September 16, 2008 (Finale Night!)

Like last season, Krista and I decided to have a little post-winner crowning chat about the finale episode and the season in general. Below is our conversation. We have so enjoyed blogging this season and want to thank all of you for your very active participation. Share all your final thoughts (and questions for Memphis and Dan) in the comments. We'll see you next time! — AdamAdam: Dan!!! Was there ever any doubt?Krista: No there wasn't! I thought it was pretty obvious after the jury questioning. Though, after Ollie was ousted I thought he'd never win, but it really turned for him in the end.Adam: A well-deserved win in my opinion.Krista: People were impressed with his play. You are right — well deserved! 7-0: That was a bit surprising.Adam: Yeah, but again, it make sense I think. Could April have been more a mouthpiece for Memphis before the interrogation?Krista: I know, she has him by the short ones. She looked like she was summoning Catwoman in that outfit when they w... read more

September 14, 2008 (Highlight Show)

What would this highlight episode have in store? That was my question before this episode of BB started. Would the highlights match-up with what I felt were highlights? Would the new clips entertain me? Would anything be funnier than Jerry falling in the pool? I doubt it, but let's find out.The episode began with — shocker — another lengthy recap of the past episode and then a celebratory dinner for the final two: Memphis and Dan. They basically patted themselves on the back for being Will & Boogie wannabes and making it that far. I only say that because I've seen people on various BB sites referencing them and comparing the Renegades to BB's most well-known duo. If we were to compare them — who would be Will and who would be Boogie? Dan was most Will-like during the season but I wouldn't dare put Memphis in the Boogie category. That's probably worse than calling him a womanizer...Speaking of that very hostile moment, here are some other moments that made it to... read more

September 11, 2008 (Final Eviction)

Well, gang, it's been a long 66 days, but we've made it to the Final 2. After a predictable and pretty thrill-less final HOH competition, the final jury member was set when the new HOH sent him packing, sealing the deal for the two remaining houseguests. Who pulled out the win and who got the boot? Let's find out!As one would expect, Jerry didn't last very long in the first leg of the HOH competitions. Endurance just isn't an older man's game, unfortunately for Jerry. But it couldn't have worked better for the Renegades, who we learned were very much still aligned, despite Dan overplaying (yes, I agree with Memphis) of his anger over Keesha's eviction. But the plan had Jerry fooled, so I guess it was working pretty well. With Jerry out of the way, Memphis held on for a good while to give the appearance he wasn't throwing the competition, before ultimately falling off, giving Round 1 of the HOH battle to Dan.Dan got his bye to the final round, so Memphis and Jerry faced off in a boxi... read more

September 9, 2008 (Eviction Night)

As we inched closer to the finale, tonight we saw another houseguest sent packing. Who won the power of veto and how did that play into the eviction? And what happened on Dan's day out of the house with jury member Michelle? Let's find out. It seemed Dan and Memphis' plan to put doubt in Dan and Keesha's mind worked wonderfully, as both Keesha and Jerry were invigorated by the possibilities of what that nomination "could" mean. Dan and Memphis were also quite proud of themselves, but were focused on the veto competition, despite feeling confident that even without Memphis winning the POV that Keesha (because of her loyalty to Dan) and Jerry (because of his Final 2 deal with Memphis) would both vote to keep Memphis in the house, should he remain on the block.Before the competition, Dan slipped on his blindfold and headed to the helicopter for his day on the beach with Michelle. I have to applaud Dan's choice, especially considering some of the terrible things Michelle said about Dan... read more

September 7, 2008 (Nominations/Luxury)

A sumo wrestler, a luxury competition that will "change the game" and Dan's nominations: this was sure to be a jam-packed Sunday episode. What clue will the sumo wrestler unveil? How exactly would this luxury competition change the game? I hope it's not a big build up to nothing special. Will Judas Dan flip the house with his nominations? Let's find out!We picked up in the aftermath of Renny's eviction and Dan explained that she was too likeable to keep around. I see that point. Keesha, of course, got a little misty at the thought of her friend leaving but she should really have been thanking her lucky stars that the boys didn't vote her out. At least not that week......This week is another story. Dan is HOH and as Memphis reminded us, Dan has been known to do some wacky stuff. His reign definitely had Jerry and Keesha concerned and even Memphis didn't know what Dan would come up with. Will he put his bro on the block again? So we learned that the gibberish the sumo wrestler was say... read more

September 3, 2008 (Eviction Night)

We're getting down to it ya'll! After tonight's eviction, we'll have our final four. Can Memphis keep his deals with everyone a secret? How big will the explosion be if he is exposed? And will we get jury house footage? For the love of God please! Let's get to recappin'.Dame Julie, already dressed for her weekend safari excursion, set the stage for the evening and then we were zapped back to the Veto meeting and Renny's replacement nomination. Renny blamed Memphis and accused him of wanting to split her and Keesha up. Well duh, Renny. It's the end game and splitting up alliances is sort of the point. Jerry felt blindsided by Memphis' action and said it made him feel alone. Did he ever feel that he was with someone? I'd like to know when that was because I think he was an outcast since day one!Jerry tried to reach out to Keesha and tried to clue her in to Memphis' loyalty to Dan. He claimed he was her only chance at the money and I don't know how she kept a strait face through it all... read more

September 2, 2008 (Veto Ceremony/Competition)

We're getting close to crunch time, folks! With only 14 days between tonight's episode and the finale, it's time strategy become every houseguest's focus. At least one houseguest is thinking that way. Let's find out who!As Jerry noted at the nomination ceremony, all of the power this week lies with the POV winner, making tonight's competition crucial. Dan and Keesha played out a couple of scenarios that involved cutting Renny loose, but both wondered if either of the other houseguests had struck a deal with Jerry. (I wonder if Dan knows how Memphis was able to secure not being nominated this week and is just saying this to throw Keesha off.) Either way, we know Memphis has definitely struck a deal with Jerry, but if he did win the POV, how would his new deal affect his actions?Memphis is no dummy and made serious efforts to talk things through with all there of his "final" two alliances (Jerry, Keesha and Dan). While he was able to keep everyone happy and unaware, he was unsure what... read more

August 31, 2008 (Nominations)

I have to say, I was expecting tonight's episode to be a letdown after the most exciting show of the season on Thursday (thanks again to Krista for covering for me, since my local CBS affiliate decided that this season's most crucial episode didn't need to be seen until 1:30 am!), but I wasn't expecting to feel this crummy after watching. I guess it wasn't so much the level of action, but the actual chain of events that occurred. So let's get to it!After a recap of Thursday's head-spinning double eviction (Michelle and Ollie were sent packing, for those of you just getting to the party), we get to see Jerry's empty nest syndrome as he begged the rest of the house to just talk to him. The music they edited in for Jerry was hilarious, but it was kind of sad to see the rest of the house trying to avoid him like the plague. Even Renny, who might be able to relate to him just on the basis of being older, said she had a hard time talking to the colonel. (We'd find out even more why this i... read more

August 28, 2008 (Double Eviction Night)

Holy cannoli it's a double eviction night! Krista here filling in for Adam since his area CBS affiliate feels a pre-season football game is more important than this crucial episode of BB. The horror! Thankfully, Philly banished the Eagles game to our ABC affiliate since they have nothing else to air anyway. Hurray! So if you're reading up on this because you're in the same boat as Adam and still don't know what happened, welcome and don't forget to watch that shiz online. This episode is going to go fast so I'm going to blog minute to minute so you get a sense of the excitement. Fasten your seatbelts and try to keep up!The show started abruptly with Dame Julie, looking flawless in all black, outside the house filling us all in on the roller coaster of an hour we had coming. Then there was what felt like a 4 hour recap of past events and I was so mad they were wasting precious time on this. Hello! There was much to do!After the intro, DJ was back to explain how tonight would work. Bu... read more

August 26, 2008 (Veto Competition/Ceremony 7)

Dan, Dan, Dan. You had played so well, and then you made the worst move ever by offering Ollie such a outrageous deal. "It can't worse," I thought. But, apparently I was wrong. The show kicked off with a tamer Memphis than we saw on Sunday, but he was still not understanding of Dan's ridiculous deal with Ollie. Things only got worse when Dan explained the third layer to the deal, which had Memphis downright flabbergasted. Of course, Ollie was bragging in the diary room about calling all the shots "with no blood on his hands," while Dan chalked up his move to simply being a calculated risk he was confident he could pull off.Dan's fellow alliance members Renny and Keesha quickly realized the importance of the POV competition, even without knowing the third layer of Dan's deal. But Dan made it clear in his diary room conversation that he was planning to go back on his word and make Michelle the replacement nominee, provided she didn’t play and win in the POV competition. He views ... read more

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