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Part Three - The Conclusion

“That’s the OZ I remember. I am so glad to be home.” ~ DGThat’s it? This is where the journey beyond the yellow brick road ends – one big happy family (and a few friends) smiling at the sunrise. For this darker re-imaging of the Wizard of Oz I expected a more satisfying ending then smiles and sunshine, especially after this final chapter full of action and homage’s to the Baum classic.It started off with DG and company finally reaching Finaqua, and DG skipping a stone shaped as a heart, activating a holographic message from her mother. In which she tells DG to seek out Ahamo for the rest of her journey. Ahamo is her father Toto tells DG, and since abandoning her mother has been hiding in the realm of the Unwanted. But before they even reach the realm, Cain brings up issue with were the loyalties of Toto lie, and in result he travels with them now solely in pooch form.The realm of the Unwanted brings trouble as the gang is falsely lured by a gypsy who... read more

"Search for the Emerald"

Hello my fellow Ozians, it’s good to hear from me isn’t it? Ok, don’t burst my bubble - I will admit this action packed chapter held my attention more, and really wasn’t too shabby.I took pause in the opening scene tonight trying to think how Tin Man could send Dorothy (I mean DG) back to Kansas already. Maybe that would have been a more exciting twist having DG trying to find her way back into the O.Z., but alas we should have know it was all the evil trickery of Azkadellia (aka Bitchzellia as one of you wittily referred to her as). “You are twisted,” declared DG to Azkadellia having seen she has re-programmed Hank and Em to be her parents now. Is that her story – desperately seeking attention and approval from her mother and longing to get out of DG’s spot light?Azkadellia tries to (unsuccessfully and unconvincingly) play the sympathy family card on DG. She apologies for her actions when they where younger, chalking it up to child foolishnes... read more

"Into the Storm"

"This isn't a nightmare. This is the O.Z. — Outer Zone." — GlitchI don't think we are in Kansas anymore…or at least not the Kansas we all know and love. The Sci-Fi Channel has definitely taken us on a journey far beyond the yellow brick road we are used to with the dark mini-series Tin Man.The series opens up on a young woman having bad dreams (that could mirror the boat-ride scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory mind you), which feature a lady with lavender eyes warning her of a storm that is coming. She is then speeding to work on her motorcycle when a cop starts to pursue her. She quickly hides, and then rushes inside to the HillTop Cafe where she works, and changes into her uniform — a blue and white gingham dress (a la Judy Garland's Dorothy), pigtails and all. A customer is waiting for pie, she is told. That customer is police officer Elmer Gulch (another shout out to the classic MGM picture), with a speeding ticket in hand. Meet DG (Zooey Descha... read more


Now, I was all prepared to write what a dull episode of CI this week – then the last ten minutes happened. Who would have thought Frasier’s Roz ( Peri Gilpin) was a killer? Great bonus this week, we had two enjoyable guest stars – more on that later, now to the case.A football team wins homecoming and celebrates by having a party that includes beer and two strippers. When the party gets sour, one of the girls, Carla cries rape and it is turned into a high profile case against three of the football players. We join the case after the key witness, the other dancer Traci, is found dead after being pushed down the stairs outside her apartment. Traci was going to testify on behave of Carla in the rape case against the football players.As the investigation by Falacci and Logan begins, it looks like Carla’s boyfriend was going to turn out to be the murderer – or at least that is what I thought. How ironic that Andrew McCarthy played Bronx A.D.A., Gene Hoyle who wa... read more


I don't know if it is safer to dive underwater by yourself or with a partner after watching tonight's episode. Heck, I think it's better if we all just stay out of the water — unless some of you are already after the treasure that wasn't recovered!A dead scuba diver washed up on shore attracts the attention of Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio ) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe), not to mention the FBI, on suspicions that he was a terrorist looking at underwater gas lines. Goren and the FBI agent right away butt heads on a number of issues. After debating if anything useful would be found on the murdered diver's camera, I loved the line the FBI agent said to Goren: "If I find any pictures of Nemo, you'll be the first one I call."The murdered diver's girlfriend, Dana, is "dating" his partner, Chilly aka Stan, on the side. And for a while it looks like they are the ones who murdered Rick, to have the treasure all to themselves. Further into the investigation we are introduced to Dana's ... read more


Better late than never, this recap will kick off the Law & Order: CI blog for the season. And what a good episode to start off with!So first off, what did we learn? One, earrings are the key, and two, do not try speed dating.The case started off with a tied-up blonde murderer with emerald earrings on that sent off warning signs, which then led to the arrest of writer (if he could be called that) Noah Brezner. Things were not looking good for Noah as nothing he said was being validated by Detectives Falacci and Logan. His wife did not know what was going on, his girlfriend on the side was lying against him, and Noah kept claiming he was being framed — which I believed.Turns out he was being blackmailed by his girlfriend, who was working for her lawyer/lover, who was the real con who blackmailed married men for money. It was an unhappy ending as Noah committed suicide in jail, not being able to stand the girlfriend's betrayal, while the lawyer and girlfriend headed off to jai... read more

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