Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson, Saving Grace: "Am I Going to Lose Her?"

Kenneth Johnson, Saving Grace

This week's episode of Saving Grace (Tuesdays at 10/9 CT, TNT) — "Am I Going to Lose Her?" — was a really grueling and crazy experience for me. It involved running, stress, panic, running, fear, adrenaline, more running, and feeling like I was going out of my mind.

At the beginning of the episode, we lose our Grace when ... read more

Kenneth Johnson, Saving Grace: Inside a "Really Cool" Episode

Kenny Johnson here, subbing for Bailey Chase. I'm going to blog the "Moooo" episode of Saving Grace because the plotline surrounds Hasidic Jews, and I found it fascinating.

Here in L.A., I live in the middle of the Hasidic community and have always been curious about the outfits, the sideburns, their beliefs, etc. So in preparation, I watched a two-hour documentary to ... read more

You Are My Partner

The summer finale episode, "You Are My Partner," was the toughest for me. I had to go to a very dark place with Holly's character, who was trying her hardest to understand and have patience with Ham. It was draining and very emotionally upsetting.
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Are You An Indian Princess?

This week's episode of Saving Grace, "Are You An Indian Princess?", is full of a lot of flavors. The storyline involves the murder of a female and kidnapping of her son. The kid was amazing. One of the suspects is a 22-year-old Brad Pitt look-alike (played by Ryan Carnes). He did a wonderful job. He told me he was on Desperate Housewives for two years as a kid's boyfriend. We have a number of mutual friends from that show. We're also both friends with Michael Shurtleff, who was my first acting teacher out here. He passed away last year and I directed and starred in a short movie he wrote.Gwyneth Horder-Payton directed this episode. She also directed for The Shield. She was great. Stephen T. Kay stopped by the Valley when we were shooting at a hospital. He knows a bunch of us from The Shield, and it was cool to see him.The scripts keep getting darker, and there's a lot of tension as the characters unravel. These are crazy times! It's so exciting! Peace. read more

Do You Love Him?

"Do You Love Him?" is a heartbreaking and painful, but awesome episode. It features my older, gay brother, Nick, played by Jack Connelly. This man is 6'5"... a mountain! We had two cops from Oklahoma City fly out to see us on the set. They were the real deal. Their names were Paco and Jermain. In one scene, Grace and I are trying to figure out who Nick’s lover is. Nick’s character is older and more refined than Ham's. We used Paco and Jermain on the set, but we never hinted at what the set-up was. It ended up that Paco was playing my brother's lover! He will never hear the end of that from the cops out in Oklahoma City.We hit home with my younger bro, played by Judson Mills, who was in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban. It was really some of the funniest stuff and closest to the heart. Grace and Ham get closer in every way imaginable at this point. It is awesome with Artie Mandelberg as our director/executive producer. The script is great. Along with episode ... read more

A Fierce, White-Hot and Mighty Love

Episode 4 of this season's Saving Grace, "It's a Fierce, White-Hot, Mighty Love," was directed by our other executive producer, Gary Randall. He’s our general and is doing a great job. We have 18 kids around the age of 13 in this episode, and they are a riot. They have this never-ending, awesome energy that keeps them rocking out.I spent most of my time with characters like Clay (played by Dylan Minnette), who I think is amazing. He’s sooooooo good. Holly [Hunter] and I had some really cool scenes (like always). It was really fun and challenging.Butchy (Bailey Chase) was great, as were Bobby (Gregory Norman Cruz) and Laura San Giacomo (who is always great) and Lorraine [Toussaint, Kate]. I loved Anne’s writing. Nancy, our creator, hung out a lot. She is the best! Peace for now, KJTNT's Saving Grace airs Mondays at 10 pm/ET. read more

A Little Hometown Love

In this week's episode of Saving Grace, "A Little Hometown Love," we have this guy named Adam Davidson directing, and he's awesome. I believe he has won an award for directing a film, and I've heard his reel is outstanding. Holly [Hunter] and I totally dig him.A buddy of mine, Judson Mills, is in this episode too. We did a film together called Major League 3, and he's doing great work. We've had scenes for days now and are both bruised and tired. Bailey [Chase] is great in it. Judson, Bails and I had a crazy scene at my place. This is the first time it shows upon the show.Also there's a murder of a fellow cop in the bar. It takes place in the bathroom, about five feet from Grace and I. Amy Madigan guest stars and she is an amazing actress and was so freakin' good. She's definitely a standout, married to Ed Harris in real life. She's plays the wacky wife of the murder victim. It's a murder that may not get solved. Was a cool ride. Peace. KJTNT's Saving Grace airs Mondays at 10 pm/ET. read more

One Heck of a Guy

This week’s episode of Saving Grace, “A Survivor Lives Here,” is a tremendous one that Guy Ferland is directing. He did a bunch of episodes of The Shield when I was working on that show. He also did two episodes for us last year, including the episode where I tell Grace that I love her. Guy rocks.Holly [Hunter] does such amazing work. She’s always on her “A” game. She’s so multitalented and has such depth. She really proves it in this episode, in which we have to deal with children of who lost a parent in the OKC bombing. Everyone is affected by this one. All of our characters lost someone because of McVeigh and his partner. We all spent time in OKC with the cops that were there and were among the first to respond. This episode depicts a tragic loss that affected many. I understood 9/11, but I never comprehended the OKC bombing of April 19, 1995, until I was in Oklahoma talking to the locals. Their stories struck me to the bone.This epi... read more

Season 2, Week 1

The first episode of the new season of Saving Grace is awesome. We got a killer script by Nancy Miller, the creator of the show. About week before shooting the episode, we went into rehearsal so we'd be up to speed when we started. Our other executive producer, Art Mandelberg, directed the episode, and everyone really brought his A game.The story jumps right back in where we left off last season, with Grace’s character dealing with the priest that molested her when she was a girl. Stories about child molestation can stir up a lot of emotions, and it’s not an easy topic to tackle. I did a ton of research on the Catholic Church and the child-molestation scandal, including all the cover-ups and non-accountability in the states and other countries. I got pretty fired up inside and felt a lot of sorrow for those affected. I hope this episode helps keep the issue in people’s minds so that things like that don’t happen again.TNT's Saving Grace airs Mondays at 10 p... read more

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