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Ghost Whisperer Producers Thank Fans for Celebrating 100th Episode

Thank you for joining us in the celebration of our 100th episode milestone by watching Ghost Whisperer last Friday and for checking out all the other '100th' activities that went on from March 1st through the 5th.  Ghost Whisperer fan clubs, YOU ROCK!!!  And, a special shout out to the GHOST WHISPERER FRENCH FAN CLUB who took out an ad in the March 4th Variety Ghost Whisperer Special Edition. read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk 100th Episode


GHOST WHISPERER'S 100TH EPISODE IS FINALLY HERE! "IMPLOSION" is the name of the episode — and we can't wait to share it with you on March 5 at 8:00 pm ET/PT on CBS.  We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this amazing journey.  Ghost Whisperer wouldn't be the show it is today without the loyal support of YOU!

IMPLOSION was written by Ghost Whisperer creator John Gray. It was directed by our own "triple threat" Jennifer Love Hewitt. She not only stars in the show, but she directs and executive produces it. Talk about multi-tasking. Check out photos of her in action here. read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Discuss "See No Evil"

We've all experienced our fair share of chain letters (or now emails) that warn us to pass a message on to 10 people in order to receive good luck or to avoid bad luck. But what if you receive one that predicts something far worse? Would you risk it or dismiss it?
That is the predicament for... read more

The Ghost Whisperer Team Gears Up for the 100th Episode

We are in the process of fine-tuning our explosive 100th episode, which is directed by Jennifer Love Hewitt and will air Friday, March 5th. It's very interesting to read all of your comments and theories about who will die in this milestone show. We don't want to give anything away, but we can tell you that it is going to be an emotional episode you won't want to miss! In the meantime, see how this season began in "Birthday Presence." read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Discuss "Dead to Me"

Get ready for a thriller episode as we introduce Margaret Cho to Grandview this Friday in "Dead to Me." She will play the recurring role of Professor Avery Grant. Margaret was a pleasure to work with and we learned she also is a believer in the paranormal. She and her husband have a Ouija Board collection with boards dating back to the 1920s! read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk "Living Nightmare"

Hello! We're so glad to be back on the air for you this week with a brand new episode of Ghost Whisperer!  This week, check out David Conrad in "Living Nightmare" as Jim helps Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) solve a mystery filled with twists and turns. This episode takes full advantage of our new hospital set and Jim's ability to use his skills as a doctor to help Melinda solve a case. Additionally, this is the 13th episode of the season and we began filming on for it on Friday the 13th, so we knew it would have some creepy elements from the very beginning! read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk "Dead Air"

Thank you to the millions of fans who tuned in Friday night for Ghost Whisperer's "Dead Air." It's great to hear that many of you enjoyed the story line and mother/son turmoil of Christoph Sanders' and Camryn Manheim's characters, Ned and Delia. This week the saga continues as Ned finds himself captivated with another young co-ed. We're betting his dating habits will be a lot different this time around! read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Preview "Dead Air"

The cast and crew are back from a nice holiday hiatus, and we're refreshed and ready to crank out more exciting episodes of Ghost Whisperer for you to watch Friday nights at 8 pm on CBS. 2009 culminated with Jennifer Love Hewitt directing our 100th episode, which is scheduled to air... read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Look Back on 2009

This has been a historic week as we filmed the 100th episode of Ghost Whisperer! On Monday, the studio and network recognized our 100th milestone with a Ghost Whisperer-themed cake and champagne celebration on Village Square. The entire cast and crew was there to celebrate the occasion. We received  touching congratulatory remarks from CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler, Jennifer Love Hewitt, P.K. Simonds and even John Gray spoke to us live from New York through the power of... read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Preview "Excessive Forces"

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer


Jennifer Love Hewitt has begun her first day of prep as the director of GHOST WHISPERER'S 100th EPISODE.  The show begins shooting December 9th and will broadcast on March 5, 2010 on CBS.  There will be much... read more

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