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Ghost Whisperer Producers Counting Down to Season 5 Premiere

Ghost Whisperer

Here we go!

We've made it to final episode for Season 4 we kick off Season 5. Believe it or not, we're still putting finishing touches on our premiere episode, but should have it all locked up at the beginning of next week. Yikes!

In our season premiere, you will be personally introduced to Melinda and Jim's new baby at the moment the baby is put into Melinda's arms. At that moment, Melinda and Jim will send, online, to all their Ghost Whisperer friends, a customized baby announcement with fabulous photos and details about their precious new gift. To receive this ...
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Ghost Whisperer Producers Dish on the New Set


Man, have we been running!  Writers are writing, directors are directing, crew and everyone are prepping and shooting (and more prepping and shooting). Actors are acting, post is editing and visual fx-ing. The composer is composing and sound and digital media have been working steadily to get ready to premiere Ghost Whisperer on Sept. 25.

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Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk "Stage Fright," New Season

Ahh! It's great to have Ghost Whisperer back on the air tonight. Two weeks ago, we asked you about your favorite moments on Ghost Whisperer and man did you share!  T.Davis, Erin Lee, Jen71 and many others posted that their favorite part of the show is the relationship between Melinda and Jim because they're a loving couple that supports one another. We love that GW sports a functional, successful marriage.  As we move forward this season, Mel and Jim's passion for each other grows and added to that is the new joy of parenting.  Make sure you tune into CBS at 8/7c on Sept. 25 to see their ... read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Offer Tips for Dealing with Supernatural


We've got good news and not-so-great news. In the not-so-great category, we're not on the air this week. On the "good news" side, we've got lots going on at Ghost Whisperer and we're gonna bring you into the fold right now.

So, lets get going — we'd like to help you fine tune your paranormal radar. Supernatural things are taking place all around us in ghost land here at Universal Studios, and most likely it's happening all around you, too. Did you know that Jim and Melinda's house is the Boo Radley house that they built to shoot the brilliant movie To Kill A Mockingbird? When we shoot in and around the house there's always lots of ghost activity. Our crew has even put equipment down in the house and if they turn away and come back, it's moved. It's a very noisy house — especially when none of us are in it.

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What Do You Like About Ghost Whisperer?


David Conrad and we all thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts and wishes you posted last week. Just so you know, despite having to work excessively, David had a wonderful birthday, complete with a decadent chocolate cake from his Ghost Whisperer family and lots of singing (some good — including Ian, P.K. and Love and the writers, cast and crew; some really bad — Kim is a really a terrible singer. It's in the genes!) FYI:  David saw every one of your wishes ...
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Happy Birthday to Ghost Whisperer's David Conrad!

Welcome back!

In honor of his birthday, today's blog will focus on our favorite leading man, David Conrad, who will celebrate his birthday on Monday, Aug. 17!

When we first started casting Ghost Whisperer we searched high and low for the perfect actor to play Jim, but this soon became quite a challenge! In fact, we were ...
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Ghost Whisperer Producers Answer More of Your Questions

We'd like to respond to a few fan questions before we get into tonight's show.

To Xxlaurahxx, who asked where do spirits go when they go into the Light? Mary Ann Winkowski, our real life ghost buster, tells us that beyond the Light there is an energy that is different than what's on the plain we're on. Check out the video on Mary Ann's website for more details. Once a spirit crosses over into the Light, Mary Ann does not have communication with them — she can only talk with earth-bound spirits. However, this season Melinda will get some insight beyond the Light. So make sure you check in with us on Friday nights because we think you'll be very surprised with what you learn.

To CriminalMindsChick, thanks for your posting. Good to know. We'll give your input some thought.

To Erin Lee — from the question you posted, sounds like ... read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Share Tales From Comic-Con


Thanks so much for the overwhelming responses to our blog last week! You gave us so much amazing feedback about the show and posted additional questions that we will try to answer moving forward. But, first — as promised — we want to share with you what happened at Comic-Con.

The Ghost Whisperer cast and executive producers arrived at Comic-Con to an overwhelming — truly overwhelming — crowd of excited fans at the IDW booth. The convention floor was so jammed with people that it was hard to navigate the floor. But the enthusiasm of everyone was contagious. Cheering, flashing cameras and, a lot of love!  Jennifer Love Hewitt, Camryn Manheim, Jamie Kennedy and Christoph Sanders signed autographs, talking to each fan as they came down the sign-line. FYI: David Conrad was unfortunately unable to attend on Sunday — he really wanted to be there and felt bad that he had a last minute schedule conflict, which prevented him from attending.  As many of you know, David was at Comic-Con last year and had a huge presence at our fan panel. He sends his very best to all of you from the set today! CLICK HERE for pics of your fellow Ghost Whisperer fans at the signing.

We found it interesting to talk with so many ...
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The Ghost Whisperer Producers: Questions and Answers

Ghost Whisperer


We've got questions for you!

We want to know more about your interests in the spirit world. Please review the questions below and post your responses in the comments section, so we can be mindful of what's on your mind and we'll create a dialogue about it.

  • What is it that you want to know about ghosts and the spirit world that you don't yet know?
  • What haven't you seen about the spirit world on TV, in books, or feature films that you would like to see?
  • Why are you hooked into the spirit world?

Thanks for your input, and we can't wait for your thoughts!

OK, so by now you know that Ghost Whisperer is making a big appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con. We only have one thing to add to last week's blog about it: While we're at Comic-Con, we'll be doing ... read more

The Ghost Whisperer Producers: Feeling the Emmy Love

Ghost Whisperer's Melinda, by graphic artist Joselle "Josie" Ho


The results are in and it's official: Ghost Whisperer has received two Emmy nominations! Our brilliant composer, Mark Snow, was nominated for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series — the episode submitted for consideration was "Leap of Faith"

"Leap of Faith" was written by P.K. Simonds — and if you've seen it, you'll agree that he did a fabulous, fabulous job and it was directed beautifully directed by Ian. This is Mark's second Ghost Whisperer Emmy nod since we've been on the air. Kudos to all!

Also, Ghost Whisperer was nominated for ... read more

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