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Ghost Whisperer Producers Discuss "Save Our Souls"

We hope everyone had a happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving.   
Over holiday weekend, we aired one of our favorite Ghost Whisperer episodes, "Save Our Souls."

In this episode, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Jim (David Conrad) take a romantic cruise, where Melinda stumbles on a ghost who wreaks havoc on a newlywed couple. Filmed on location aboard the historical and luxurious ocean liner HRS, Queen Mary, (which we affectionately dubbed the "Queen Scary") this episode takes Ghost Whisperer on a high sea adventure.  Since the vessel that we shot on has not been out to sea in several years, our visual effects gurus (Armen and Art and their amazing team) did a dynamic job is making the ship look sea-worthy and way cool.  Please take a behind-the-scenes look at the total VFX process within "Save Our Souls" (and  "Ghost In The Machine" which they also did lots of creative work on.
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Ghost Whisperer Producers Preview "Lost in the Shadows"

Ghost Whisperer - Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hi guys,
An all new GHOST WHISPERER broadcasts tonight and this is the episode that you don't want to miss.  It turns up the mythology of Season 5, big time.  
In "Lost In The Shadows" Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Jim (David Conrad) grapple with the classic parenting dilemma of the bad seed playmate -- but in their case their son's playmate is a... read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Answer Readers' Questions

It's official! Jennifer Love Hewitt is a nominee for The People's Choice Awards!!! YEAH! Thanks to each and every one of you for voting for her as your Favorite TV Drama Actress. NOW LETS REALLY GET OUT THE VOTE!  Go back to the site and vote daily! Then after you vote (every day from now until December 8th), click here to "Encourage Friends to Vote"! To help remind you to keep voting, use our Facebook and MySpace 'Love art.'  Let's give Love some love!
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Ghost Whisperer Producers Preview "Devil's Bargain"

We love, love, love the pix that you submitted to the Ghost Whisperer Ghost Gallery. Some were spooky...some charming...and some absolutely hilarious! Check out our favorites here. Many thanks to everyone who tuned in for Friday night's "Head Over Heels." With your help, Ghost Whisperer was the "Most Watched Show of the Night!" Every week you all join together to take another Ghost Whisperer journey and we really appreciate it.  Here's a new interactive way to brush up on your Ghost Whisperer knowledge! The GHOST WHISPERER GHOST WIKI, which we just created here in GW-land. It is a comprehensive guide to all the ghosts that have haunted Ghost Whisperer starting with the pilot and moving forward into Season 5. The GHOST WIKI boasts a full Ghost Database, and incorporates the very popular Ask Mary Ann Blog. CHECK IT OUT!  
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Ghost Whisperer's Spooky Halloween

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Halloween is finally upon us! Before we get into all the spooky delights we have in store for you, we'd like to give a special shout-out to our leading man, David Conrad, who represented Ghost Whisperer in the CBS Volunteerism Campaign. View his PSA online here and register to make a difference in your community while you're there! read more

Ghost Whisperer Gets Ready for Halloween

Ghost Whisperer

It's that time of year, oh-yeah!
Get ready for next Friday night when you can sip "shocktails" and devour "horror d'oeuvres" while watching a very special Ghost Whisperer Halloween Fright Night that includes tons of Love from the Spirit World. Everyone at Ghost Whisperer is hard at work on Halloween Tricks and Treats. Be sure to check back with us right here on Tuesday, October 27th for our very special blog that will help you close in on the Ghost Whisperer mystery being rolled out on Halloween weekend. In regards to next Friday's all new original episode, we're being asked over and over, what's it all about? House hauntings? Broken hearts and never ending love? Legends and myths? Ghostly equestrians galloping across fog-shrouded countryside's? Vampires on the prowl of unsuspecting victims? To find out for yourself, check right in here on Tuesday for clues and spooky, fun online stuff to do all of next week.
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Ghost Whisperer Producers Spill on Their Scariest Episode Yet

Ghost Whisperer

So now you know the plot twist for "Til Death Do Us Start"!  From the comments that you've posted, it seems this episode had you guessing right 'til the very end. Special thanks to co-executive producer Mark B. Perry for writing such a terrific story.  (BTW: Have any of you checked out his cool antiques store, M & M Antiques, that he just opened—we have reason to believe that some of the things are H-A-U-N-T-E-D!  Just in time for Halloween.)
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Ghost Whisperer Producers Preview "Til Death Do Us Start"

Jamie Kennedy


We hope you enjoyed last week's episode, "See No Evil." Wasn't Sally Stitch spooky? It took our make-up department an hour to glue those stitches onto our actors. Now that's dedication to the craft! The cliff-hanger with the little girl at the end will have a lot of significance to Melinda in the near future. Stay tuned! read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk Successful Season Premiere

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Thank you all for helping make our season premiere a great success! We've read your messages on the boards and we're so glad to hear that you enjoyed and were pleasantly surprised by the first episode! "Birthday Presence" was directed by Jennifer Love Hewitt — she is one of the few triple threats in Hollywood (actor, director, executive producer) at this time. We don't believe there has been an actor to wear all three hats on a drama since the late Michael Landon with Little House on the Prairie. It's quite a daunting task to undertake, but Love handled it effortlessly. Then, wait until you see what we've got lined up for the 100th episode (which she also directs)! We promise, this is just the beginning.

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Ghost Whisperer Producers: The New Season's Here!

Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad

We are so excited that the Season 5 Premiere of Ghost Whisperer is finally here! In celebration, Ghost Whisperer is launching our largest interactive project to date with the music video "Ghost Magic" featuring Keaton Simons' popular song "Without Your Skin." The video uses various symbols related to the spirit world and the show that appear in the video as magic tricks performed by the ghost magician.  Additionally, viewers can reveal hidden ghostly surprises that are also interactive components of the ghost magic story. We hope you'll check it out and let us know what you think! Special thanks to our friends at GMC Acadia for making this video possible!

We want you to be a part of Melinda and Jim's special delivery day! At the moment in the season premiere when the newborn is ... read more

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