Kim Moses & Ian Sander

The Ghost Whisperer Producers: "Save Our Soul"

Hi Everyone!

Kim's back from directing Episode 411 and is working on putting a lot of cool ghost magic into the show. While shooting, we encountered a ghost or two on set, and we will share these stories with you next week.

Tonight, our fourth episode of the new season, "Save Our Soul" airs. In this show, Melinda and Jim celebrate their anniversary by taking a romantic cruise. Their relaxing getaway is cut short when Melinda ... read more

The Ghost Whisperer Producers: Ghost in the Machine

Hi, everyone!

We have a really electrifying and cool episode for you this week, "Ghost in the Machine"/Ep. 403.

In this show, Melinda makes contact with a spirit from within Ned's computer game, and enters this virtual world in order to protect a teenage girl from an online predator. This is one of the most exciting and visual effects heavy episodes we've ever done. We shot all of the virtual scenes in front of an enormous green screen and ... read more

The Ghost Whisperer Producers: "Big Chills"

Hi Everyone,

We hope you all enjoyed last week's premiere. Tonight, our fourth season continues with "Big Chills"/Ep. 402. In this eerie episode, Melinda is transported back to the world of high school when she is called upon to investigate the death of one of her former tormenters. Revolving around a group of lifelong friends, the title is a reference to Laurence Kasden's 1983 film, The Big Chill.

It was written by exec-producer Laurie McCarthy and directed by Peter Werner. Musically, we showcase "I Just Love You" from the Grammy nominated band Five For Fighting (Aware/Columbia Records), The Terms' "She Got Lucky" (Maple Jam Records/Icon MES) and Mink's "New York Summer" (Spitfire Music).

The episode has an all-star cast, guest starring Rachael Leigh Cook (She's All That) and Christian Campbell (The Book of Daniel), who is the brother of Jennifer Love Hewitt's Party of Five co-star, Neve Campbell.

Get more inside scoop from Kim and Ian after the jump. read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers: Season 4 Premiere

We’re excited to say that tonight marks the premiere of our fourth season. In this first episode, entitled “Firestarter,” Melinda investigates a fire at the Rockland University offices and finds a college-aged ghost with a dark secret. The show introduces our hilarious new star Jamie Kennedy, who plays a psychology professor in the midst of his own entanglement with earthbound spirits. We have some really intense fire sequences that were created using a combination of live practical effects and digital visual effects rendered in post-production.

As a note of eerie coincidence, we should mention the terrible fire that struck Grandview’s town square. On our second day of prep on tonight’s episode, we received a call informing us that the Universal Backlot was on fire. We rushed over and found that the only permanent sets to incur damage were our own. We’d actually built new sets to be burned down for the episode — only to see them go up in flames before we could touch them ourselves. So here’s what we have: a fire broke during an episode called “Firestarter” on the sets of a show all about ghosts… we’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Read much more from Kim and Ian after the jump. read more

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