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Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk Season Finale


We have an all new original episode tonight, "The Children's Parade," which was written and directed by John Gray. It is filled with suspense and the emotion of Melinda at the intersection of the Living and the Dead. You won't want to miss it and here's why: As Melinda investigates a poltergeist in the hospital in which Jim works, the mystery touches on a much bigger source of danger, and a final showdown looms with the forces from the dark side of the spirit world which threaten Melinda and her family.

"The Children's Parade" was written and directed by creator John Gray. He dedicates this episode in memory of his mother, Betty Gray (1924-2010), whom he loss during the filming of this episode. We're sure you join us in sending John lots of love and thanking him for doing such an amazing job on the show.
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Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk "Dead Ringer"

Hi Everyone!
Thank you so much for all the helpful feedback on last week's Ghost Whisperer episode and this upcoming ALL NEW ORIGINAL EPISODE, "Dead Ringer". We've been reading your comments on and YouTube, and many of you seem intrigued by the "tease" at the end of last week's episode, in which Mel and Jim are arguing. No worries — it all leads to a deeper, richer relationship. And, what happens after a fallout in the strongest of relationships? More romance, of course. Even in the best romances there's conflict. (Ian and I can personally vouch for that as we are not only business partners, we're also married.) What's great about Jim and Melinda is ... read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk "Blood Money"

Hel-lo!  Hel-lo!

This is the second sweeps week in a row for Ghost Whisperer and we're going on the air with another all new original episode. The crime-solving mystery in "Blood Money" hits the sweet spot of all you armchair detectives! When three young college kids stumble onto a stash of buried cash, they unearth more than a windfall. Turns out they've literally stirred the bones of a long dead kidnapping victim — and angered not only a vengeful ghost, but a dangerous criminal who still wants the money. You're gonna love this episode!
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Ghost Whisperer Returns With "Lethal Combination"

Ghost Whisperer is back with a series of all new episodes that drive us right into the season finale, and we're so excited. Make sure you tune in every Friday night from today through May 21st — 8:00pm ET/PT on CBS.

We hope you love tonight's episode in the new block of originals as much as we do. It's titled "Lethal Combination." Spring is in the air in Grandview, and after working really hard over the past couple of weeks, Jim decides to surprise his beloved Melinda with a romantic date night. But there's a new ghost in town and it's got something else in mind for Melinda. Beware! Haunted nanny! After this mysterious ghost spools out clues to Melinda about a neighborhood nanny who's very up close and personal, Melinda must unravel a twisted relationship that reveals a haunting secret history. The theme of the show is universal to all of us — trusting the person you let care for your child when you need help. What is the history of that person and how is that going to affect my family? The saying, "the hand the rocks the cradle rules the world," is so true.
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Ghost Whisperer Producers Gear Up for New Episodes

We're gearing up to launch a whole series of all new original Ghost Whisperer episodes that focus on Melinda, the ghost of the week, and the romance between Melinda and Jim. We think you're really going to love them. The first new episode airs on April 30 and it's about a haunted nanny who comes into Melinda's life and creates a lot of mystery and intrigue. After all, 'the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.' Next week, we'll have more on this — so be sure you check back. And always, always, always, post what you're thinking. We care about how you feel about Ghost Whisperer and we want to know about your personal encounters with the spirit world.

Congratulations to Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda) for being named one of OK Magazine's 50 Sexiest Singles! For an online peek, click here.

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Ghost Whisperer Producers Preview "Do Over"

Before we begin, we'd like to send our heartfelt prayers to the families of the 29 miners lost in the West Virginia mining accident. Our deepest condolences from everyone at Ghost Whisper to those touched by this tragedy.
New development — Check out Ghost Whisperer's newest installment on the web: Ghost Whisper: The Other Side IV webisode No. 1-3 available at Sponsored by GMC Acadia, Ghost Whisper: The Other Side IV is one of the longest running web series inspired by a dramatic television series. and CBS Web Originals will post a new webisode and interactive companion game each week from now to May 21. Check out this cool webisode promo: read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers: "This is a Great Whodunit"

Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV - Webseries

Hi everyone!
Ghost Whisperer is back with an all-new original episode.
When the ghost of a private investigator haunts Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), she can't cross him over until she closes a very personal and haunting case. This is a great whodunit!
"Dead Eye" was written by executive producers P.K. Simonds and Laurie McCarthy. It was directed by John Behring.
This episode guest stars John Asher as Charlie (NCIS, CSI), Matt Lowe as Todd (Endwar, Double Trouble), Bruce Davison as Josh Bedford (X-men), Erin Chambers as Sherry (Cold Case, Medium), Jeff Hephner as Alex (Easy Money, Private Practice), and Allison Andreas as Brittany (Belittled, 8 Simple Rules).

Musically, the episode features "Cabin" by Mark Feldman, "In Case I Go Again" by Mikey Wax, "Lifetime" by Katharine McPhee (Verve Music Group), "Morning" by Michael Kisur, "Against the Girl" by In For the Kill, "Not A Lullaby" By The Weepies (Nettwerk), and "Ready to Love Again" by Lady Antebellum (Capital Records Nashville). read more

Graphic Novels Come to Life on Ghost Whisperer

A graphic novelist's livelihood — and life — are threatened when a vengeful ghost takes over his pen, using it to predict violent events that start to come true. "On Thin Ice" is very special episode that takes you into a world Ghost Whisperer has explored on multi platforms (comic books, graphic novels, interactive DVD special features, on-line assets, Comic-Con, etc.), but NEVER explored in a TV episode. On April 2, Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) will experience the spirit world like you've never seen it before — through a haunted graphic novel that comes to life. You won't want to miss this stunning all new original episode guest-starring Margaret Cho! read more

Behind the Scenes at Ghost Whisperer

This week marked production of the final episode of Ghost Whisperer Season 5! Without giving too much away, we just have to share these behind-the-scenes photos from the finale. You'll have to tune in on May 21st to get it! read more

Ghost Whisperer Producers Preview "On Thin Ice"

Hello! Hello!
It's basketball time, and while Ghost Whisperer won't be on the air for the next two Fridays due to the tourney, we wanted to touch base with you on the latest GW news. But first and foremost, please, please, please make sure that you're buzzing about the episodes that you're watching. We truly care what you think and how you're feeling about the season. Episode 517 "On Thin Ice" is coming up next. Ian directed the episode and it is visually stunning — it takes you into the world of comic book artists in a very unique way. And, of course, it's a tip of the hat to all you Comic-Con fans. (We'll catch you in San Diego this summer!) Be sure to check out "On Thin Ice," Friday, April 2nd at 8 pm on CBS. You won't believe it! read more

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