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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Beating a Dead Horse"

In the second-season finale, Jerry takes over one of Bobbi's cases involving a pregnant woman who is addicted to heroin, and Michelle is determined to keep her in jail so she doesn't continue shooting up to the harm of her unborn baby. Roz defends a man against charges of assaulting an officer and abusing a horse. Oh, and things between Jerry and Bobbi remain flawless.

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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Bobbi Ba-Bing"

This week, Jerry defends a man who stabbed a fellow inmate and Richard works with a new PD, Ashley, defending a homeless man arrested for panhandling. But the overly enthusiastic Ashley finds constitutional grounds for dismissing the case and hopes to follow that up with a class action lawsuit against the city. Oh, and things finally get steamy between Bobbi and Jerry! (At last!) read more

Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Trout Fishing"

This week Jerry tries to get a continuance in a trial to help give a woman the chance to help her son complete his college applications before she has to go into prison. Farnsworth won't grant the continuance, and that creates a battle of wills between him and Kessler. Meanwhile, Balco uses Michelle to seek a continuance on a trial in which Richard's client is accused of strangling his own wife to death in her sleep. After Ventimiglia grants Michelle 48 hours, Balco hands the case over to her...or so she thinks.

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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Trust Me"

Bobbi defends a confidential informant who demands a separate trial from his co-defendant, who could have him killed if word gets out about his cooperation with the police. Meanwhile, one of Richard's clients is hit with a damages claim for more money than she can afford. Richard uses his family name as bargaining power and continues to serve the greater good out of his own pocket.
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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Fine and Dandy"

After being acquitted on a weapons charge, Jerry's client is re-arrested on a parole violation. Richard argues with Judge Kessler over a decision to jail his client for 30 days over a $75 fine, saying it is essentially punishment for being poor. Meanwhile, Bobbi has difficulty adjusting after the recent tragedy of Gavin's suicide, and Jerry's attempts to help are met with strong resistance.

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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "I'll Be Down to Get You in a Taxi, Honey"

This week, Jerry takes on a pro bono case, defending a man arrested for running over his lawyer with a car. Jerry must rely on jury sympathy to get an acquittal. Elsewhere, in a rush to settle cases without bringing them to trial, Richard pleads out a man caught breaking into a medical lab, but he fails to find out the full story. Meanwhile, Bobbi's final divorce papers are ready, but "signed, sealed, delivered" isn't as sweet as it ought to be.

The episode begins with Jerry rushing through the courthouse after his briefcase strap broke, leaving him with piles of papers to hold. He arrives late to Judge Kessler's courtroom to discover a Mr. Ryan, who is being charged for assault and attempted murder. Kessler grills the man for showing up to his third arraignment ... read more

Camp Rock Sequel Adds New Players, Shakespearean Twist

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, Camp Rock

Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are returning to Camp Rock with a new director and writer, as well as a plot borrowed from Shakespeare.

Disney Channel's Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam finds the characters played by Lovato and Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas arriving for another session at camp, only to discover that some of their peers and instructors have left for the nearby rival, Camp Star, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Watch video: Demi Lovato dishes on Camp Rock 2

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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Is There a Doctor in the House"

This week, Jerry defends a woman picked up for drug possession with a substance she insists is only laundry detergent. The case involves Michelle's new police officer boyfriend whose efforts to give Jerry the runaround lands the woman in the hospital. Bobbi steps in to defend a client who is certain that "his side" of the story will prove he's innocent of theft charges. Oh, and Charlie has dinner with Judge Farnsworth (juicy!).

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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "No Child's Left Behind"

This week, TNT's Raising the Bar presents its first realistic and captivating case of its second season.

When a father is arrested after an innocent photo he posted of his son in the bathtub finds its way onto a child pornography site, Jerry must fight to prove to the jury that this man had no intent of exploiting his own child. The episode is timely on how it presents the pitfalls of sharing family photos online — and right after the opening credits, this powerful episode takes off and hits the ground running!

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Rachel Hunter Calls Off Wedding

Rachel Hunter

Supermodel Rachel Hunter and her hockey-playing fiancé Jarret Stoll have called off their wedding.

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