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December 7, 2006: With the Irish, Things Tend to Escalate

Tonight was chock full of surprises, but the biggest of them all was the return of the elusive Lynn — complete with her own “Jack” tattoo prominently displayed around her wrist. I wanted to dislike Lynn, but Justine Bateman is so darn likable. She hardly displayed an ounce of maliciousness or craziness (and we all know she must be crazy to have left Jack). Although, it did definitely catch me off guard when she blurted out that she was pregnant. That scene just didn’t feel right. Understandably, Lynn was scared, but to just blurt out “What if something is wrong with the baby?” Hello, what baby? Maybe explain that first. But all in all, it was a great twist to have Lynn show up and stir things up a bit. It would feel like cheating if Marin and Jack didn’t face a whole set of complications on their road to eternal bliss.On that note, the one couple that you could count on to be completely uncomplicated, Annie and Patrick, are facing the most problems... read more

November 22, 2006: Outside Perspectives

The format of tonight’s episode was wonderful. The way the flashback and present day scenes were tied together was very effective. I loved how as each of the family members finished describing their loved one the scene would switch to the loved one proving that their assessment was correct. As an example: Malcolm really did “take care of his own” by accompanying Franny to her mother’s house. The whole encounter at the mother’s house, by the way, was a bit unsatisfying. Eva’s integrity is constantly being questioned and each time she is fully exonerated and even proven to be a little bit nicer or purer than she was originally thought. I also found it intriguing that the police were so interested in the hostages’ personalities. It never occurred to me, or I never really considered, how much of the action inside the bank was determined by how the individuals reacted, rather than the way the robbers conducted themselves. Of course, we have se... read more

November 10, 2006: The Return of the Real Man?

My heart broke when Jack told Marin that their relationship would never be the same. The one word that I truly hate to hear a character utter is “never.” Sure, their relationship was thrown a bit off balance, but now it can never be the same? And how cruel was Jack when he threw Marin’s copy of The New Yorker into the fire? Actually, he was unbelievably cold to Marin the entire episode; there was not an ounce of tenderness on his face at any point. Is this how a “real man” behaves? Of course, being confronted by two obnoxious women (Cheryl and Meryl) was probably not the most enjoyable experience, and then to also know that tons of people read personal things about you — well, yes, maybe he was a bit justified in being upset. But why did he have to thrown around that word, "never"? Even Chief Celia, arguably the most stubborn woman in Elmo, made an effort to adjust to her unseating as Patrick’s only mother — in her own way. When Mai told Pa... read more

November 1, 2006: "All About Eva"

Tonight really was “All About Eva.” What I found most interesting was how easily Nick and Kathryn’s opinion of Eva was swayed. Granted, there was some convincing evidence that she may have been involved in the robbery, but the bond the hostages share seemed so strong that I was a little surprised that they seriously suspected that Eva was an accomplice. In the flashbacks, Eva does appear to behave suspiciously, and the connection between her ex-boyfriend Carlos and Randall seemed a bit too coincidental. In fact, the writers did such a terrific job of convincing me that Eva may have been involved that now I am not completely satisfied with how she was exonerated; there are some loose ends. One example: what did Randall say to her when she came back with Lucas? Another example would be the plane tickets to Phoenix, which are particularly hard for me to understand. It never seemed like the connection between Nick and Eva was that strong. It appeared that they had a simp... read more

October 6, 2006: Looks Like Someone Got His Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar

Communication is the topic of this week’s episode, and of course everything turns into one big miscommunication. As much as it was unavoidable that Marin and Jack were going to end up together, it still seemed too early to have them jump into bed. OK, yes, neither of them actually wants to date and they are both obviously attracted to each other, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of options for them, but I am not surprised that sleeping together isn’t leading them to anything meaningful yet. I guess I am fine with them ultimately reaching a decision to be “just friends.” Although, clearly, they are not “just friends.” Immediately after determining their “friend” status, Jack teaches her how to fly-fish by putting his arms around her. It looks like next week they delve into the topic of whether it is possible to be “just friends” with someone you are attracted to. Should be interesting.... Annie and Patrick were the best part of... read more

October 4, 2006: Nine Scores a Ten

Jeremy (the delightful Scott Wolf) asks his girlfriend, Lizzie (Jessica Collins): “It was just a moment.... Does it have to mean everything?” This seems to be one of the questions The Nine is setting out to answer. And the answer appears to be “yes.” In the grand scheme of life, the 52 hours the nine main characters spent together in the bank were essentially “just a moment.” But the repercussions for the hostages are endless. It is the events destined to follow that are going to make or break this show for me. Scott Wolf has been a favorite of mine since his Party of Five days (before the alcoholism took over his story line), but I wanted to ring his neck when he kissed Franny (Prison Break’s Camille Guaty). Especially considering how adorable and wholesome and pregnant his girlfriend is. Although I have to say, something about Jeremy and Lizzie’s relationship seems off. Obviously, they were pretty serious. Lizzie was excited to tell him abou... read more

September 29, 2006: Identity Crisis

It seems as though everyone in Elmo is experiencing an identity crisis. Clearly, Marin is completely lost and searching for herself in this small Alaskan village. We already knew that. Although this week she seems to really be struggling, which seems justified — she is dealing with rumors that she is dead. But now this crisis seems to have engulfed the entire town — literally. The townspeople question what it is that makes Elmo special after they are dumped by their sister town. All due to a population drop that demotes Elmo to village status. Of course relationship coach Marin jumps right in with advice on how to land a new mate — one that actually appreciates what makes Elmo special. This is where the plot gets good. Marin along with her ever-loyal fans, Annie and Patrick, make a humorous trio as they attempt to woo Matexi (I attempted to spell that phonetically) and somehow make Elmo appear to be exactly what the people of Matexi need. This plan of making yourse... read more

September 22, 2006: How Much Do You Think You're Worth?

Another fine episode. I love how everything always comes around full circle and connects to underscore the excellent lesson of the night. The Bachelor Auction was the perfect backdrop for exploring the question of self-worth, which is something that I think lots of people struggle with. Anne Heche is doing a splendid job taking us along on her journey to understanding (and appreciating) exactly how valuable she is alone. The only question that nags at the back of my mind while I watch is how problematic Jack is to Marin being alone. I really like James Tupper's character -- he plays the ruggedly handsome, slightly arrogant man well. I am torn between really rooting for Marin and Jack and wanting to join in Marin's celebration of her freedom. A truly newfound freedom — heck, she's been in a relationship since she was 14. I think we are going to have to watch her "invest in herself" for a while before she can invest in Jack, or anyone else for that matter.I am really interested... read more

September 15, 2006: Alaskan Tap Water Isn't So Bad

Marin continues on her journey to self-discovery with a new job, a new love interest (kind of), new friends and a new home. And she is doing quite well until she shuts off the entire town power supply with a single blow-dryer and then decides to follow the advice of a radio caller to get her power back by sleeping with a random person read more

September 12, 2006: The Odds Are Good, but the Goods Are Odd

The Men in Trees pilot episode was pretty good. Anne Heche is Marin, a relationship coach who realizes she knows nothing about relationships and sets out to actually learn something as she writes her next book in Alaska. The premise of the show has the potential to be completely unexciting and predictable, but somehow manages to touch on true emotion. Sure, some of the scenes seemed contrived. Yeah, Jack just happened to be out in the middle of nowhere looking for bears and was able to rescue Marin as she fell through some thin ice. Oh, and of course they were stranded there for the night and had to lie down on top of each other, naked, for warmth. And don?t forget that she lives next door to a prostitute. Endless comparisons between the two are sure to follow from that convenient pairing. But through it all, Heche was completely believable. She really seems like a woman in a complete state of confusion ? granted, she has some past real-life experiences to draw from. The m... read more

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