky I am to have all my senses and how I take it all for granted. She started out well but had two bad weeks in a row and that was her demise. I can't say what went wrong, but we all saw in the beginning that she can dance despite being deaf so that had nothing to do with it. Maybe the dances just got a bit too difficult for her. The voters made the right choice, but it was still sort of sad.The show started out like usual with a recap of the previous night's dances and some comments from the celebs thrown in. Usually nothing of note happens during this segment, but I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow to Shannon and Derek. I actually like her but she was being a bit of a cry baby and the w... read more

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