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Clay Date: A Man's How-to Guide for Crazy Women

Steph (me) goes a little crazy this week. While Joy (Joely Fisher) and Eddie (Brad Garrett) are out of town visiting their daughter Allison (Krysten Ritter) at college, Steph decides to put some new tile on the bathroom wall. Since she and Jeff (Eddie Kaye Thomas) always fight whenever they work on household projects together, Jeff decides to hire Hector, a maintenance guy, to help Steph. As far as Steph knows, Jeff hired Hector because tiling is a job that is better left to a professional. What she doesn't know is that Jeff wants to hire someone to take the heat in case Steph gets upset during the tiling process. Jeff's brilliant idea backfires when Steph and Hector end up battling over how to place and cut the tiles. When Steph is unhappy with the final product, she blames Jeff for the mishap. Sometimes men just can't win.Overall, I believe the notion that "men can't win" is a silly cliché. I even hate to utter the statement, because most of the time I don't think it's true &... read more

I Have Never Taken Nude Photos

The episode we are working on this week, "The Italian Affair," deals with secret pasts. In cleaning out their storage closet, Eddie (Brad Garrett) and Joy (Joely Fisher) find a roll of film with photos from a trip to Italy they've done their best to forget. The reason they've tried to bury the whole vacation is that on their way home, Eddie spanked Joy like a toddler. She was so humiliated that she left him, and he had to do everything he could to get her back. For the last 20 years, Eddie and Joy have not spoken of their trip to Italy, lest they dredge up the old feelings of resentment sparked by this terrible event. We also learn yet a little more about the sordid past of Steph (me). As far as we knew at the beginning of the series, Steph was as sweet and innocent as could be. True, she did trade sex for furniture, but for the most part, a joyful post-wedding romantic haze surrounded her. Things have changed since the wedding.Before I bring us to this week's episode, let's do a br... read more

My Dancer Within

This week’s episode of 'Til Death is called “The Bachelor Party.” Eddie (Brad Garrett) finds out that Jeff (Eddie Kaye Thomas) never had a bachelor party and decides to throw him one. So Eddie, Jeff, Cofeld (Anthony Anderson) and Stan (Jerry Lambert) go out to a strip club to “celebrate Jeff’s bachelorhood” even though he’s been married to Steph (me) for six months.So when I walked in Monday morning for the table read, I couldn’t help but notice that the set of our strip club was fully equipped with a beautiful, shiny brass pole, situated at the end of a glossy black catwalk. On a whole third of our stage, a large and well-appointed strip club had been expertly replicated by our fantastic ‘Til Death set-design and set-decoration team. The club is called Flesh Gardens.We did the table read and it went great — the script is fantastic — but secretly there was a part of me that couldn't stop thinking about the stripper pole. I just ... read more

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